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RightSignature E-Signatures Featured Among Leading Google Apps for Business

By: Daryl Bernstein / Sunday, December 12, 2010

RightSignature's integration with Google Apps enables you to send your Google Docs for e-signature with just a few clicks. Whether you write your contracts in the popular Google Docs online document creation application (a simpler version of Microsoft Word) or upload PDF's for storage in your Google Docs account, you can quickly and easily send any of these files via RightSignature.

Today AOL Small Business celebrated RightSignature among 4 Google Apps That Can Make Your Smartphone Smarter. Writer Amanda Kooser says:

The paperless office gets a little more paperless. Many business documents have gone digital, but signatures on contracts are still a sticking point. Digital signatures are perfectly acceptable -- it's just a matter of making it work. Take that step with RightSignature and Google Docs. Use it for tasks like sending a Google Docs contract out to customers to sign on screen with their mice. No pesky printouts required. Expand it with RightSignature's iPhone and iPad apps that let you sign from your mobile device.

Read more about RightSignature Electronic Signatures for Google Docs in the Google Apps Marketplace or login to your RightSignature account to activate this integration.

Highrise + RightSignature = Easy CRM Meets Easy E-Signatures

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We’re proud to announce the RightSignature integration with Highrise, the easy web-based CRM used by over 100,000 small businesses around the world. Highrise empowers users to keep track of contacts, leads, meeting notes, and to-do’s to keep clients happy and push deals towards closing.

With our seamless integration, you can now access your Highrise contact list from inside RightSignature. When sending a document or template for signature, simply begin typing a signer’s name and RightSignature immediately displays potential name and email matches from your Highrise account. To set up this integration, simply login to your RightSignature account and navigate to Account > Integrations.

37Signals, the company behind such popular applications as Basecamp, Campfire, and Highrise, is an inspiration to all of us in the software-as-a-service industry. With simple, carefully-chosen features and legendary usability, their online software presents some of the finest examples of best practices in application design.

RightSignature enables you to obtain legally-binding, handdrawn electronic signatures from your customers in minutes. Thanks to the team at 37Signals, Highrise maintains a ruthless dedication to user experience and elegant design. Try this new integration of our two leading web applications, and let us know how it increases your efficiency.

Case Study: myGengo Manages Thousands of Contractors with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, November 18, 2010

myGengo offers "simple human translation", making it easy for customers to translate their documents, websites, and apps online. Based in Tokyo, the company works with a network of over 1,200 qualified translators around the world. All the translators are sub-contractors, so they need to complete U.S. tax forms prior to receiving payment for their work. Previously, this was a really messy process. myGengo would receive a mixture of hundreds of scanned documents sent by email, and it was very difficult and time-consuming to keep track of everything.

CTO Matthew Romaine explains how myGengo connected with the RightSignature API to automate this process: "RightSignature completely streamlined our workflow, while keeping the process secure and organized. By connecting our system with their API, we let the translators complete and sign their tax forms within minutes, come back to myGengo, and get working straight away. Workers choose which form they need to fill in on our site, then are sent to sign the document on RightSignature.com. We get a notification that the document is signed from the RightSignature API, then they're ready to go."

The company expects to expand its translator pool to over 10,000 individuals over the next year. To make this possible, every part of the administration process must be automated, so the RightSignature solution is essential. myGengo originally signed up because of the API, but CEO Robert Laing explains, "As it happens, RightSignature was so easy we use it for all kinds of contract management in the office: NDAs, investor documents, subcontractor agreements, and client proposals. We even had one investor sign his agreement on his iPhone while on holiday, which he loved."

Dropbox Integration: Send Your Dropbox Files for Electronic Signature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're excited to announce the RightSignature integration with Dropbox, the leader in cloud file storage, syncing, and sharing. The integration of these two innovative applications provides small and medium businesses a completely cloud-based solution for document management, data collection, and electronic signatures.

You can now access your Dropbox files from inside RightSignature and send a document to one or more parties to fill out and sign online. As soon as documents are completed on RightSignature, signed copies are automatically placed in your Dropbox account.

The integration of RightSignature and Dropbox demonstrates how small businesses are using online software to improve efficiency, strengthen security, and increase revenue. Our team relies on Dropbox every day, and this integration enables the millions of other Dropbox fans to send documents via RightSignature with a few clicks. RightSignature and Dropbox share a common vision for simple, intuitive software that makes life easier, and we're excited to make our applications work together seamlessly.

"The RightSignature integration makes Dropbox even more valuable as a document management tool for businesses," said Adam Gross, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Dropbox, "Users rely on Dropbox to sync, share, and secure their files, and now they can send those files for e-signature via RightSignature and receive signed copies right back in Dropbox. This is a great example of the kind of power and functionality that's possible when integrating cloud applications."

To setup the Dropbox integration in your RightSignature account, visit your integrations settings.

iPad Electronic Signatures Are Live

By: Daryl Bernstein / Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's little doubt that the iPad is a beautiful device for reading books, playing games, and surfing the web from your couch. But what is perhaps the iPad's most compelling use, as a business tool, is just starting to take shape.

Today RightSignature document signing on the iPad is live. This is undoubtedly the most jaw-dropping release in our history, and it's the beginning of the next generation of electronic signatures. When your recipient clicks a RightSignature email link on an iPad, a full-featured signing page opens in the browser.

The signer can enter text in form fields, place checkmarks in checkboxes, initial in critical locations, and execute the document by signing with a finger on the touchscreen. The experience is so easy and natural, it almost feels like the iPad was designed just for signing RightSignature documents. For that, we'd like to say, "Thank you, Apple!"

You're likely already thinking about how iPad signatures could improve the way you interact with your customers. If you'd like to discuss how to use RightSignature on the iPad in your business, call our friendly service team at 1-800-921-4250.

Sequential Signing for Document Workflow

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of the most requested new features is now live in your RightSignature account. We call it Sequential Signing. You might call it "I need the customer to sign first, then I'll sign." Or "The applicant will fill out and sign the application, then I'll review it and sign." Or even "The manager will sign first, then the vice president will sign, and finally the CEO will sign."

Sequential signing empowers you to specify the order in which parties will sign your document. RightSignature notifies Party #1 to sign, and as soon as Party #1 signs, RightSignature notifies Party #2 to sign. This process continues until the document is completely executed. This is the online equivalent of passing a document around to multiple parties (like the old brown routing envelope), where each party fills out information, signs, or a combination of the two.

But wait ... it gets better. Sequential Signing is paired with another new feature called Intermediate Versions. After each party signs, RightSignature generates a new version of the document containing any text entered by that party. Let's use the example of a customer filling out a credit application, which then needs to be approved by the accounting manager. With Sequential Signing, you can now send the document with the customer indicated as Signer #1 and the accounting manager indicated as Signer #2. The customer will receive the document, fill out the application, and sign. A new version of the document will be generated containing all of the customer's text entry, and it will be sent to the accounting manager to review and sign.

The patent-pending Sequential Signing with Intermediate Versions turns RightSignature into a powerful custom workflow tool. How will you use these new features in your business to improve your processes?

Sending Options Redesigned

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, July 19, 2010

RightSignature is all about user experience. Sending a document for e-signature should take less than 60 seconds. As we continue to add business-critical features, we've redesigned the document sending screen to keep it as simple and elegant as ever.

You'll note the Document Options section on the right-hand side of the New Document screen now sports colorful, on-off toggle buttons. These buttons make it fast and clear to enable signature boxes and form fields on the document, turn on Signer Sequencing, allow Type-to-Sign, add tags, and more.

If you frequently send documents with the same options turned on, you can save your on-off choices as your default settings.

American Bar Association and RightSignature Bring Electronic Signatures to Law Firms

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, May 14, 2010

We're pleased to announce a marketing alliance with the American Bar Association, the national voice of the legal profession and the largest voluntary professional membership organization in the world.
With this alliance, the ABA will introduce the RightSignature electronic signature solution to its 400,000 members through a comprehensive marketing program. RightSignature will be featured in the ABA TechEZ Technology Marketplace, which provides the resources for legal professionals to make intelligent choices about technology.
Small businesses and enterprises around the world rely on RightSignature for executing legally-binding contracts, and a growing number of attorneys and law firms have discovered the ease, elegance, and efficiency of e-signatures. Lee Rosen, founder of Rosen Law Firm with offices throughout North Carolina, says, "We don't hassle with emailing documents, asking clients to print them, and hoping they will fax back executed copies. RightSignature gets the deal closed before things unravel. Our firm couldn't live without it."
As solo practitioners, small firms, and large firms move towards paperless practices, RightSignature empowers attorneys to reduce paper and ink consumption, obtain signatures from parties anywhere in the world in minutes, and impress clients with rapid deal closings. Signers complete any contract online with real, handwritten signatures, replicating the feeling of pen and paper in an intuitive browser interface. Parties may also sign on the iPhone or iPad with the acclaimed RightSignature app that turns the touchscreen into a signature pad.
We're honored to work with the ABA to market online document signing to law professionals. With electronic signatures, law firms of all sizes can improve client service by closing deals faster, and without paper or express shipping. RightSignature's compliance with e-signature legislation and exclusive biometric signature technology ensure electronic contracts are legally binding and defensible.

RightSignature Powers Farmers Insurance Electronic Signatures

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are proud to announce that Farmers Insurance has selected RightSignature as its enterprise-wide electronic signature solution. After an extensive analysis of the e-signature market, Farmers chose RightSignature for its renowned ease-of-use, elegant signing experience, and online handwritten signature capture.

We believe this is the largest web-based electronic signature deployment ever. It's significant news in the technology community (as reported by TechCrunch), as well as the insurance industry (as reported by Insurance & Technology).

Fulfilling the high-volume, business-critical signature requirements of an enterprise of this caliber demonstrates RightSignature's unrivaled scalability, stability, and security. Farmers is well-known for innovation in the insurance industry, and we are delighted to work closely with the Farmers leadership to implement RightSignature.

This e-signature initiative will enhance Farmers' reputation for providing stellar service to its 15 million customers and produce significant cost savings and ROI for the company. Going paperless, Farmers team members will experience improved efficiency, and policy holders will enjoy completing claims in hours, instead of days.

"This is a win-win situation," stated Bryan Murphy, Farmers Insurance Executive Vice President and Chief Claims Officer. "This is the future. The customer wins with speed, convenience and lower cost. The company wins with more rate competitiveness."

Odom Wu, Director of Farmers Strategic Initiatives, said, "Previously a customer who had reached settlement would have to wait for documents to arrive in the mail, and then sign and return those documents for payment to be issued. Now Farmers ... can give customers the option to receive the documents via email, sign them online using their mouse, and return them instantly to expedite payment. This initiative is consistent with Farmers' commitment to innovation, and keeps Farmers on the cutting edge in providing customers the best claims experience possible. Farmers is the first in the insurance claims industry to accomplish this for its customers."

He also praised the environmental benefit of the RightSignature implementation, which "substantially reduces the company's carbon footprint by cutting the use of paper and ink toner, and reduces the use of overnight postage and packaging."

Farmers customer John McGee recently completed a claim using RightSignature and revealed, "The electronic signature process went very smoothly. The webpage loads quickly, is easy to navigate to, and the whole signature process is quite simple." Farmers claims adjuster Trasen Akers added, "The electronic signature capability gives us a veritable no-limit approach to customer satisfaction."

SecondMarket Relies on RightSignature to Close Multi-Million Dollar Deals

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, March 12, 2010

Facebook, LinkedIn, Tesla Motors, Zynga, Twitter. Say you want to buy some shares of these hot private companies. Or you maybe you were smart (or lucky) enough to be part of the founding team of one of these winners, and you're ready to sell some stock. Either way, this used to be a really difficult or impossible task.

Then along came SecondMarket, "the marketplace for illiquid assets." SecondMarket is like eBay, Nasdaq, and Goldman Sachs all rolled into one. The highly-successful company, backed by prominent US and Asian investors, brings together buyers and sellers and facilitates transactions not only for private company stock, but also for limited partnership interests, asset-backed securities, and other alternative assets.

When it's time to close these multi-million dollar deals, SecondMarket relies on RightSignature for its legally-binding contracts. Naturally, the parties to these transactions are typically sophisticated professionals, and RightSignature's elegant user interface supports SecondMarket's cutting-edge reputation.

Today, The Business Insider published a story about how SecondMarket works, with some mysterious screenshots of how contracts are executed using RightSignature. SecondMarket has also become the go-to source for current valuations of private tech companies, as they have the most up-to-date transaction data. Keep an eye on TechCrunch, which publishes these monthly reports with plenty of juicy details about just how fast Facebook stock is soaring.

Rest assured, whether your business contracts are worth $1,000 or $1 million, RightSignature's authentication, security, and compliance features create robust, legally-defensible contracts. And RightSignature makes you look more professional in the process.

Apple iPad Business Apps and Electronic Signatures in the Field

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple announced its much-anticipated iPad today to generally rave reviews. iPad combines the speed of a laptop, elegance of an iPhone, and convenience of a Kindle into an elegant, thin, 1.5-lb mobile computing device. What does this mean for business?

At RightSignature, we're big fans of Apple products and the iPhone in particular. Our ever-popular RightSignature iPhone app has been adopted by professionals on the go, small businesses, and large companies in their quest to enable document signatures in the field. It has demonstrated the power of the mobile devices as a competitive business tool.

You're probably already thinking ahead, so we'll spare you the drama and answer the big question. Not only will the RightSignature app be fully compatible with the iPad, it will thrive on this groundbreaking device. You'll be able to have clients fill out and sign documents anywhere ... in the lobby or waiting room, on a job site, or at a trade show. Imagine handing over your iPad and having a client sign with his finger on the vibrant 9.7-inch color screen. RightSignature iPad signatures will satisfy a host of new use cases and has the potential to make the clipboard a thing of the past.

We imagine a host of ways businesses large and small will utilize the iPad and its library of business apps: salespeople will access product literature and demonstration videos; service technicians will update maintenance logs and enter service tickets; meeting attendees will interact with live surveys; auditors and inventory control specialists will enter data; and much more.

Where the business-to-customer interaction used to happen at a desk or near a computer, the iPad will enable the business representative to stand up and walk over to the customer. When you visit your bank to sign up for a new account, instead of asking you to sit at a desk the banker may walk over to you with an iPad in hand. When you check in at your doctor's office, the receptionist may hand you an iPad to update your medical history. I'll even make an ambitious projection: it won't be long before a Girl Scout knocks on your door and takes your cookie order on an iPad.

We'll talk more about the iPad as the March launch date approaches. In the meantime, please contact us to discuss how you might use the iPad and RightSignature in your business.

Amistaff Integrates RightSignature for Healthcare Staffing Electronic Signatures

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, January 22, 2010

Amistaff Healthcare Technology, a leading software-as-a-service provider for healthcare staffing companies, selected RightSignature as its exclusive electronic signature partner. Amistaff's high-profile solutions include NurseTesting, BlueSky Synergy, and Prophecy Health.

With this partnership, each of the Amistaff products will feature a full integration with RightSignature utilizing the powerful RightSignature API. The integrations will enable Amistaff users, including many of the largest healthcare staffing companies and hospitals, to send employment documents for signature and check status inside the Amistaff product interfaces. Job applicants will fill out and sign packages of employment forms online, in any browser, with the aid of RightSignature's NaviGuide™ flag and RightTrack™ progress tracker.

Ron Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of Amistaff, said after a thorough analysis of electronic signature options, Amistaff chose RightSignature for its unrivaled user experience and feature set. “RightSignature offers unique, indispensable options for facilitating the signing process,” Gonzalez explained. “RightSignature's iPhone application and Google Docs integration make working with traveling healthcare providers easier than ever, reducing the time between application and placement. Healthcare staffing companies and hospitals will absolutely benefit from the rich feature-sets available to them, facilitating the recruitment and on-boarding process.”

Electronic signatures for human resources are a challenging use case. Employment packages typically contain numerous documents, including an employment application, company handbook, drug policy, background check authorization, and more. These packages often encompass 50 or more pages and 200 or more form fields. Fulfilling the business-critical workflows of some of the world's highest-volume staffing companies demonstrates RightSignature's scalability and usability for even the most demanding document requirements.


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