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Apple iPad Business Apps and Electronic Signatures in the Field

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple announced its much-anticipated iPad today to generally rave reviews. iPad combines the speed of a laptop, elegance of an iPhone, and convenience of a Kindle into an elegant, thin, 1.5-lb mobile computing device. What does this mean for business?

At RightSignature, we're big fans of Apple products and the iPhone in particular. Our ever-popular RightSignature iPhone app has been adopted by professionals on the go, small businesses, and large companies in their quest to enable document signatures in the field. It has demonstrated the power of the mobile devices as a competitive business tool.

You're probably already thinking ahead, so we'll spare you the drama and answer the big question. Not only will the RightSignature app be fully compatible with the iPad, it will thrive on this groundbreaking device. You'll be able to have clients fill out and sign documents anywhere ... in the lobby or waiting room, on a job site, or at a trade show. Imagine handing over your iPad and having a client sign with his finger on the vibrant 9.7-inch color screen. RightSignature iPad signatures will satisfy a host of new use cases and has the potential to make the clipboard a thing of the past.

We imagine a host of ways businesses large and small will utilize the iPad and its library of business apps: salespeople will access product literature and demonstration videos; service technicians will update maintenance logs and enter service tickets; meeting attendees will interact with live surveys; auditors and inventory control specialists will enter data; and much more.

Where the business-to-customer interaction used to happen at a desk or near a computer, the iPad will enable the business representative to stand up and walk over to the customer. When you visit your bank to sign up for a new account, instead of asking you to sit at a desk the banker may walk over to you with an iPad in hand. When you check in at your doctor's office, the receptionist may hand you an iPad to update your medical history. I'll even make an ambitious projection: it won't be long before a Girl Scout knocks on your door and takes your cookie order on an iPad.

We'll talk more about the iPad as the March launch date approaches. In the meantime, please contact us to discuss how you might use the iPad and RightSignature in your business.


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