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Graphic Design Contract Samples

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, October 31, 2011

Graphic designers use RightSignature to get contracts signed online with clients around the world. Whether working as freelancers or for a firm, designers are all about image and professionalism. Using RightSignature to present a proposal and estimate for signature shows clients that a designer is established and has an efficient process for handling new projects.

Wes McDowell of The Deep End, a design studio based in Seattle, has created a series of instructional videos to help graphic designers craft proposals and contracts. His newest post is Use RightSignature to Get Your Graphic Design Contract Signed Online. Wes says,
Contracts are so important to us as designers because they protect our business and ensure that we get paid. Any way we can eliminate obstacles between our clients and a contract is a major benefit, and RightSignature has been a big part of our process.
To build your own graphic design contract template, try borrowing relevant clauses from a variety of publicly available templates. By assembling pieces from various documents, you’ll create your own contract that fits your business, your projects, your location, and your appetite for legalese. As a start, check out the contract templates proposed by AIGA, Shawn Adrian, Jason Vaughn, Lori Leach, or Andy Clarke.

Once you’ve finalized your design contract, create a Reusable Template in RightSignature. Then, you’ll be able to send a contract to a new client with just a few clicks. You can even place merge fields on your Reusable Template so you can merge information like Client Name, Project Description, or Project Fee onto the contract before sending it for e-signature.


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