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Coolest Startups in America

By: Daryl Bernstein / Saturday, February 18, 2012

The new book Coolest Startups in America profiles "awesome startups in the USA today that will be global household names tomorrow." 

Author Doreen Bloch is a New York City-based entrepreneur and author who identifies companies that are disrupting traditional industries with innovative web products. She uncovered 7 common characteristics of the most successful startups: they solve real problems, do it in a unique way, have reach, are ambitious, execute quickly and efficiently, focus on the consumer, and have cool brands.

RightSignature is one of the companies featured in the book. Professionals, small businesses, and enterprises around the world are using our software to get documents filled out and signed online ... putting an end to printing, faxing, mailing, and scanning. Check out our app!

A host of RightSignature customers are profiled as well, including SecondMarket, Getaround, Tout, and Disqus to name a few. Here's the complete list of startups featured. We're honored to be among these killer companies.

Cash Registers
Square  Accept credit cards using your iPhone
Lending Club  Brings together borrowers and investors
Kickstarter  People pledge dollars to project creators
StarStreet  Buy shares of your favorite athletes

Segmint  Helps financial institutions do more targeted advertising
SecondMarket  Marketplace for alternative investments
AxialMarket  Online market for buyers and sellers of private companies
FamZoo  Teaches families and children financial skills

Silicon Prairie
Hudl  Software for coaches
HaveMyShift  Hourly workers trade shifts online
Uppward  Meet people on your flights
Dwolla  Cash-like payment network

Minority Report
Qwiki  Search results presented in interactive videos
23andMe  Analyze your DNA from spit
Shapeways  Trendy objects made with 3D printing
Word Lens  iPhone app for translating words in photos
Palantir  Analyzing big data for big finance and government organizations
Dekko  Augmented reality characters placed in virtual environments

Buckle Up
Mission Motors  Electric vehicle components
Better Place  Electric car charging networks and equipment
Getaround  Peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace

The Rec Room
Rent the Runway  Rent a dress for a night
UJAM  Lets everyone make great music
MoviePass  Subscription pass to movie theatres
evoJets  Book private jet flights like commercial flights
Fashion Playtes  Virtual fashion studio for girls
ViKi  Video site for the world
Turntable.fm  Virtual DJ's
Brode  Dietary supplement for hangovers

Academic Epidemic
Khan Academy  Online classroom
Wolfram Alpha  Search engine for smart people
CourseHorse  Find and book classes for personal improvement
Skillshare  Learn anything from anyone
Grovo  Video lessons on internet products
Codecademy  Learn to code

Let's Get Physical
HowAboutWe  Dating proposals based on activities
foursquare  Location-based social network with rewards
Sonar  Check out people standing near you
ThinkNear  Discounts for nearby businesses

Super Heroes
Wello  Delivers clean water around the world
Blueseed  Startup incubator to be anchored offshore of SF
HealthMap  Disease breakouts and health alerts on a map
Snooze  iPhone app donates money to charity when you sleep in
Catchafire  Matches professional volunteers with non-profits

Lean Machines
Tout  Mechanize, track, and schedule outbound emails
AskSunday  Virtual assistant service
Boomerang  Schedule email sending and receiving
TaskRabbit  Outsource your errands
Producteev  Manage your tasks
Quixey  Find apps that do what you want
iDoneThis  Email asks you, "What'd you get done today?"

Cuff Links
RightSignature  Get documents filled out and signed online (Go team!)
Demandbase  Analyzes site visitors to increase conversions

FitBit  Wireless wearable sensor monitors your health
ZocDoc  Book a doctor appointment online
Asthmapolis  Inhaler data tracking
Organovo  Creates human organ tissue
Oasys Water  Producing clean water efficiently

Quora  Questions and answers from informed people
Disqus  Blog comment system

Aviary  Photo editing software
Quirky  Turns ideas into products
COLOURlovers  Color palette gallery
IdeaPaint  Dry erase wall paint
Bespoke Innovations  Custom, realistic coverings for prosthetics

The Resumator  Employee recruiting software
Brand Affinity Technologies  Matching celebrity endorsers with brands
Hire My Mom  Outsource work to home-based moms
BranchOut  Turns Facebook into a job network

[Not] Made in America
Landwasher  Environmentally-friendly toilets
PrimeSense  Enables computers to see
Issuu  Printed magazines ... online

Learn about how these companies got off the ground, gained traction, and became leaders in their spaces, and hear insights and secrets from the founders. Buy the book in paperback and Kindle editions, or read more about it at CoolestStartups.in.


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