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Capsule CRM E-Signature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Capsule offers the ideal online CRM for small businesses, with more power and flexibility than simple contact managers and less complexity than Salesforce. Capsule provides visibility into your sales pipeline. Customizable tracking milestones, such as lead, demo, proposal, won, etc., help you follow each prospect through the sales process.

You can generate pipeline reports and extracts using configurable filters, set contacts to follow custom sales paths, and brand your account using your colors and logo. In addition to the RightSignature integration, Capsule offers integrations with Xero, Google Apps, MailChimp, Drupal, WordPress, and more.

The RightSignature-Capsule integration enables you to access your entire Capsule contact list directly from your RightSignature account. When you start typing a signer or CC’s name on a document or reusable template, RightSignature automatically displays possible name and email matches from your Capsule account.

In addition, each Capsule contact record will include a “RightSignature Documents” link that gives you quick access to your RightSignature dashboard with documents filtered by the specific Capsule contact.

Duncan Stockdill, co-founder of Capsule, said,
At Capsule, we’re all about simple, intuitive software that helps you keep track of people you do business with and manage your sales pipeline. RightSignature provides an easy, elegant way to get contracts, NDA’s, and forms filled out and signed online quickly. We use RightSignature ourselves to get contracts signed with business partners around the world. This new integration means Capsule users will be able to access documents signed with RightSignature from inside a contact's record in Capsule and easily send documents for signature to Capsule contacts from inside RightSignature. I'm pleased to have our popular web applications working together to help our users do more business in less time.
We’re excited to collaborate on this two-way integration with our friends at Capsule, and we extend a warm welcome to Capsule users new to RightSignature.

To access your Capsule contacts inside RightSignature: 
• Login to your RightSignature account, visit your Account > Integrations page, and enter your Capsule account name and API token (found in your Capsule account under Your Name > My Preferences > API Authentication Token).

To enable the “RightSignature Documents” link inside Capsule:
• Login to your Capsule account, click the gear icon in the upper right to access your Settings, click through to Custom Fields for People & Organizations, choose Add New > Generated Link,  enter a label such as “RightSignature Documents”, and set the Link Definition to:
• For more details, visit Capsule's RightSignature integration instruction page.


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