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Box Electronic Signature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, December 1, 2011

Box is an increasingly popular application for businesses to share files online. It’s like a file server, but simpler and without the hardware, software, and maintenance requirements. You and your authorized contacts can share and collaborate on PDFs, Word documents, media files, and more. Additional features include file access from mobile devices, online workspaces, and desktop syncing.

Box is now integrated with RightSignature, giving you even more power to build, manage, store, and send your documents for e-signature … all in the cloud. Less time getting a signature means more time to focus on your business.

In RightSignature:

You can access your Box files directly from your RightSignature Send screen. Once a Box file has been executed, RightSignature automatically places a signed copy in your Box account, eliminating the need for repetitive downloading and uploading.

To setup, login to your RightSignature account and visit your Account > Integrations page.

In Box:

You can send Box files for e-signature via RightSignature. Right click on a file in Box, and you will be redirected to the RightSignature send screen with the document preloaded.

To setup, visit the RightSignature app on Box and click the Add button to add the RightSignature action to your Box account.

This video provides a demonstration of the integration:


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