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iPad Electronic Signatures Are Live

By: Daryl Bernstein / Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's little doubt that the iPad is a beautiful device for reading books, playing games, and surfing the web from your couch. But what is perhaps the iPad's most compelling use, as a business tool, is just starting to take shape.

Today RightSignature document signing on the iPad is live. This is undoubtedly the most jaw-dropping release in our history, and it's the beginning of the next generation of electronic signatures. When your recipient clicks a RightSignature email link on an iPad, a full-featured signing page opens in the browser.

The signer can enter text in form fields, place checkmarks in checkboxes, initial in critical locations, and execute the document by signing with a finger on the touchscreen. The experience is so easy and natural, it almost feels like the iPad was designed just for signing RightSignature documents. For that, we'd like to say, "Thank you, Apple!"

You're likely already thinking about how iPad signatures could improve the way you interact with your customers. If you'd like to discuss how to use RightSignature on the iPad in your business, call our friendly service team at 1-800-921-4250.


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