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Our iPhone App Charges Out of the Gate

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The brand-spankin'-new RightSignature iPhone app lets you sign documents using the touchscreen as a signature pad. Yep, it's as cool as it sounds. We were blown away when our app hit the Top Business Apps list on iTunes before we could even announce its release.

You thought signing documents with your mouse was fun? Try signing on your iPhone!

Visit the iTunes store to install the free app. Then touch any RightSignature link in your iPhone email, and the app automatically launches.

The RightSignature app allows you to a sign a document on your iPhone or iPod Touch in 3 quick steps:

Read and Agree
Use Apple's multitouch technology to pan and zoom when reviewing the document. Click Agree to indicate your acceptance of the document contents.

Photo Authenticate (optional)
Take your own photo with the iPhone's camera, authenticating your identity. This step is optional (but really cool).

Sign Document
Sign your name with your finger on the touchscreen. It's like when you sign on a credit card terminal at the grocery store, only on our app your signature actually looks good.

How many times have you needed to sign something while stuck in an airport or on a train? The days of "Fax it to my hotel" are over. Have your assistant or counterparty send you the document on RightSignature, and you can sign it immediately.

You can even use the iPhone app right at your desk. When viewing a document online, click on the iPhone tab. We'll send you an email to open on your iPhone. The touchscreen signature pad enables a very accurate signature, and the iPhone's camera allows you to attach your photo to the document with ease.

Shhhh.... Really attentive iPhone users might notice that we've created a special version of RightSignature.com just for Apple's Mobile Safari browser. You can log in, check out your Dashboard, and view a document's status. Soon, you'll be able to send a Google Docs document for signature right from your iPhone. More mobile excitement to come.


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