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RightSignature In-Person Document Signing App for iPad Now Available

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, January 28, 2011

The RightSignature In-Person Document Signing app for the iPad is now available for free in the iTunes App Store. This powerful app empowers you to obtain signatures on documents when you are in the field or have customers present with you in your office.

The In-Person Document Signing app fulfills a wide variety of business use cases reported by RightSignature users: Sales representatives collect signatures on orders at client locations. Repair technicians receive sign-offs on their work in the field. Real estate professionals close deals at a buyer or seller's house, or even a coffee shop. Financial advisors enable clients to fill out and complete forms during meetings. Doctors have new patients complete and sign medical history forms in the waiting room.

Simply set up Reusable Templates in your RightSignature account from your desktop or laptop. Then, when you are with a client and have your iPad: open the app, select a Template, enter merge field data (if any), and give your iPad to your customer to fill out text fields and sign in person. Of course, the app enables authentic handwritten signatures on the iPad's remarkable touchscreen. This is truly the business clipboard of the 21st century.

Tablet Legal says, "I think the size of the iPad is no accident and its parallels to a standard piece of paper make it a compelling device for document management. I’d expect people to consider using RightSignature on the iPad even more than on the iPhone because of this." Give the app a try today, and let us know what you think!

Learn more about the range of RightSignature electronic signature capabilities on the iPad and iPhone.

Two-Factor Tags Enable Powerful Document Management

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, January 17, 2011

You may have already discovered that adding tags to contracts you send for signature makes RightSignature a convenient, secure document archive for your business. Until now, you've been able to apply single-factor tags, which are simple phrases that can be used to search for specific documents in the future. Examples of single-factor tags are:

• Credit Card Authorization
• W9
• Megatron Corporation

Our brand new two-factor tagging takes this capability to a new level, promising to turn RightSignature into a powerful document management system. Two-factor tags give you unlimited flexibility to describe, manage, and search your document archive in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

A two-factor tag contains both a Tag Name and a Tag Value. Examples of two-factor tags are:

• New Client Forms: Credit Card Authorization
• Compliance Forms: W9
• Company Name: Megatron Corporation

Contract renewals provide an interesting use case where two-factor tags can increase efficiency. Your clients may typically sign a one-year contract, and you need to know when to contact them to renew. Apply a two-factor tag to each contract, where the Tag Name is "Renewal Month" and the Tag Value is, for example, "February". Then, at the beginning of each month, simply search your RightSignature archive for documents with the relevant tag value to determine which customers you should contact to discuss renewing.

On your RightSignature dashboard, use the search box to filter your archive using your two-factor tags. Here are some examples of search methods:

Search QueryResult
tag:compliance_formsAll documents with tag "compliance_forms"
tag:compliance_forms=w9All documents with tag "compliance_forms" with value "w9"

Don't worry! If single-factor tags are sufficient for your business, you can still use them just as you're accustomed to.

FormLizard Integrates with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FormLizard, a web application for completing forms and contracts online, is now integrated with RightSignature. The integration of these two innovative applications provides businesses a seamless process for online form completion, contract authoring and now, electronic signatures.

FormLizard enables businesses and their customers to complete forms, contracts and more simply by answering online questions. The application simplifies the process of completing documents – no more printing and scanning, no more PDF files that won't save, no more guessing at what a form is asking, and no more answering the same question on multiple forms. FormLizard customers simply create online interviews allowing users to answer questions online and then access their completed documents when finished.

“Our integration with RightSignature is a big step forward in eliminating paper from document-driven processes,” said Chris Martoglio, CEO of Blue Burro. "Too many deals and too much time are lost because of the lag between finalizing documents and getting them signed. This integration eliminates that lag.”

Documents for signing can be sent through RightSignature from within FormLizard. Users can even route the document for multiple signatures.

FormLizard's unique technology for turning simple online interviews into completed forms is highly complementary with RightSignature's leading e-signature application. This integration empowers businesses to fulfill a wide variety of custom use cases where parties need to provide information and answer questions in order to complete a form and then apply a legally-binding electronic signature.

To learn more about this integration, watch this screencast and then sign up for a free trial with FormLizard.


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