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ReadWriteWeb on RightSignature and the SaaS Ecosystem

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ReadWriteWeb enterprise writer Alex Williams profiled RightSignature in an excellent article today. He discussed how RightSignature, as a best-in-class online software solution, is a coral reef in the "SaaS ecosystem."

His idea is that RightSignature's powerful features, secure infrastructure, and extensible API make it a swim-in, swim-out hub for documents. More importantly, RightSignature is enabling a whole new species of web applications to thrive. Developers can focus on document creation and management, and rely on RightSignature for best practices in electronic signatures.

Here's a real-world translation in case you're not following the symbolism: RightSignature does one thing incredibly well ... it enables parties to fill out and sign documents online. That makes it a critical tool for companies doing paperless business.


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