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Quote Roller Integrates with RightSignature: Sales Proposals Delivered, Signed, and Sealed

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote Roller is a web application that gives you the ability to easily create proposals online. Creating an effective, professional sales proposal no longer needs to eat up valuable hours.

You build your online proposal from scratch with drag-and-drop building blocks, or choose from Quote Roller’s extensive list of pre-configured proposal templates. You save time and energy by storing and reusing information you frequently use in your proposals. Quote Roller’s in-proposal analytics give you the power to see exactly which sections of the proposal your clients are spending the most time on, so you can improve your offer and boost sales.

The new RightSignature integration makes getting custom proposals signed a seamless process. Simply create a proposal in Quote Roller, then choose to download it, email it, or send it for e-signature via RightSignature.

This integration allows businesses to combine Quote Roller's proposal software with the simplicity and elegance of RightSignature’s online document signing, to give clients the best proposal viewing and acceptance experience possible.

Google Drive Electronic Signature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, April 27, 2012

RightSignature is proud to announce integration with Google Drive. This next-generation file storage and collaboration system from Google enables you to keep all your files in one place, maintain automatic redundant storage on both your desktop and in the cloud, edit documents together with teammates, and share files conveniently.

Together, RightSignature and Google Drive offer a completely integrated cloud workflow:
  • Inside RightSignature, you can access your Google Drive file listing and select a document to send for signature.
  • Inside Google Drive, you can right click on a file to send it for signature via RightSignature.
  • After your signers fill out and sign the document online, RightSignature automatically places a signed copy back in Google Drive!
This is the perfect integration between two powerful cloud services: Google Drive’s innovative online file system and RightSignature’s cutting-edge electronic signature software. To activate this integration, signup for a free trial or login to your RightSignature account, then visit your Account > Integrations page.

RightSignature 3.0 is Here

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RightSignature 3.0 is the next generation of online document signing. After months of top-secret development, today it's live in your RightSignature account.

There were way too many new features to include in one blog post, so here's a summary of the hottest features with links to more detailed descriptions:
  1. Online Forms: Embed Online Forms in your website, or grab links to email.
  2. Signature via Webcam: Sign on paper, take a webcam photo of the signature, and RightSignature places it in the document.
  3. Signature via Mobile: Fill out document on a PC, sign on a mobile device.
  4. iPhone Dashboard: Check document status, search, and sign, all in Mobile Safari on the iPhone.
  5. Email Customization: Edit the emails sent to document signers to fit your business processes.
  6. Integrations Directory: Browse RightSignature's growing list of contact and document integration add-ons.
  7. Place Form Fields and Signature Boxes via API: Parse text tags before sending documents through the RightSignature API.
  8. Salesforce AppExchange App: Send RightSignature documents from inside Salesforce and see documents related to Contacts and Opportunities.
  9. Email Bounce Notifications: Find out if a signer's email address is inactive.
  10. Replace PDF in a Template: Swap the underlying PDF in a Template without redoing the text fields and signature boxes.

Electronic Signature API: Auto-Parse for Text Fields and Signature Boxes

By: Daryl Bernstein /

When sending documents through the RightSignature API, you can now insert special tags to indicate where text fields and signature boxes should be placed on the document. This functionality lets you use an external document generation engine to produce custom documents, then transmit documents to RightSignature to enable parties to fill out fields and sign online.

To learn more, login to your RightSignature account and visit Text Tagging in the API documentation. Contact us to discuss this powerful API functionality and other Enterprise features.

Replace PDF in a Reusable Template

By: Daryl Bernstein /

So you've set up the perfect RightSignature Reusable Template with lots of form fields and signature boxes. Then you want to replace the underlying PDF.

Don't worry! You don't need to build the Template all over again. Now you can swap out the PDF in a Template and keep all the fields you've placed on the Overlay.

Just navigate to Edit Template, click Template Options, and choose Replace PDF.

Email Bounce Notifications

By: Daryl Bernstein /

If you send a document to an inactive email address, RightSignature will email you to let you know. Then you can visit your Dashboard to correct the email address for that particular signer.

Note that email bounce notifications only work for inactive email addresses, not all mistyped email addresses.

RightSignature E-Signature App on Salesforce AppExchange

By: Daryl Bernstein /

Our long-awaited Salesforce AppExchange app empowers you to:
  • Send documents for signature from inside Salesforce
  • Review documents related to any Contact or Opportunity
  • Check document signing status inside Salesforce
  • Store signed documents inside Salesforce
  • And much more!
The RightSignature AppExchange app is in private beta now and will be available for general release in coming weeks. If you'd like to join the beta group, please send us a note.

Integrations Directory

By: Daryl Bernstein /

RightSignature integrates with a host of popular online software applications to make your business even more efficient. From inside your RightSignature account, you can access a listing of documents in your third-party account (like Dropbox, Google Docs, or FreshBooks), select a document, and send it for e-signature. In addition, you can sync your address books, so when you begin to type a signer's name in RightSignature, a list of available contacts is auto-suggested from your third-party account (like Salesforce, Capsule, or Highrise).

Since the beginning of 2012, we've launched new integrations with Evernote, Xero, Basecamp, Harvest, and MailChimp. But how to keep track of all these cool integrations?

Our new Integrations Directory lets you filter selections by Document, Contact, and App integrations. You can read details about how each integration works and how to activate it. You can also filter by only the integrations you've turned on in your account.

To check out the new Integrations Directory, login to RightSignature and visit Account > Integrations.

Email Customization

By: Daryl Bernstein /

By popular demand, email customization is here. Now you can edit the emails sent to your document signers.

Change the sender name in the email "From" field in the email sent to signers. The default is RightSignature.com, and you can change it to "Joe Smith" or "ABC Management" or the term that will be most recognizable to your signers

Even better, you can now customize the text of the email sent to signers. Write your own introduction that fits your business process. You can incorporate the following merge tags into your custom email to insert data related to the document:

{{signer_name}} - Signer's full name
{{signer_first_name}} - Signer's first name
{{sender_name}} - Your name
{{document_subject}} - Custom document subject
{{document_message}} - Custom document message
{{document_filename}} - Filename of the uploaded document

To set up these two new Email Customization features, visit Account > Branding.

iPhone e-Signature Dashboard

By: Daryl Bernstein /

Starting today, your RightSignature dashboard is always as close as your iPhone. Check the status of all your RightSignature e-signature document requests on the go.

Login to your account in Mobile Safari (no app needed!) to access all your dashboard features:
  • Check document signing statuses
  • View signed pdfs
  • Search your archive
  • Resend reminders to tardy signers
  • Sign documents awaiting your signature
Now you can manage your business document workflow anywhere, anytime ... even in the TSA security line, at the Little League game, or in rush hour traffic. Learn more about RightSignature's powerful iPhone and iPad signature features.

Signature via Mobile

By: Daryl Bernstein /

To capture the most accurate electronic signature, the next best thing to using a stylus on an old-school graphics tablet is using a finger on a touchscreen. And the massive adoption of iPhones and iPads means many of your signers have a touchscreen device sitting on their desks.

Our new, patent-pending Signature via Mobile feature utilizes a touchscreen mobile device in conjunction with a computer to complete a signing event. Your signers review the document and fill in text fields on a desktop or laptop computer. If they choose the Signature via Mobile option, a signature preview box appears with a message indicating that an email has been sent to their mobile device. They click the email on their iPhone or iPad, and a signature pad appears. They sign using a finger on the mobile touchscreen and click Apply, and the signature is immediately displayed on the computer screen.

Signature via Mobile takes advantage of the best features of both computers and mobile devices. Computers, with larger screens and keyboards, are ideal for reading document terms and typing in form field text. Mobile devices, with capacitive touchscreens, are perfect for capturing the subtle movement of a finger drawing a signature. RightSignature enables your signers to use both for the most efficient and comfortable document completion and signing experience.

The Signature via Mobile feature is available to all your signers starting today.

Signature Via Webcam

By: Daryl Bernstein /

Imagine signing your name on paper with a pen (gasp!), holding the paper up to your webcam, and having the signature automagically appear on a document. We’re excited to announce our Signature via Webcam feature.

For your signers who are absolutely determined to make their signature identical to their pen-and-paper signature, now they can actually use pen and paper with RightSignature. They simply sign with a black pen on a white sheet of paper and hold the sheet up to the webcam, and take a photo. RightSignature extracts the signature from the photo and places the signature on the document.

To enable Signature via Webcam for your signers, visit Account > Settings and set Default Signature via Webcam to “on”.

Online Forms - The PDF Form Creator for the Web Generation

By: Daryl Bernstein /

We are proud to introduce Online Forms. They're RightSignature documents supercharged -- similar to PDF forms, except hosted online and with all the elegance and functionality you've come to expect from RightSignature.

Here’s what you can do with Online Forms:
  • Embed a form in your website for visitors to fill out and sign without leaving your domain
  • Send your own email with a single signing link to many signers for easy bulk signing
  • View responses in a spreadsheet-style Data Table, and collect signed PDF documents
  • See statistics and reports about your signers and the data they entered in your form

How Online Forms Work

Create: Set up an Online Form in seconds. Upload a document, place text fields with our drag 'n' drop online form builder, and save.

Distribute: You can copy a bit of code to embed the Online Form on your website, or simply grab a link to paste in your email to 1 or 1000 signers.

Table View: When people fill out and sign your Online Form, signed documents are archived in your RightSignature dashboard, just like you’re used to. But there’s more: all of your Online Form responses are available in a spreadsheet-style Data Table, so you can see all the data your signers provided in one organized view. You can even download the data with one click.

Statistics: Informative color graphs give you real-time feedback on your Online Form’s performance. See how many times your Form was viewed, how many signers completed the Form, and where in the world they are located.

Ideal Uses for Online Forms

This is the ultimate pdf form creator to create fillable pdf forms online. Here are a few example uses to give you some ideas:
  1. Set up your company’s Employee Handbook Acknowledgement as an Online Form. Paste a link into an email to dozens (or hundreds) of employees, or embed the Form on your internal website. Monitor your Data Table to ensure employee compliance.
  2. Create an Online Form from your Partner Agreement annual renewal form. Paste a link into a mass email to your partner mailing list, and use the Data Table to see which partners have renewed.
  3. Have every new user sign a Terms and Conditions agreement when signing up on your website. Create an Online Form and use the embed code to post it on your site on the screen after creating a new account.
  4. Turn a Liability Waiver into an Online Form, and post it on your event website for participants to complete online. Check your Data Table before the event to ensure all participants completed the Online Form.
  5. Need W-9’s signed by all your vendors and independent contractors? Email them a link to an Online Form, or embed it in the vendor section of your website.

The Challenge

How are you going to use the power of Online Forms in your business? Try our new Online Forms in your RightSignature account now, or contact our friendly support team. They're excited to help you implement Online Forms.

Solve360 – RightSignature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, April 23, 2012

Solve360 calls itself “A Modern Cloud-Based Customer Relations Management (CRM) Solution that Doesn't Suck.” This company has personality.

The web application is positioned as a single solution to CRM, project management, and calendar workflow for small businesses. Solve360 boasts seamless coordination between these three services and a comfortable online work environment with inviting visuals. Users also enjoy a deep integration with Google Apps and an impressive list of other integrated software – of which RightSignature is proud to be the latest.

Solve360 is simple to use and deceptively powerful, with an emphasis rarely seen in CRM programs – focusing not only on contact management, but on the relationships as well. Within the Solve360 suite, all the data related to a client, lead, prospect, or supplier – transactions, correspondence, contact information, and shared files – is visible on one page in the Contacts section. Solve360's website describes it as “like a Facebook for your business, keeping everything related to a client on a single webpage.”

The contacts are automatically tied into the project management section. In “Project Blogs,” tasks are planned, organized, shared, scheduled, and coordinated between team members. A project lead, for example, can view all tasks related to a single project, then, with a click, view a single team member's personal tasks, deadlines, and correspondence.

Finally, the Activities section tracks events, deadlines, and milestones from both the Contacts and the Project Blogs windows. This gives the team a clear picture of the progress for each task and the project as a whole, and keeps everything moving briskly forward.

The end result is a radical shift in the type of correspondence tracked by the CRM – from low-value internal communication about your contacts to higher-value information about how your team members interact with each client.

Steve Ireland, founder of Solve360 by Norada, says:
With RightSignature and Solve360 hooked up, dynamic document generation and signing has become mainstream. Simple and effective, it will save heaps of time and provoke faster turnaround from clients. This will move the needle for any business currently emailing or faxing common business forms, agreements, or proposals. We're thrilled to be working with a quality partner like RightSignature and offering this extremely robust and time-saving feature to our clients.”
Using RightSignature with Solve360 takes this people-oriented CRM solution to another level. This integration auto-suggests your Solve360 contacts when you’re entering signers and cc’s on a document going out for signature. Start typing a party’s name, and RightSignature instantly searches your Solve360 contacts to display potential name and email matches.

Mailchimp Electronic Signature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MailChimp has the most personality of any web software on Earth. This easy-to-use application makes designing and sending email newsletters downright fun.

With a friendly monkey as a mascot, MailChimp walks you through the process of creating an attractive email newsletter, selecting segments from your customer list, sending, and analyzing results. At RightSignature, we've used MailChimp for years, and now we're excited to announce a useful integration.

Do you need people in your MailChimp list to sign new customer forms, contracts, or other documents? This integration makes it simple. No more copying and pasting email addresses, and definitely no monkey business!

This integration syncs your Mailchimp contacts (list members) in RightSignature. When you’re preparing a document to send for signature, start typing in a signer’s name and RightSignature automatically fills in the rest of the name and email address for you.

Amy Ellis, Head of Integrations and Partnerships at MailChimp, says:
This is such a great way for businesses to streamline their workflows. Our users often keep their most complete contact lists in MailChimp, and now they can access those contacts inside RightSignature to send documents for signature online. We're excited to bring RightSignature's easy-to-use e-signature app to the MailChimp community."
To setup the MailChimp contact list sync, login to your RightSignature account and visit your Account > Integrations page.

Cloud Computing Journal names RightSignature to the Cloud 300 List

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, April 6, 2012

RightSignature was named to Cloud Computing Journal's Cloud 300. This exclusive list of "Innovators, Movers & Shakers" highlights companies that are gaining mind share in 2012.

We're proud to be featured alongside a host of incredible companies, as well as RightSignature users and partners such as Alfresco, Grasshopper, Nimble, Appfog, and Twilio.

Case Study: Getaround Drives Business with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, April 5, 2012

Problem: You’re an eco-minded city-dweller and the parents are visiting for the weekend. You don’t own a car, and they won’t be psyched to drive the scenic coast in your roommate’s patchouli-scented Eurobus. You need a Prius, fast, and you take pride in shopping local – which is hard to do when the only option is a big corporate rental company.

Getaround solves your conundrum with its innovative peer-to-peer model for renting cars.  With Getaround, everyday people rent out their personal automobiles to each other. Everything is covered – from full insurance to protect the vehicle owner if the car is damaged to a simple, iPhone-activated gadget to give renters access to the car.

Getaround is growing rapidly, with operations in San Francisco, Portland, and Austin, with more cities to come soon. This hot startup has garnered a host of awards including TechCrunch Disrupt, BBMG Collective Prize, and the Frost & Sullivan Award for Enabling Technology.

And, to keep their business moving, the Getaround team relies on RightSignature for easy and comprehensive signature management. A car rental service requires signatures and documentation at every turn – that’s where RightSignature steps it up to streamline the process, including:

• Employee Hiring and Compliance
• Billing Authorizations/Credit Cards
• Tax Forms
• Service Agreements
• Rental Approvals

Jessica Scorpio, Founder and Director of Marketing of Getaround, says:
With RightSignature, Getaround provides a seamless document signing experience for our customers, partners, and team members. Getaround is a cutting-edge company with a focus on user experience, environmental responsibility, and resource efficiency. RightSignature shares these values and is the ideal electronic signature service for our community.”
So the next time your fixed-gear bike throws a spoke and the drive to the ocean sounds too enticing to pass up, check out Getaround, another leading company using RightSignature to support its business acceleration. Whether your business targets city hipsters or not, RightSignature’s all-in-one e-signature software will improve your productivity.

RightSignature Named Finalist for Red Herring Americas Award

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Herring, a renowned media company covering the global innovation economy, has named RightSignature as a finalist for its Red Herring Americas award.

The judging for this award is intense and comprehensive, with companies analyzed on technology focus and innovation, business model due diligence, management strength, customer growth, and a live presentation at the Red Herring Americas conference in Los Angeles.

Red Herring covers the world's hottest companies, venture investors, and business decision makers through a popular technology magazine, an online daily news service, newsletters, and major events held around the globe.

Previous recipients of this honor include industry-leading SaaS companies Carbonite, HubSpot, and Demandware as well as RightSignature users MindBody, Tungle, and Central Desktop.

Harvest E-Signature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein /

Harvest is a clean, beautiful web application for tracking work time, analyzing project productivity, and generating accurate client invoices. Although it's designed to support any business, Harvest is especially popular with freelancers, small businesses, and professional teams in design, web development, architecture, law, accounting, and education.

Innovative Harvest features include one-click start-and-stop time entry, mobile device timekeeping, and team time sheets. You can see how your business is spending time across all projects, with easy filtering to examine billable, non-billable, employee, and contractor hours. And when you're ready to send invoices, Harvest automatically collects project hours and expenses to create professional bills.

The new RightSignature-Harvest integration enables you to send contracts, forms, and estimates to your Harvest contacts for legally-binding signature online. While preparing a document or reusable template for sending, you begin typing a party's name, and RightSignature automatically displays possible contact matches from your Harvest account.

In addition, you can send Harvest invoices for signature from inside RightSignature. Simply click the Harvest button on the Send screen to access a listing of your Harvest invoices.

Danny Wen, Harvest co-founder, says:
We're excited about the integration between Harvest and RightSignature. Harvest makes simple but powerful time and billing software for today's professionals. RightSignature is the perfect complement to Harvest -- it's fast and intuitive and helps our users get documents signed in the most efficient way possible."
To setup this integration, login to your RightSignature account and visit your Account > Integrations page.


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