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Beta Launch at Amazon Web Services Start-Up 2009 in London

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're honored that Amazon invited us to show off our cutting-edge application at the Amazon Web Services Start-Up 2009 event today in London, at the British Museum. We know an opportunity when we see one, so we're announcing the RightSignature Beta Launch at the event. This is 2009, not 1999. How many web companies get to announce a launch at the British Museum?

We're stoked, and today we raise our pints and, er, cups of tea, to all you Alpha users--pioneering early adopters--who contributed to the RightSignature development process. Thank you.

What does Beta mean for you? Our systems are now robust, scalable, and speedy. You've probably noticed significant upload and document processing speed improvements recently. Our tech gurus have been bolstering our top-secret, behind-the-scenes architecture to stay ahead of the document traffic, which is growing every day. Our service is now best of breed, evidenced by the new users who are choosing RightSignature over the other guys every day. We're confident we can handle just about any onslaught, so Beta is official.

Please tell your friends, and keep the feedback coming. Beta is still a refinement process. We appreciate every comment and suggestion you send our way.

Our iPhone App Charges Out of the Gate

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The brand-spankin'-new RightSignature iPhone app lets you sign documents using the touchscreen as a signature pad. Yep, it's as cool as it sounds. We were blown away when our app hit the Top Business Apps list on iTunes before we could even announce its release.

You thought signing documents with your mouse was fun? Try signing on your iPhone!

Visit the iTunes store to install the free app. Then touch any RightSignature link in your iPhone email, and the app automatically launches.

The RightSignature app allows you to a sign a document on your iPhone or iPod Touch in 3 quick steps:

Read and Agree
Use Apple's multitouch technology to pan and zoom when reviewing the document. Click Agree to indicate your acceptance of the document contents.

Photo Authenticate (optional)
Take your own photo with the iPhone's camera, authenticating your identity. This step is optional (but really cool).

Sign Document
Sign your name with your finger on the touchscreen. It's like when you sign on a credit card terminal at the grocery store, only on our app your signature actually looks good.

How many times have you needed to sign something while stuck in an airport or on a train? The days of "Fax it to my hotel" are over. Have your assistant or counterparty send you the document on RightSignature, and you can sign it immediately.

You can even use the iPhone app right at your desk. When viewing a document online, click on the iPhone tab. We'll send you an email to open on your iPhone. The touchscreen signature pad enables a very accurate signature, and the iPhone's camera allows you to attach your photo to the document with ease.

Shhhh.... Really attentive iPhone users might notice that we've created a special version of RightSignature.com just for Apple's Mobile Safari browser. You can log in, check out your Dashboard, and view a document's status. Soon, you'll be able to send a Google Docs document for signature right from your iPhone. More mobile excitement to come.

Activity Log Provides Auditable Record of Document Events

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The signature page on every completed document now includes a detailed activity log. Lines include the date and time the document was initiated, viewed by a party, signed by each signer, and completed.

The activity log is an auditable record and gives you another layer of protection should any of your agreements be disputed in the future. This advancement in precision and record-keeping is one more reason why documents signed on RightSignature are substantially more robust and defensible than pen-and-paper agreements.

Google Docs + RightSignature = Complete Online Document Workflow

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, April 13, 2009

The first time I used Google Docs brought back memories of my first experience with WordPerfect. It's that revolutionary. The Google guys put all the core features of Word and Excel in a browser-based application. Type, format, save, access, and collaborate on documents from any computer. This is what cloud computing is all about. Google Docs rocks.

Now we're thrilled to launch full Google Docs integration in RightSignature. What does this mean? See your list of Google Docs in RightSignature, select a document, and send it for signature with a few clicks.

The powerful combination of Google Docs and RightSignature means you can create documents, request signatures, monitor status, and access executed contracts anywhere, anytime. From home, from the office, on the road. Slowed deal momentum due to document access delays is a thing of the past. We're big believers in the power of online software, and this integration demonstrates why. It will raise the efficiency and effectiveness of your document workflow to a new level.

RightSignature v1.4: Get Documents Signed Without Pain

By: Daryl Bernstein / Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our crackerjack development team has been hard at work on a host of compelling features to improve our user experience. We can officially say welcome to RightSignature v1.4! Getting documents signed is now truly painless.

This new release addresses a host of common requests. As always, you don't need to do anything to enjoy this new version. Just log in to your account, and all the new features will be available to you.

We focused on improvements that make sending documents effortless and signing documents simple and self-explanatory. We'll discuss the really rip-roaring new features in coming blog posts, but here's an enticing sample:

Full-Screen Signature Pad
When you sign a document online, it doesn't matter if your signature isn't perfect. The act of signing and RightSignature's identity verification technology make the execution legally valid. But some of us--perfectionists, raise your hand with me--would really be happier if our online signature looked just like our paper signature. And that's hard to achieve in a small signature pad. Our new full-screen signature pad makes it easy to sign just like you would on paper. Perfectionists, you can take a breath now.

Document Processing Engine
Our revamped, industrial-sized, Rube Goldberg-esque document processing engine can now take anything you throw at it. Upload just about any document, and the RightSignature engine will validate it, lock it, and prepare it for signature. Word 2008? Done. Mac Word X? Done. PDF 1.7? Done. Foreign language characters? Done. No matter what kind of document you have, we'll get it signed for you.

Document Thumbnails on Dashboard
Our most active users sport Dashboards loaded with documents out for signature. We've eliminated the need to click through to figure out a document's contents. New, handy document thumbnails on your Dashboard jog your memory when the filename just doesn't cut it. Have 3 documents all named Contract.pdf? No worries! Thumbnails to the rescue.

Your feedback helps us make RightSignature the easiest, fastest, and, well, niftiest signature solution online. Please share your thoughts with us.


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