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American Bar Association and RightSignature Bring Electronic Signatures to Law Firms

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, May 14, 2010

We're pleased to announce a marketing alliance with the American Bar Association, the national voice of the legal profession and the largest voluntary professional membership organization in the world.
With this alliance, the ABA will introduce the RightSignature electronic signature solution to its 400,000 members through a comprehensive marketing program. RightSignature will be featured in the ABA TechEZ Technology Marketplace, which provides the resources for legal professionals to make intelligent choices about technology.
Small businesses and enterprises around the world rely on RightSignature for executing legally-binding contracts, and a growing number of attorneys and law firms have discovered the ease, elegance, and efficiency of e-signatures. Lee Rosen, founder of Rosen Law Firm with offices throughout North Carolina, says, "We don't hassle with emailing documents, asking clients to print them, and hoping they will fax back executed copies. RightSignature gets the deal closed before things unravel. Our firm couldn't live without it."
As solo practitioners, small firms, and large firms move towards paperless practices, RightSignature empowers attorneys to reduce paper and ink consumption, obtain signatures from parties anywhere in the world in minutes, and impress clients with rapid deal closings. Signers complete any contract online with real, handwritten signatures, replicating the feeling of pen and paper in an intuitive browser interface. Parties may also sign on the iPhone or iPad with the acclaimed RightSignature app that turns the touchscreen into a signature pad.
We're honored to work with the ABA to market online document signing to law professionals. With electronic signatures, law firms of all sizes can improve client service by closing deals faster, and without paper or express shipping. RightSignature's compliance with e-signature legislation and exclusive biometric signature technology ensure electronic contracts are legally binding and defensible.

RightSignature Powers Farmers Insurance Electronic Signatures

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are proud to announce that Farmers Insurance has selected RightSignature as its enterprise-wide electronic signature solution. After an extensive analysis of the e-signature market, Farmers chose RightSignature for its renowned ease-of-use, elegant signing experience, and online handwritten signature capture.

We believe this is the largest web-based electronic signature deployment ever. It's significant news in the technology community (as reported by TechCrunch), as well as the insurance industry (as reported by Insurance & Technology).

Fulfilling the high-volume, business-critical signature requirements of an enterprise of this caliber demonstrates RightSignature's unrivaled scalability, stability, and security. Farmers is well-known for innovation in the insurance industry, and we are delighted to work closely with the Farmers leadership to implement RightSignature.

This e-signature initiative will enhance Farmers' reputation for providing stellar service to its 15 million customers and produce significant cost savings and ROI for the company. Going paperless, Farmers team members will experience improved efficiency, and policy holders will enjoy completing claims in hours, instead of days.

"This is a win-win situation," stated Bryan Murphy, Farmers Insurance Executive Vice President and Chief Claims Officer. "This is the future. The customer wins with speed, convenience and lower cost. The company wins with more rate competitiveness."

Odom Wu, Director of Farmers Strategic Initiatives, said, "Previously a customer who had reached settlement would have to wait for documents to arrive in the mail, and then sign and return those documents for payment to be issued. Now Farmers ... can give customers the option to receive the documents via email, sign them online using their mouse, and return them instantly to expedite payment. This initiative is consistent with Farmers' commitment to innovation, and keeps Farmers on the cutting edge in providing customers the best claims experience possible. Farmers is the first in the insurance claims industry to accomplish this for its customers."

He also praised the environmental benefit of the RightSignature implementation, which "substantially reduces the company's carbon footprint by cutting the use of paper and ink toner, and reduces the use of overnight postage and packaging."

Farmers customer John McGee recently completed a claim using RightSignature and revealed, "The electronic signature process went very smoothly. The webpage loads quickly, is easy to navigate to, and the whole signature process is quite simple." Farmers claims adjuster Trasen Akers added, "The electronic signature capability gives us a veritable no-limit approach to customer satisfaction."


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