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Our Big Dashboard Redesign

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It’s big, bold, and ambitious. Our Dashboard redesign has been Top Secret for months, and now it's live in your RightSignature account.

Whether you're a solo entrepreneur occasionally sending out contracts or a large business sending thousands of documents for signature each month, RightSignature’s new Dashboard streamlines your operations and makes document management simpler than ever. New Dashboard features empower you to filter, search, review, and take actions on documents with a few clicks and quickly access everything you need to know about every document you have sent for e-signature.

Quick Glance Document Overview
With the new Quick Glance Document Overview, you can see all your documents’ most critical details without making a single click. Each document listing contains a thumbnail picture, the document’s reference number, file type and file name, a pulse rate indicator of the time of the last audit log entry, tags (if any), the execution status of the document, and the individual progress of each signer.

Pulse Rate Monitor
Each document listing includes a pulse rate icon, a visual indication of the document’s “health.” Documents with activity in the last 24 hours (viewing or signing events) display a pulse rate icon with a flame symbol to indicate they are “warm.” When a document has not been executed and is approaching the expiration date, a warning symbol–an exclamation point in a yellow triangle–appears over the pulse icon, providing a handy prompt to check in with the signer by phone or send an email reminder. Scrolling over the activity monitor icon gives you the exact time and date of the document’s most recent activity.

Clickable Tags
RightSignature’s tagging feature allows you to track and store documents in the way that makes sense for your business. (Read more about two-factor tags.) Now the Dashboard includes clickable tags, enabling you to quickly filter your archive by a specific label attached to your documents.

Enhanced Signer Status
All parties–both signers and cc’s–are clearly identified in each document listing. A status box next to the name of each signer illustrates his or her signing status. A white box indicates that the signer has not viewed the document, while a red box indicates that the signer has viewed the document but has not yet signed. A green box represents a signer who has successfully filled in all required fields and signed the document. Scrolling over each signer’s name gives you the exact time and date of that signer’s most recent action, enabling you to track real-time progress and pinpoint any delays in the document execution process. Clicking any person’s name searches your archive to display all documents in your account where that person is a party.

Status Bar
Want to know exactly how close a document is to completion? The Document Status Bar tracks the progress of a document from initiation to execution, changing from red to green and moving from empty to full as required signatures are applied.

Document Metadata View
When you want to dig a bit deeper, click on any document’s name or thumbnail to see the Metadata View. This page gives you easy buttons to download a pdf, send reminders to signing parties, or move a document to the trash. You can also review status details, including sent, last activity, and expiration times, as well as audit log entries. All of this information is conveniently displayed in one elegant page, meaning everything you need to know is right at your fingertips.

Quick Stats
Want a quick overview of the efficiency of your workflow? The Dashboard redesign features a Quick Stats toolbar on the right hand side of the document listings. This feature charts the number of documents successfully executed vs. sent documents over the past month, displays the signed/pending/expired status of your most recent documents, and lists the audit logs of your account activity in a real-time feed.

Filter and Search
The redesigned Dashboard gives you plenty of new ways to filter and search your archive. In the top right corner of the toolbar, you can toggle time to filter documents from today, this week, this month, or all time. You also have the option to filter by execution status: completed, pending, or expired. You can search by typing any relevant data into the search box, such as subject, a signer’s name, filename, or even any data entered in merge fields or text fields.

Template Dashboard
The new Template Dashboard displays all the Reusable Templates in your account, making it easy to send, edit, or delete a template with a single click.

Self-Service Document Dashboard
The new Self-Service Document Dashboard gives you direct access to all generated and signed “child” copies of each Self-Service Document. Also, quickly retrieve the URL to the Self-Service Document request page or the code to embed a request widget on your webpage.

People Dashboard
Want to look up all the documents you have sent to a specific person? The People dashboard allows you to do just that, with people listings displayed in the order of most common recipients.


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