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Sequential Signing for Document Workflow

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of the most requested new features is now live in your RightSignature account. We call it Sequential Signing. You might call it "I need the customer to sign first, then I'll sign." Or "The applicant will fill out and sign the application, then I'll review it and sign." Or even "The manager will sign first, then the vice president will sign, and finally the CEO will sign."

Sequential signing empowers you to specify the order in which parties will sign your document. RightSignature notifies Party #1 to sign, and as soon as Party #1 signs, RightSignature notifies Party #2 to sign. This process continues until the document is completely executed. This is the online equivalent of passing a document around to multiple parties (like the old brown routing envelope), where each party fills out information, signs, or a combination of the two.

But wait ... it gets better. Sequential Signing is paired with another new feature called Intermediate Versions. After each party signs, RightSignature generates a new version of the document containing any text entered by that party. Let's use the example of a customer filling out a credit application, which then needs to be approved by the accounting manager. With Sequential Signing, you can now send the document with the customer indicated as Signer #1 and the accounting manager indicated as Signer #2. The customer will receive the document, fill out the application, and sign. A new version of the document will be generated containing all of the customer's text entry, and it will be sent to the accounting manager to review and sign.

The patent-pending Sequential Signing with Intermediate Versions turns RightSignature into a powerful custom workflow tool. How will you use these new features in your business to improve your processes?


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