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Best Paperless Office Software: “Living the Dream” with RightSignature in 3 Steps

By: Steve Stormoen / Wednesday, September 10, 2014

cc, Utilizes images by Jawed Karim and Akkana via Wikimedia Commons

In an article titled “Living the Dream of the Paperless Office”, Bolt, maker of a popular mobile app for placing phone calls without using cellular minutes, recently shared a list of its top 5 apps that helped the company attain the dream of a completely paperless office. Clocking in at the #1 slot for best paperless office software, we are proud to report, was RightSignature:
The biggest hurdle to a paperless office is signing things. Even in 2014, most people you work with will expect signed documents to exhibit a mark that looks like you made it with a pen.
…RightSignature is inexpensive and easy to get started, and their document search is good. Plus they have useful power-user features like signature templates for common forms (such as employee CIIAA and stock option agreements) and a nifty mobile signature pad where you can use your finger to draw a signature that doesn't look like your 6-year-old child forged it.”
Achieving the paperless office is not just a buzzword – it’s a real business practice that achieves real results. The Bolt article describes that paper is fragile, takes up too much space, and is too slow for the pace of modern business. Every scrap of paper on your desk represents an obstacle to your efficiency: contracts, receipts, and even to-do notes can all be made less costly, more flexible, and more secure with the latest technology tools. Eliminating your dependence on paper and switching to paperless office software can cut your expenses for printing, shipping, faxing, scanning, and document storage.

Going paperless is not some far flung dream, either. As we’ve shared before with this list of 14 paperless web apps, the key is to simply find the right tools. Of course, with RightSignature mentioned on so many lists of the best paperless office software, it’s worth exploring why RightSignature is such a crucial online signature solution.

1. There’s a reason it’s called “Paperwork”

Every industry has its problem documents and its own needs. HR professionals need to wrestle with I-9s and W-2s and other employee onboarding forms, and make sure each document is properly filled out and archived. Sales teams need their contracts signed and returned immediately to ensure a simple close. And CPAs have a mountain of documents ranging from onboarding clients to IRS Form 8879 electronic filing authorizations. All of these instances have something in common: they’re a whole lot of unnecessary work if you’re stuck using paper.

With RightSignature, you simply need to build your document once and send it, instantly and electronically, to your signers. RightSignature’s critically acclaimed signing software helps insure that every document is filled out completely and correctly, eliminating mistakes, and each document is returned automatically as soon as it’s signed, so nothing is ever lost in transit.

Best of all, you’ll never have to hassle with printing, faxing, scanning, or filing paper documents ever again.

2. Go paperless and take clients from anywhere

One of the greatest advantages to going paperless with RightSignature is the opportunity to take your business outside of your own city. Unshackled by the limitations of physical documents, many of our users report that they’ve been able to expand their business to serve clients out of town, out of state, and even overseas.

Don’t worry anymore about the cost of overnight shipping or whether that new client questionnaire will be filled out correctly when it’s faxed back. Instead, use RightSignature to grow your business geographically and gain access to business anywhere.

3. Use paperless office software and impress your clients

If you have stacks of paper cluttering your desk, fairly or not, you’re likely to be judged by your clients and coworkers. Unsightly clutter can reduce your productivity and, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, it sends a strong message to those around you. “A clean desk sends the message that you’re organized and accomplished,” the article says, 
“while a disheveled one implies that the rest of your life is in a similar state.”

By contrast, using the best paperless office software signals to your clients that you are on the technological cutting edge, which is strongly correlated with success and market leadership.

Eventbrite + RightSignature Integration Makes It Easy to Collect Signed Forms from Event Participants

By: Steve Stormoen / Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Eventbrite is the full-service online software suite that organizes the many tasks involved in planning an event. Whether you’re organizing a public concert or an invite-only conference, Eventbrite gives you the tools to easily promote your events, manage the attendees, and even sell tickets or check-in attendants at the door.

Eventbrite begins with an easy-to-use tool to build an attractive webpage for your event, along with a web store to sell tickets online and on mobile devices, plus the ability to handle many popular payment options seamlessly. Eventbrite then helps you craft personalized invitations to your event, and plugs into Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your event to the people who need to see it most. Finally, Eventbrite helps you keep track of the attendees of the event, providing easy lists and metrics on your attendees, as well as including the ability to scan ticket barcodes and swipe credit cards at the door on your mobile device.

Now, with the RightSignature - Eventbrite integration, you can easily send event-related documents and forms to your attendees ahead of time for an electronic signature. You can even set up your common documents as Reusable Templates or Online Forms for mass requests. Popular event documents include:
  • Liability releases
  • Permission slips
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Lodging request forms
  • Equipment request forms
  • Many more
Your participants can then fill out and sign your documents on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Here’s how it works:
  1. Login to RightSignature and navigate to Account > Integration, then select Eventbrite. Click the Activate button and enter your Eventbrite login details to link your accounts together.
  2. Once the integration is installed, login to RightSignature and click "Send a Document". Select your document or Template as normal, then scroll down to the Recipients list.
  3. Begin typing the name of one of your Eventbrite attendees into the “Signer” or “CC” fields. Your attendee’s full name and contact information will auto-fill in the drop-down menu below.
  4. Select your preferred attendee and click “Send”. Now your attendee will receive a link to the document in their email, where they can easily sign it with RightSignature’s powerful, intuitive signing software.

Turtle Rock Preschool Gets Docs Signed, Collects Payments, and Innovates Early Childhood Education

By: Steve Stormoen / Monday, August 25, 2014

Our series “The Right Way” profiles RightSignature power users, revealing their success secrets and the technology tools they use every day.

In nurturing young minds, Turtle Rock Preschool believes that a solid early education is the foundation for the rest of children’s lives. Founded 35 years ago, Turtle Rock Preschool has become one of the premier centers for early childhood education in Orange County, California, attracting rave reviews and huge waiting lists full of families eager to join the Turtle Rock experience. What sets Turtle Rock Preschool apart is a drive towards innovation and improvement—a drive that led them to use RightSignature, and our powerful, new Collect Payments feature. RightSignature’s Steve Stormoen caught up with Turtle Rock Preschool’s owner, Maajed Abahusayn, to find out how this school uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to educate the luminaries of our future.

Can you tell us the story of Turtle Rock Preschool?

Maajed Abahusayn: We’ve been around for 35 years, and we’re considered to be one of the premier early childhood schools in Orange County, California. We have a great and well-deserved reputation, and it’s come from creating a warm and enriching environment for children and their families. We are a fully accredited, year-round private school for early childhood education. We accept children from 8 weeks old through kindergarten. We have 200 children in our school on a daily basis, and we have a wait list of another 250 families.

That’s where RightSignature has been beneficial, and especially RightSignature’s Collect Payments feature. Our first use of Collect Payments has been to redo our waiting list agreement, so we can collect payments and sign up new families in an extremely simplified, streamlined fashion. So far we love it, and our parents love it too.

What has been your greatest success so far, and how did you get there?

MA: The thing we’re always most proud of is sending children off to their next level of schooling with a great foundation. That’s our primary mission: to do all we can for these children for the short time we have them. Early childhood education is so important and really sets the foundation for future learning. We make our mark by creating a joyful environment where children love to learn, and learn how to love learning.

From a business perspective, our greatest success would probably be that we’re a relatively high-tech school. My background is in computer science, which is unusual for the owner of a preschool. But it’s informed me with this intrinsic mindset of the tech world—I’m always trying to push the envelope and find ways for our school to innovate and improve. We’ve headed into some uncharted territory: when you’re teaching young children, technology may not be the first thing to come to mind. But we’ve been on the forefront of bringing technology in for early childhood education, and we are pleased with the results. Both in the classroom and behind the scenes in our office management, our tech tools have been a powerful tool for us that we feel differentiates us from other schools.

How do you use RightSignature? How do you use the Collect Payments feature?

MA: There’s a lot of paperwork here at school. Everything from an accident form to sunscreen authorizations to handwritten notes in students’ cubbies—there’s a lot of paper circulating all the time. We wanted to try to reduce that and become more efficient with our staff. We initially started using RightSignature’s Online Forms to replace some of these, and we offer many forms online for our families.

The first form we set up was a signup form for our “Kids’ Night Out”, an event we hold once a month that lets our parents drop their children off with us for the evening, go out, and enjoy themselves knowing their children are safe, learning, and having fun. It was a huge success and a very easy way to get started. We’ve been doing more and more paperwork with RightSignature.

A really powerful one we’ve just implemented was our Waiting List Agreement. We signed up for the Collect Payments feature to be able to overhaul this document, which was a nightmare before. As I said, we have 250 families on our waiting list, and each one would complete the waiting list form and pay our fee in a different way. One family would hand in a paper form with a check attached, another would write down a credit card number, and we had to file the paperwork and process payments in 2 or 3 different sources, then reconcile everything in our records once the payment cleared.

RightSignature and Collect Payments simplifies everything into one form, and the payment processing is done for us in real time. It’s simple and helpful for parents, because they get confirmation that they’ve been added to the waiting list as soon as it happens.

You mentioned that technology is very important to Turtle Rock Preschool. What other online software tools do you use?

MA: We use Mailchimp for mass emails, and a specialized software called BumbleBee that manages enrollment for us. We also use BambooHR for human resources, Office365 for email, and for our summer camp program, we use an online service called CampBrain.

We’ve installed the RightSignature integrations with BambooHR and Mailchimp, but we haven’t implemented them yet. They look cool, though—it’s definitely next on our list.

RightSignature + Egnyte Integration: Evolved Online Storage and Enterprise-Ready E-Signatures

By: Steve Stormoen / Thursday, August 7, 2014

Egnyte is the enterprise-level file storage solution that uses the best of both worlds – combining the latest in cloud storage technology with robust file sharing software on your local servers – to offer the most reliable access to your company’s important files at the fastest speeds possible. Egnyte is the powerful option for data backup, file sharing, and team collaboration for companies across multiple physical locations. And now, with the new RightSignature + Egnyte integration, you can easily get your documents signed online with quick, enterprise-ready electronic signatures.

With the RightSignature + Egnyte add-on, you can access your documents stored with Egnyte from directly within RightSignature, saving you the step of downloading and uploading your documents. Store and send your Sales Contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and HR paperwork, and get them signed in minutes. Then, once the document is signed, RightSignature will return the final signed copy to your Egnyte storage. Here’s how to get started:
  1. One-time Installation: Login to RightSignature and go to Account > Integrations, then click on the Egnyte Integration page. Follow the directions on the screen to link your RightSignature account to your Egnyte account.
  2. Send Your Egnyte Documents for Signature: In RightSignature, click Send a Document. You’ll notice a new Egnyte button in the “Choose a Document” section. Click it to browse your Egnyte account—then, choose your document. Your file is automatically pulled from Egnyte directly into RightSignature and ready to set up and send.
  3. Signed Documents Save in Egnyte Automatically: As soon as a document sent using the Egnyte button is signed, RightSignature will automatically save a copy of the signed and completed PDF in your Egnyte account.
Bart Giordano, VP of Business Development at Egnyte, says:
RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed online, and a powerful, enterprise-level e-signature solution. Egnyte users are businesses and professionals who need simple, secure document signing, and RightSignature is a perfect integration partner to fill that need."

Credit Card Authorization Form Template: Approving Charges using Online Signatures

By: Steve Stormoen / Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This post was updated on 8/6/2014 to reflect the launch of RightSignature’s new Collect Payments feature.

Nearly all internet transactions take place using a credit card, but these transactions carry a degree of risk—the possibilities of credit card fraud and chargebacks threaten your business. To eliminate these risks, many businesses choose to safeguard credit card transactions with a document signed by cardholders giving permission to charge their cards. This document is known as a credit card authorization form.

What is a credit card authorization form? Read on to learn how to craft your own form—with a free credit card authorization form template for your use—and how to get your credit card auth forms signed quickly and easily online using RightSignature.

What is a credit card authorization form?

Credit Card Authorization Form. Click for full temlate.
Credit Card Authorization Form. Click for full template.
A credit card authorization form is a document, signed by a cardholder, giving a merchant or other entity permission to charge a specified amount to that card. A recurring credit card authorization form gives permission to charge a card monthly or on some other regular schedule. This signed document helps protect your business against chargebacks, in case the cardholder attempts to report a fraudulent or unauthorized transaction and have the charge reversed.

A credit card authorization form must include the following 4 sections:
  • Cardholder information, including full name.
  • Credit Card Information—but be careful. Depending on the technology you use, it may not be safe to collect your client’s full credit card number, expiration date, or CCV number on the authorization form. See below for more details.
  • Your business name, or the name of the entity that will be charging the card.
  • The cardholder’s signature.
Traditionally, the cardholder signs their name with a pen and paper—think of the receipt you sign each time you pay with your card at a restaurant. However, for transactions taking place over the internet, paper signatures are impractical: when payment can take place online with the click of a button, requiring a customer to print, sign, and return a paper auth form is a dealbreaker. Thankfully, an alternative exists: RightSignature digital signature software.

How to get your credit card authorization forms signed online

A credit card authorization form does not charge the specified credit card or process the payment—it simply proves the cardholder’s approval of that charge. With the Collect Payments feature, RightSignature is the fastest, most secure way to obtain the cardholder’s signature online and establish this proof.

RightSignature lets your clients fill out and sign your documents on any web browser or mobile device, instantly and securely. RightSignature does not process the credit card—it is designed to enable your customers to fill out and sign your cc authorization form online.

However, RightSignature's Collect Payments adds to this functionality by letting you add a special field for collecting your customer’s credit card information, which is sent directly to the online payment service Stripe. This feature allows for full PCI compliance on all your online signature documents and lets your customers sign a credit card authorization form and provide their credit card information for secure payment processing at the same time.

If you choose not to use Collect Payments, you can still use RightSignature to get your credit card authorization forms signed. If so, include a text field to collect only the last 4 digits of the credit card number. It is not necessary for the cardholder to include their full credit card number on the authorization form: to comply with PCI credit card security regulations, cardholders should enter their full credit card number only into a shopping cart, e-commerce, or merchant processing software system like Stripe. Collect Payments accomplishes this by adding a Stripe payment processing field directly onto your RightSignature documents.

This credit card authorization form template, created with RightSignature, turns your credit card authorization into a fillable, signable document online. Sign up for a free trial of RightSignature digital signature software, then ask our friendly support staff to enable Collect Payments on your account. Then, you can collect simple, efficient e-signatures on your credit card authorizations and other important documents. Here’s how it works:

First, choose your document. Create your own cc authorization form and upload it to RightSignature, or use the free credit card authorization form template provided here.
Next, choose your document signer. Input the cardholder’s name and email address, place the text fields and signature boxes your signer needs to complete, and click Send.
The cardholder then receives an email with a link to fill out and sign the credit card authorization form online, using any computer or mobile device. RightSignature electronic signature software guides them through the document automatically, so it’s filled out correctly on the first try, every time.
Collect Payments gathers your signer’s credit card information. As soon as your signer completes and submits your document, your signer’s credit card information is securely transmitted to Stripe, and a signed, completed version of your document is returned to you with a full document history and audit log.

Save more time with RightSignature

If your business requires a higher volume of cc authorization forms signed, you can setup your document as a RightSignature Reusable Template for faster sending, or a RightSignature Online Form to embed in your website.

With RightSignature handling credit card authorizations, you can combine the speed and flexibility of e-commerce with the security of a legally binding handwritten signature. Sign up today for a free trial, and see how RightSignature can help your business reduce chargebacks and retain revenue.

Disclaimer: This was not written by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about the legality of your credit card authorization form, please consult your attorney.

The Huffington Post Recommends RightSignature to Ensure that Prospects Never Ignore Your Proposals

By: Steve Stormoen / Saturday, July 26, 2014

In a recent article on the Huffington Post, author Jon Rognerud showed us The 6 Most Common Online Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Make. Clocking in at #2 was the classic concern:

“Are my proposals even being read?” 

In between the weeks and months you’ve spent nurturing your prospective client and the start of a business relationship, there lies one all-important hurdle: the contract. And all too often, your time investment is put at risk when your proposal languishes on the prospect’s desk or in a crowded email box. The Huffington Post article suggests a surefire solution to this classic business mistake: RightSignature online document signing.
Getting through to decision makers and convincing them that they need your product or service isn't the easiest thing to do. They were probably interested when you sent the proposal through to them, but when it comes down to signing it - it just collects virtual dust in their e-mail… Then you e-mailed them a link to instantly sign the PDF using RightSignature. - SUCCESS!”
How does RightSignature ensure that all your important documents get read? Here are 7 key reasons why RightSignature is the perfect tool to avoid the lost document vortex.

1. No paper

It’s easy to remember a day when every note and contract was printed out on paper, but the world has changed. Today, those dead trees are the biggest impediment between you and getting your documents signed quickly and reliably.

Consider: all your documents begin as a digital file in your word processor, and they all end up scanned and stored digitally as well. Printing that same document just to get it signed is absurd, especially if it means fussing with printers, fax machines, or scanners. Keep it simple and stay digital from beginning to end with RightSignature.

2. No email attachments

According to the Radicati group, the average businessperson sends or receives 120 emails every day. If you’re working with a high-value client with a busy schedule, locating the one email with your contract attached in a flooded inbox could be like finding a needle in a haystack. Not to mention the security risks involved with relying solely on email. So ditch the paperclip icon and save your clients the attachment anxiety.

3. Automatic reminders

Whenever you send a document, RightSignature online document signing software sends your signer an instant notification that the document is available and ready to sign. Then, after a few days, if the document hasn’t been signed, it sends another, and so on until the document expires. That slight nudge can be the difference between a deal or no deal, and RightSignature will automatically remind your senders they have a document pending, even if you’ve forgotten.

4. Full branding suite

RightSignature’s branding options give you the ability to customize your reminder emails and the document signing page itself with your company’s name, logo, and colors. This continuity ensures your signer is never confused and trusts your electronic document signing workflow from beginning to end.

5. Getting it right on the first try

A complicated or confusing signing experience could cause your client to throw up their hands in frustration—and you might never even know why the deal fell through. Luckily, RightSignature’s intuitive signing software employs a number of user-friendly features to make sure every document is filled out fully and completely on the first try.

RightSignature’s percentage progress bar, NaviGuide flag, and required fields ensure that your document is filled out completely. And RightSignature also lets you, the sender, include in-line tooltip instructions for each item on your document—the next best thing to walking your signer through the document in person.

6. Do more with your docs

Finishing a deal is often more complicated than just getting a contract signed. If your sender needs to provide additional files or make a credit card payment, the deal can languish if any one of these steps is unresolved. But RightSignature includes features like Request Attachments and Collect Payments to let you do more with your documents, so you can cross off several steps at once.

7. Impress your customers, keep them coming back

After you’ve gotten your document signed and closed your deal, the benefits of RightSignature keep piling in. RightSignature makes your business look professional throughout the document signing process. An impressed customer tells friends, and crucially, will come back to you the next time your services are needed.

New Feature: Collect Credit Card Payments in RightSignature Documents

By: Steve Stormoen / Monday, July 21, 2014

We’re excited to announce a groundbreaking new feature that enables you to collect signed documents and payments – at the same time.

The latest of RightSignature’s many first-to-market innovations, our new Collect Payments feature enables your signers to provide credit card payment information securely while they fill out and sign your RightSignature documents. Collect Payments is ideal for your proposals, estimates, engagement letters, credit card authorization forms, and any other document in which customers agree to make payment.
Your customers’ credit card information is stored and processed securely by the online payment processing service Stripe, which is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest certification in the industry.

With Collect Payments, you have the following two options for collecting payments on your RightSignature documents:
  1. Immediately charge the customer a fixed amount. Use this option to collect a payment for a pre-determined amount. The charge is processed immediately when the document is signed.
  2. Store a credit card number for later billing. This option allows you to collect and store the customer’s credit card details, then charge the card as needed in the future or set up a recurring payment plan.
Here’s how it works:

Charge Fixed Amount

You can create a document that immediately charges your signer a fixed amount – on a one-time document, a Reusable Template, or an Online Form.

To send a one-time document, login to RightSignature and click Send a Document. Next, upload your document and designate your signers and options, then click Next Step to proceed to the Document Overlay screen. Once Payments is enabled on your account, you will see the new Payment tool in the toolbox on the left hand side of your document.

Click the Payment tool, then drag and drop a payment box onto your document. In the Basic Options menu that appears, click the “Select Payment Action” menu and click “Charge Fixed Amount.” Next, enter the amount you’d like to charge. When your document is finished, click Send for Signature.

When your customer opens your document to sign, the Payment box will appear as a button that reads “Authorize Payment”. Your signer simply clicks on the button, then enters the credit card information, reviews the charge amount, and clicks “Authorize”.

As soon as your customer signs and submits the document, the credit card data is securely transmitted to Stripe, and the credit card is charged the specified amount.

Collect Credit Card

You can also use the Payments feature to collect credit card information in order to charge your customer later. To do so, create a one-time RightSignature document, Reusable Template, or Online Form, and proceed to the Document Overlay screen. Next, drag and drop a Payment box onto your document. Under the Basic Options tab, navigate to the “Select Payment Action” menu and then click “Collect Credit Card”. When your document is finished, click Send for Signature.

When your customer opens your document to sign it, the Payment box will appear as a button that reads “Add Credit Card”. Your signer clicks the button, then enters the credit card information and clicks “Submit”.

When your signer is finished signing your document, the credit card information is securely transferred to your connected Stripe account, but your customer will not be charged immediately. Instead, you will access Stripe to charge the customer’s card whenever you need to, or you can setup automatic recurring billing.

To do so, navigate to your RightSignature dashboard and select the document in which you collected your customer’s credit card. Then, scroll down to Payment Details. If the credit card was collected successfully, you will see a green checkmark and the word Success. Click Success, then click the View Customer button to view your customer in Stripe.

To charge your customer’s card whenever you need to, scroll down to Payments, then click “Create Payment”. Next, input an amount and a description. Then click “Charge Customer.”

To charge your customer a recurring amount automatically (such as a monthly fee), access the Customer page in Stripe, then scroll down to Subscriptions and click “Add Subscription”. Select an existing subscription plan, or create a new one and click the Add Subscription button.

Viewing Your Payment Information

You can view information about all your previous payments in the RightSignature dashboard. On the dashboard, all your documents that included a payment are marked with a Payment icon. Click on the document in your dashboard to see the full payment information, including a full audit log of the payment history.

You can also view an overview of your previous payment requests in the RightSignature dashboard under the Payments tab. Here, all your previous payments are listed together for your convenience.

Activating Payments on Your RightSignature Account

Contact our friendly support team to request that the Collect Payments feature be enabled on your account. Next, login to RightSignature and click on Account, then Integrations, and find and click on the Stripe icon. Then, click the Activate button.

You will be prompted to create a new Stripe merchant processing account (a simple, one-page application form). If you already have an account, simply click Login to Stripe at the top of the screen. Once you are finished, your RightSignature account will be linked to your Stripe account and the Payments feature will be activated.


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your documents filled out and signed online.
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