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Salesforce Electronic Signature Solution - Phase 1

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, October 17, 2011

Update: The complete RightSignature Salesforce Electronic Signature App is now live on AppExchange.

Salesforce integration has been a highly-requested feature for a long time. We're excited to announce a multi-stage release of Salesforce CRM integration functionality, beginning with contacts and documents integration (Phase 1) and followed by a groundbreaking AppExchange app (Phase 2).

Our Phase 1 integration, available today, auto-suggests your Salesforce contacts when you’re entering signers and cc’s on a document. Simply start typing a party’s name, and RightSignature instantly searches your Salesforce contacts to present a list of potential name and email matches.

In addition, this integration gives you the power to instantly access all of your Salesforce documents and contacts directly from your RightSignature account. After completing the one-time setup, the Salesforce button on the “Send a Document” screen allows you to send your Salesforce documents for e-signature from your RightSignature account.

To activate this integration, visit the Account > Integrations page in your RightSignature account. Want to discuss how to best use Salesforce and RightSignature together? Interested in a sneak preview of the Phase 2 AppExchange app? Give us a call at 800-921-4250, or send an email to support@rightsignature.com.


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