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Attorneys Embrace the RightSignature iPhone App

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Mac Lawyer calls RightSignature one of the Top 20 iPhone Apps for Busy Attorneys. Ben Stevens writes, "This program has one great purpose: letting you sign contracts, proposals, and NDAs from your iPhone. You can even integrate your photo with your signature, ensuring authenticity." Thanks for the write-up, Ben!

We'd like to point out that attorneys love to use RightSignature to send documents for signature, as well. That's best done from the online version, accessible on your desktop or laptop.

Big in Russia

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, June 22, 2009

Добро пожаловать (welcome) to our many users in Russia! RightSignature was featured in Vedomosti, the Russian co-publication of the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. Also, Habrahabr, a mega-popular Russian tech blog (with an undeniably captivating logo), published a detailed write-up on RightSignature, which provoked a healthy debate on the power of electronic signatures in international business.


By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, June 1, 2009

A huge thank you to Jason Kincaid, who posted a comprehensive review of RightSignature on TechCrunch. Thank you, Jason, for explaining how RightSignature's technological innovations, clean user interface, and simple signature process make it the most compelling e-signature solution on the market.

There were funky webmail programs, then Gmail simply got it right. There were cluttered social networks, then Facebook got it right. We believe RightSignature is the easy, intuitive software-as-a-service that "gets it right" in the online document signing space. Today, TechCrunch validates our vision.

Here's an excerpt from the TechCrunch post:
Over the last 15 years or so, most of us have adapted to the new forms of communication that pervade the web, ditching letters (and in many cases, phone calls) in favor of rapid fire IMs and Email. But there’s still at least one formality embedded in most of us that’s been hard to overcome: the personal signature. The simple act of signing a document, silly as it may seem in an era of fingerprints, photographs, and passwords, is something that has been engrained in us. And while signing a digital document with an “Okay” button or check box may be legally binding, they’re so basic that it makes the gesture feel insincere.

Now RightSignature, a new startup that launched to the public last month, is looking to make things even easier.

CEO Daryl Bernstein says that the existing digital signature companies don’t focus enough on the user experience, making it difficult to actually read the document you’re meant to sign. So RightSignature has built a proprietary PDF viewer that shows a large portion of the document alongside a box for your John Hancock. Bernstein also says that competitors tend to focus on large companies, so RightSignature is trying to make its service more accessible to smaller businesses (you can send a document out for signing in around sixty seconds).

"A Solution We've All Been Waiting For" goodBetabest reviews RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein /

On the goodBetabest blog, Chris Brown says, "When you consider the inefficiency of signing and transporting contracts between parties, the biggest wonder is why RightSignature took so long to get here."

His thorough review points out many of RightSignature's key features – the simplicity of sending documents, ease with which recipients sign documents, clean dashboard for monitoring document progress, and much more. The screenshot gallery is impressive ... we love the curvy arrows identifying important points.

Here's an excerpt from the post:
There is little doubt that this is a well considered solution with a huge market appeal. RightSignature has created a simple to use product with smart managment tools that doesn’t leave you wanting for features. Their backend technology is robust with secure socket layers and 256-bit encryption with data held on the enviable Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers.


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