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Case Study: Getaround Drives Business with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, April 5, 2012

Problem: You’re an eco-minded city-dweller and the parents are visiting for the weekend. You don’t own a car, and they won’t be psyched to drive the scenic coast in your roommate’s patchouli-scented Eurobus. You need a Prius, fast, and you take pride in shopping local – which is hard to do when the only option is a big corporate rental company.

Getaround solves your conundrum with its innovative peer-to-peer model for renting cars.  With Getaround, everyday people rent out their personal automobiles to each other. Everything is covered – from full insurance to protect the vehicle owner if the car is damaged to a simple, iPhone-activated gadget to give renters access to the car.

Getaround is growing rapidly, with operations in San Francisco, Portland, and Austin, with more cities to come soon. This hot startup has garnered a host of awards including TechCrunch Disrupt, BBMG Collective Prize, and the Frost & Sullivan Award for Enabling Technology.

And, to keep their business moving, the Getaround team relies on RightSignature for easy and comprehensive signature management. A car rental service requires signatures and documentation at every turn – that’s where RightSignature steps it up to streamline the process, including:

• Employee Hiring and Compliance
• Billing Authorizations/Credit Cards
• Tax Forms
• Service Agreements
• Rental Approvals

Jessica Scorpio, Founder and Director of Marketing of Getaround, says:
With RightSignature, Getaround provides a seamless document signing experience for our customers, partners, and team members. Getaround is a cutting-edge company with a focus on user experience, environmental responsibility, and resource efficiency. RightSignature shares these values and is the ideal electronic signature service for our community.”
So the next time your fixed-gear bike throws a spoke and the drive to the ocean sounds too enticing to pass up, check out Getaround, another leading company using RightSignature to support its business acceleration. Whether your business targets city hipsters or not, RightSignature’s all-in-one e-signature software will improve your productivity.


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