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RightSignature 2.0 Launched

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, October 26, 2009

It's a release so big we had to call it RightSignature 2.0. New, patent-pending features might just change the way you do business. Welcome to the next generation of RightSignature.

Here's what you can do now, for the first time, with RightSignature:
  • Capture handwritten signatures at specific locations inside a document
  • Prompt signers to fill out text fields before signing
  • Create reusable RightTemplates™ for fast sending of common forms
  • And much more...
Sign on the Line
Capture Handwritten Signatures Inside a Document

Place a signature box anywhere in your document. When your client signs online, the handwritten signature appears on the document instantly. The executed contract looks just like it was signed with pen and paper.

Need your recipient to sign on multiple pages? No problem. Place as many signature boxes as necessary throughout the document.

Need signatures from two parties? Just position two signature boxes, and select which signer uses each box.

Form Fields
"Fill Out a Form and Sign" Becomes a Reality

Does your contract have a place for your client to fill in text fields before signing? RightSignature now makes it incredibly easy to fill out a form and sign online.

Employment applications, credit applications, insurance applications, real estate contracts, mortgage applications, tax forms, rental agreements, and more ... they're all possible with RightSignature 2.0!

Initial Here
Obtain Approvals on Important Clauses

To mimic the pen-and-paper experience, place initials boxes next to important clauses in your contract. Or, position initials boxes at the bottom of each page of a multi-page contract.

Your signer will be required to initial before submitting the document.

Reusable RightTemplate™
Set Up a Document Once, Use It Forever

Set up a document with form fields, signature locations, and party roles, and use it over and over. With your own library of commonly-used forms, you can send even the most complex document for signature with just a few clicks.

A reusable RightTemplate™ is a combination of a document and an overlay, which may contain text fields, signature boxes, initials boxes, or other form elements.

Instant Preview
Select a Document, Review It Immediately

Our snappy document uploader processes your document selection in seconds and gives you an instant preview. Now, before you click "Send for Signature," you can be completely confident you're sending the correct version of the document.

NaviGuide™ Flag
Live-Action Pointer Leads Signers to Required Fields

RightSignature is known for the simplest, most intuitive user experience. When you send your client a document, even a long contract with multiple form fields to complete, you want the signing process to be easy and self-explanatory.

The exclusive RightSignature NaviGuide™ is a flag that moves up and down the document in real time, pointing the signer to the next required field. This powerful innovation is the online equivalent of sitting with your clients and pointing to the locations on each page where they need to fill in information, initial, or sign.

RightTrack™ Checklist with Progress Meter
Instant Feedback as Signers Complete Documents

Have a form that requires your client to complete 14 fields, initial in three places, and sign at the end? The RightTrack™ checklist, another exclusive RightSignature technology, shows your signers all their to-do's and crosses them off as they are completed.

Intuitively, each to-do includes the location in the document (for example, "middle of page 4"). The signer can click any to-do item to be taken directly to that field.

A live-action progress meter shows the percentage of required items completed to give your signers feedback and encouragement as they complete even the longest documents.

New Dashboard Design
Search by File, Signer, or Any Form Field Data

Our powerful new Dashboard allows for easy searching and filtering. Quickly check the status of all your pending documents, and review your executed contracts. Search by document filename, party, or any form field data. Filter by time, which is ideal for when you know the document was signed last week but just don't remember the details.

The new Action tab shows you any documents that require your attention: documents that you need to sign and documents that are approaching expiration.

The new Activity tab shows you the most recent activity since you last logged in. For example, "All parties have signed document Mutual NDA 18 minutes ago."

ReadWriteWeb on RightSignature and the SaaS Ecosystem

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ReadWriteWeb enterprise writer Alex Williams profiled RightSignature in an excellent article today. He discussed how RightSignature, as a best-in-class online software solution, is a coral reef in the "SaaS ecosystem."

His idea is that RightSignature's powerful features, secure infrastructure, and extensible API make it a swim-in, swim-out hub for documents. More importantly, RightSignature is enabling a whole new species of web applications to thrive. Developers can focus on document creation and management, and rely on RightSignature for best practices in electronic signatures.

Here's a real-world translation in case you're not following the symbolism: RightSignature does one thing incredibly well ... it enables parties to fill out and sign documents online. That makes it a critical tool for companies doing paperless business.

RightSignature Wins VentureNet 2009

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today, at VentureNet 2009, RightSignature went head-to-head with 12 of the hottest software and technology companies in Southern California.

On stage, I shared our vision for simple, intuitive electronic signatures. I described how businesses around the world are signing documents online with RightSignature every day. And I showed a sneak preview of RightSignature 2.0, our game-changing new release coming next week.

We faced scrutiny by a panel of top VC’s and an audience of hundreds of investors and technology entrepreneurs. We faced competition from a host of great companies and accomplished CEO’s, including our friends at ExpenseBay and YouMail.

At the end of the day, RightSignature won Best of Show. We’re honored to join the impressive list of VentureNet winners from the past several years, including Magnify 360 and RightScale.

We extend a big thank you to Eric David Greenspan of MakeItWork, Jim Andelman of Rincon Ventures, Mark Suster of GRP Partners, Jeff Cohn of MHS Capital, and the other visionaries who validated RightSignature’s mission to change the way documents are signed around the world.

iPhone App Update Released Today

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, October 1, 2009

The ever-popular RightSignature iPhone app has an updated release available today. New features and improvements include:
  • A smoother sign-on-touchscreen experience
  • A new document viewer with automatic zoom (tap twice to zoom)
  • iPhone OS 3.0 compliant
  • Log in to your RightSignature account from the app
If you're already using our app, you know how cool it is to sign your name on the touchscreen. If you haven't tried it yet, download the free app from iTunes to experience the power of signing documents on your iPhone ... at your desk or at the beach.


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