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Two-Factor Tags Enable Powerful Document Management

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, January 17, 2011

You may have already discovered that adding tags to contracts you send for signature makes RightSignature a convenient, secure document archive for your business. Until now, you've been able to apply single-factor tags, which are simple phrases that can be used to search for specific documents in the future. Examples of single-factor tags are:

• Credit Card Authorization
• W9
• Megatron Corporation

Our brand new two-factor tagging takes this capability to a new level, promising to turn RightSignature into a powerful document management system. Two-factor tags give you unlimited flexibility to describe, manage, and search your document archive in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

A two-factor tag contains both a Tag Name and a Tag Value. Examples of two-factor tags are:

• New Client Forms: Credit Card Authorization
• Compliance Forms: W9
• Company Name: Megatron Corporation

Contract renewals provide an interesting use case where two-factor tags can increase efficiency. Your clients may typically sign a one-year contract, and you need to know when to contact them to renew. Apply a two-factor tag to each contract, where the Tag Name is "Renewal Month" and the Tag Value is, for example, "February". Then, at the beginning of each month, simply search your RightSignature archive for documents with the relevant tag value to determine which customers you should contact to discuss renewing.

On your RightSignature dashboard, use the search box to filter your archive using your two-factor tags. Here are some examples of search methods:

Search QueryResult
tag:compliance_formsAll documents with tag "compliance_forms"
tag:compliance_forms=w9All documents with tag "compliance_forms" with value "w9"

Don't worry! If single-factor tags are sufficient for your business, you can still use them just as you're accustomed to.


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