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FormLizard Integrates with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FormLizard, a web application for completing forms and contracts online, is now integrated with RightSignature. The integration of these two innovative applications provides businesses a seamless process for online form completion, contract authoring and now, electronic signatures.

FormLizard enables businesses and their customers to complete forms, contracts and more simply by answering online questions. The application simplifies the process of completing documents – no more printing and scanning, no more PDF files that won't save, no more guessing at what a form is asking, and no more answering the same question on multiple forms. FormLizard customers simply create online interviews allowing users to answer questions online and then access their completed documents when finished.

“Our integration with RightSignature is a big step forward in eliminating paper from document-driven processes,” said Chris Martoglio, CEO of Blue Burro. "Too many deals and too much time are lost because of the lag between finalizing documents and getting them signed. This integration eliminates that lag.”

Documents for signing can be sent through RightSignature from within FormLizard. Users can even route the document for multiple signatures.

FormLizard's unique technology for turning simple online interviews into completed forms is highly complementary with RightSignature's leading e-signature application. This integration empowers businesses to fulfill a wide variety of custom use cases where parties need to provide information and answer questions in order to complete a form and then apply a legally-binding electronic signature.

To learn more about this integration, watch this screencast and then sign up for a free trial with FormLizard.


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