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Worldox Document Management Integrates with RightSignature

By: Steve Stormoen / Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Worldox is an award-winning document management solution that lets you easily find, use and profit from all your business’s information. When traditional folders and storage are too cumbersome and take too much time for your business to manage, Worldox steps in with a single solution to search and sort your documents across your entire organization.

Now, with the new integration between Worldox and RightSignature, you can send those documents to anyone with one click, straight from your Worldox account, and get them signed in minutes. Additionally, you can log in to your RightSignature account straight from Worldox. The integration increases the efficiency of your business externally as well as internally.

Worldox, made by World Software Corporation, is a favorite of organizations in such industries as law and finance, which generate a huge number of documents with a pressing need to keep it all organized. RightSignature is also immensely popular in these industries, and it is a partner of both the American Bar Association (ABA) and the Financial Planners of America (FPA).

Together, RightSignature and Worldox make a perfect fit for any business with a lot of paperwork and a frequent need to get those documents signed quickly and easily. The integration reduces the need to use paper and faxes by Worldox customers and saves them time and money that they can spend on generating new business instead.

Chris Dohnert, director of product development for World Software Corporation, says:
E-signature is a hot topic and an important tool to many of our customers today. We are very excited about our new integration with RightSignature, one of the market leaders in the e-signature field. This integration will be extremely beneficial to mutual customers.”
For more information on this exciting new integration, read this news release.

Power User Tip: Should I Use a Reusable Template or an Online Form?

By: Steve Stormoen / Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Do you ever need to send the same form or document to different people for signatures? While using electronic signature alone saves you loads of time, there’s a way to make that process even faster. RightSignature offers two great features, Reusable Templates and Online Forms, that let you bypass the extra steps by setting up a document once so you can send it as many times as you need it. Both features are popular with RightSignature users, but for new customers it’s sometimes difficult to know which workflow is the right choice for a given document or situation.

So which one do you need and when? Let’s look at the differences between Reusable Templates and Online Forms, and then explore a few common scenarios and choose the right feature for each.

Reusable Templates

Reusable Templates are like regular RightSignature documents that you can create once and send over and over again. Unlike Online Forms, Reusable Templates may be set up to accommodate one or multiple signers, and RightSignature sends email notifications to signers containing a unique link to sign online.

The other key difference for Reusable Templates is the Merge Fields feature, which allows you to lightly customize the text on your document. When creating a Reusable Template, you can place Merge Fields onto your document, just like normal text fields and checkboxes. When you’re ready to send the document, RightSignature prompts you to fill in text for your Merge Fields. This text appears on your document when your signer reads and signs it.

When should you use Reusable Templates?
  • You have a document you need signed regularly — for example, an I-9 form, a new client information form or purchase order.
  • Your regularly used documents require multiple parties to review or countersign a single document.
  • You need to send similar documents with slight differences, such as as sales contracts, with the order information filled in for each document.

Online Forms

Online Forms are distributed differently than regular RightSignature documents and Reusable Templates; instead of choosing a set of recipients every time you send a document, Online Forms let you create the document first, then share it widely. Because of this, Online Forms are perfect for sending documents to many different signers at once. You can embed Online Forms into your website, or generate a trackable signing link to share however you want.

Because Online Forms are tailored for mass distribution, you can’t assign these documents to multiple signers or CCs. Instead, Online Forms improve on the experience of a fillable PDF form, by giving a single signer the chance to fill out and sign your document in a controlled setting with a legally binding e-signature. You will also be able to look up signing and completion statistics separately for each Online Form you create.

When should you use Online Forms?
  • You have a document such as an Employee Handbook or Liability Waiver that you need signed by many different people at once.
  • You need to replace the PDF documents your business hosts online, such as employment applications or registration agreements.
  • You want to embed a RightSignature document into your company’s website.

GlobiFlow for Podio Integrates with RightSignature

By: Steve Stormoen / Wednesday, August 5, 2015

GlobifFlow is an extension for Citrix Podio that makes automating your workday outrageously simple. Podio is an online workflow management and collaboration platform that is fully customizable to fit with how your team works best. Organize and connect everything you work with on Podio — projects, tasks, customers, meetings, you name it — keeping everyone up to date, both on web and mobile. Podio’s unrivaled flexibility lets you build on top, or integrate with existing tools so all work, data, files and conversations are connected in a single structured & social environment helping your team work better.

Seamlessly built on top of Podio, GlobiFlow adds automation options to help connect different parts of your Podio workflows, automatically generate PDFs, send emails and more. When you add the Globiflow + RightSignature integration to generate contracts and proposals from your Podio data, they're automatically sent to be signed online with RightSignature in one, simple click. This eliminates repetitive processes, saving you time and ensuring all the status of work stays up to date, and automatically alerting your team when they can move ahead.

The applications for this integration are as endless as the uses for Podio itself. Sales teams can utilize all their data on a lead stored in Podio to instantly create a sales contract or NDA customized with their Podio notes, then send it with RightSignature to close deals quickly and easily with a legally binding contract. Or if your company uses Podio to collaborate internally between employees, the GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration can help you easily get waivers, authorizations and other internal documents signed in an easily trackable solution without a scrap of paper.

Here’s how the GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration can work for a sales team:

1. Login to Podio and view a lead. In this case, notice the new “Generate Contract” button, added with GlobiFlow. Click that button, and the GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration creates a custom contract using your Podio data and automatically sends the contract to your lead with RightSignature.

2. Your lead receives an email with a link to read and sign the contract in RightSignature using our award-winning, easy-to-use e-signature software.

3. As soon as your contract is signed, the completed document is automatically returned to you in RightSignature with a full audit log and signature certificate. Additionally, your document will now appear as “Signed” in Podio, with a note including the date and time it was signed.

For help setting up the use case above, or for more information about customizing a workflow to fit your business’s exact needs, check out this post on the GlobiFlow blog.

RightSignature and Podio are two products in the Citrix family dedicated to helping your business work better, faster and more efficiently. The GlobiFlow + RightSignature integration connects the dots between these two popular apps so your business can be more productive than ever.

5 Signs Your Accounting Practice Needs E-Signatures

By: Steve Stormoen / Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To service a new client, you have to wait for them to get onboarded. To file a client’s electronic tax return, you need them to sign Form 8879. How much more productive would your accounting firm be if you didn’t have to worry about this paperwork ever again?

For small accounting firms, resources are tight, profit margins are hard fought and larger competitors are always looming. If your firm is having any of these problems, here are five signs your accounting practice can benefit from e-signatures and help supercharge your growth.

1. You’ve got more important things to do than chase paper.

How many billable hours have you wasted wondering if the engagement letter got lost on your client’s desk? Sometimes those hours stretch to days or even weeks while your firm has to spend even more time nagging your client by phone and email.

The savings in time and money for electronic signatures over paper is immense. In the hours it takes to prepare, print and fax a contract — then wait for your client to return it — you could be well on your way to filing. In contrast, RightSignature customers report getting their documents signed in as few as six minutes.

RightSignature even sends automatic reminder emails to your clients, so once you’ve sent a document, you don’t have to worry about it again. These reminder emails all contain a secure link that lets your client fill out and sign your document from anywhere on any device, so you never have to worry about important forms getting lost on your client’s desk or in their inbox.

2. The number 8879 means something to you.

If you’re a tax accountant and you’ve heard of the Internet, you’re probably familiar with forms 8878 and 8879, which authorize you to prepare and file taxes electronically on behalf of clients. You may not have heard that, thanks to a recent IRS ruling, these forms can now be signed electronically as well.

8879 is a crucial link in creating an ultra-efficient, all-digital workflow, and electronic signature software is a necessary tool to get there. However, the IRS ruling on 8878 and 8879 also requires an additional form of identity verification known as knowledge-based authentication (KBA) for e-signatures. RightSignature offers a feature called Passcodes that fulfills this requirement and ensures your e-signatures are 100 percent compliant.

3. Your clients don’t live with you in your office.

Your clients are busy people with busy lives. Even though the latest audit is at the top of your to-do list, your client might not have the time to drive to your office sign the necessary authorization. If your client lives in a different city or even a different state, the problem is even worse. RightSignature e-signatures let you set up and send a document in minutes online to your clients no matter where they are. Steve Moss, CPA at Holden Moss, explains:
We do a lot of business all over the US, and we even have a growing number of international clients. We got started with RightSignature because we needed a way to be able to send documents, get them digitally signed, and returned to us in a way that would be really easy and quick."
RightSignature offers easy-to-use signing software that guides your clients so every document is filled out complete and without errors. If you’d like to get out of the office yourself, RightSignature mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices let you view, send and sign your documents anywhere, any time.

4. You’re wearing too many hats.

© Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar/ CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

As a partner or sole proprietor of an accounting practice, you might be responsible for onboarding new clients, advertising, hiring staff and maintaining your office — and that’s before you service a single client. E-signatures help you reduce the number of hats you have to wear to keep your practice afloat. Too small for a dedicated HR employee on staff? Let RightSignature handle your employment paperwork. Ditto for signing leases or contracts for your office. Focus on your skills that make you the most money, and leave the paperwork to RightSignature.

5. You need to look like the big firms to play with the big firms.

When it comes to spending their money, your potential clients don’t want to take any chances. Maintaining a strong, professional image is the first, most important step in building trust with them, and nowhere is that image more important than in your signed, legally binding contracts. As an award-winning e-signature tool, RightSignature helps you look credible and established with clients. As ConnectCPA Partner Lior Zehtser says, “RightSignature really created a wow factor for our firm.”

RightSignature makes it easy for your clients to do business with you by handling all the messy transactions of a signed contract in one easy workflow. It’s the same professional-grade software used by top 100 firms, with plans affordable for even the smallest accounting practices. Try RightSignature for free today.

Cloud Storage and On Premise: Which is Best for Your Signed Documents?

By: Steve Stormoen / Thursday, June 18, 2015

The great debate on data storage continues to burn hot, with no signs of letting up. On one side are proponents of the cloud, and on the other are supporters of local “on-premise” storage. While there are good reasons to support either position, many experts agree that the final decision should be made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of data being stored.

For your most sensitive and secure contracts — the type of documents you use RightSignature to get signed — cloud storage is best. Here are three reasons why.

You want to focus on your core competency.

Does your business specialize in data security against cyberthreats? Or server maintenance and top-of-the-line IT support? If you’re betting on your business offering better security and uptime than top cloud providers, you’re making an incredible investment in information security that’s far outside the mission of what your business actually does.

Cloud storage lets storage experts handle your data storage, so your business can focus more on what you do best. It’s telling that even the CIA puts its trust in Amazon Web Services technology. RightSignature, for our commitment to data security, was recently named “Enterprise Ready”, the highest security rating by the Skyhigh CloudTrust program.

Even if you did manage to build the perfect on-premise machine, it might not matter because…

Access should not compromise security.

On-premise storage proponents argue that local storage makes your data more secure by limiting access — and potential vulnerabilities — coming from outside sources. But according to laws such as the E-SIGN Act that govern electronic signatures, a valid agreement signed with an e-signature must be provided to the signing party after the contract is signed.

For organizations using on-premise storage, this introduces a whole new area of risk. Either you allow your signer to access the document on your own storage solution and open up your own servers to access from outside your organization, or you trust the signers of every single document you send to maintain their own equally robust and secure data storage solutions to store your document, completely outside your control.

RightSignature keeps your documents in a permanent record in our robust cloud storage. Each document is accessible to both its sender and signer behind a secure, password-protected login and can be downloaded by either party as a PDF with a full signing certificate and audit log attached. This also protects your documents from cases where you and your signer might argue that two different versions of your document are valid: RightSignature cloud storage ensures there is only one master copy of any document.

The full data storage cost is large.

It’s tempting to look at at the monthly cost of a cloud storage solution and imagine that, with a significant investment in money upfront for local servers, you could save money over the life of your hardware. But have you factored in additional costs for bandwidth, replacement hardware, increased IT staff and even electricity?

This article from Beta News tallies the full costs of cloud and on-premise storage and finds a compelling advantage for cloud storage. While the author recommends that each business calculate its own True Cost of Ownership according to its storage needs and resources, the figures cited in the article are impressive.

Indeed, each business should do its own research and make its own determination. But at RightSignature, we offer cloud storage because we believe it is the best solution for your most sensitive signed documents.

Share Your Love for RightSignature Today on Product Hunt!

By: Steve Stormoen / Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today only, RightSignature is featured on Product Hunt, a leading resource for technology fans to search, share, and explore new products and apps. If you’ve ever used RightSignature to get documents signed faster and make life easier for you and your signers, please consider taking a moment to vote for us on Product Hunt and help others find the same best-in-class e-signature software.

It only takes a second. Click here to go to Product Hunt and find RightSignature, then click the “Upvote” button next to our name. Thank you for helping more people find RightSignature!

I-Enroll Integration Announcement

By: Steve Stormoen / Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I-Enroll by Santech is a revelation for medical providers and Practice Administrators, making it easy to enroll new doctors, dentists, and vision providers with any insurance carrier or network, or re-credential providers periodically. For medical, dental, and vision practices of any size, I-Enroll lets you enroll any practitioner with any payer quickly and easily, without paper.

Before I-Enroll, managing your practice’s credentialing process required extensive knowledge of each provider’s requirements and an exhausting amount of paperwork. Replacing this frustrating, complicated process is I-Enroll, which consolidates all your medical practitioners into a single portal and makes it simple to gather each doctor’s information and automatically fill out these massive enrollment forms electronically.

To finish off this workflow, Santech has integrated with RightSignature to seamlessly fill out and send these insurance applications and get each document signed quickly and easily from the doctor with a legally binding electronic signature. Here’s how it works:

First, your organization’s Practice Administrator uses I-Enroll to access the entry for the doctor you want to enroll and selects a provider. They then click the “Send for Sign” button. I-Enroll automatically completes that provider’s enrollment form with the selected practitioner’s information, and sends the document to your practitioner with RightSignature.

Next, your doctor receives an email with a link to sign your enrollment form online using RightSignature’s award winning signing software. As soon as they are finished, a signed and completed copy of the enrollment form with a full signature certificate is returned to the Practice Administrator instantly and automatically within I-Enroll.

Neeraj K. Sharma, Chief Operating Officer of Santech, says:
I-Enroll simplifies the whole credentialing and re-credentialing application process for Practices and Providers. With this seamless integration with RightSignature, these applications are created and sent out for online signature with one click, with all the data pre-filled. We evaluated other e-signature partners and found RightSignature as best suited for their technology and flexibility to bring out this innovative solution.” 
For more information on this exciting new integration, learn more about I-Enroll on the Santech website.


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