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Evernote Electronic Signature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, January 30, 2012

You might have noticed that we are huge fans of cool, intuitive technology that offers a fresh approach to common problems. One of our daily challenges is trying to store tidbits of information that we might need in the future -- everything from text notes to screenshots, documents, videos, photos, and interesting websites.

Evernote is a flexible application to help you “remember everything.” It gives you the power to store and access your memories on any computer or mobile device. You save data as notes inside notebooks, and Evernote instantly syncs your notebooks on all of your machines. Notebooks can be shared with colleagues and partners. Businesses are increasingly using Evernote to keep notebooks on clients and projects.

The new RightSignature-Evernote integration enables you to send Evernote notes for e-signature. You can access your Evernote notes directly from your RightSignature Send screen. RightSignature turns a note with text or images into a pdf document format to send for signature.

Once the note has been signed, RightSignature automatically places a signed copy in your Evernote notebook, eliminating the need for repetitive downloading and uploading.

Seth Hitchings, VP of Platform Strategy at Evernote, says:

"The RightSignature integration is a powerful way for individuals to use Evernote as a business and productivity tool. Not only does the integration eliminate the need for paper and email, but it also cuts down on the number of applications needed to get something signed. We're excited to help our users simplify their lives while accomplishing more."

To setup, login to your RightSignature account and visit your Account > Integrations page.


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