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New Basecamp - RightSignature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, March 19, 2012

Basecamp is a brilliant project management application developed by 37Signals, a company that simply sets the standard for the web software industry in product design, usability, and innovation. Basecamp enables you to manage tasks, milestones, people, and communication related to your business projects, all in a beautiful, elegant interface.

The new Basecamp, completely redesigned and relaunched in 2012, is breathtakingly fast and smart. New features include a day-by-day project history, communication with parties outside Basecamp, drag-and-drop file sharing, auto-saving, and a modern project timeline reminiscent of Facebook.

Need to get project documents signed? NDA's? Independent contractor agreements? Timesheets? Proofs?

The new RightSignature integration enables you to access your Basecamp contact list directly from your RightSignature account. When you start typing a signer or CC’s name on a document or reusable template, RightSignature automatically displays possible name and email matches from your Basecamp account.

In addition, this integration gives you the power to instantly access all of the documents stored in Basecamp from your RightSignature account. After completing the one-time setup, the Basecamp button on the “Send a Document” screen allows you to send your Basecamp documents for e-signature from RightSignature.

To setup, login to your RightSignature account and visit your Account > Integrations page.


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