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RightSignature 2.4 Release: New Overlay Builder

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RightSignature's most significant release so far in 2011 brings powerful new functionality to our renowned Overlay Builder. Whether you're sending a one-off document with signature locations or building a Reusable Template with dozens of form fields, the new Overlay Builder empowers you to create any kind of document your business demands in just minutes.

Brand new features include:

• Drop-Down Text Fields Want your signers to select from a drop-down list instead of typing free-form data in a text field? Just click on Extras for any text field and designate a list of acceptable values. Enter each value followed by a comma (e.g. "AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, ..."), and RightSignature automatically creates a drop-down list.

• Signer Guidance Help Text Place an instruction next to a field to ensure signers complete the field as your business requires. For example, "Please fill in your complete name, including middle name."

• Drop-Down Merge Fields When you send templates for signature, are there certain merge fields where you always enter one of a specific number of options? Now you can use acceptable values to create merge fields with drop-down lists. A common use case is a contract term length (e.g. "1 year, 2 years, 3 years, ...").

• Default Merge Field Values Would you like a merge field to be pre-filled but have the option to edit the text before sending a template? New default merge field values place default text in a merge field to facilitate even faster template sending.

• Place Fields or Draw Fields You can still place components (signature boxes, text fields, date fields, check boxes, initials boxes, or merge fields) as you're accustomed to, but now you can also draw fields in the exact size and location you want just like you do in popular design and publishing software. Simply click, hold, and draw the field on the document.

• Edit Multiple Components at Once Click and drag the selection marquee to select multiple components. Then edit all selected components at once: assign to one signer, make all required or optional, change transparency, or correct alignment.

The new Overlay Builder is live today, so login to your RightSignature account to give it a try. Want to discuss how to best use these new features in your business? Call our friendly support team at 1-800-921-4250.


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