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Email Customization

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 24, 2012

By popular demand, email customization is here. Now you can edit the emails sent to your document signers.

Change the sender name in the email "From" field in the email sent to signers. The default is RightSignature.com, and you can change it to "Joe Smith" or "ABC Management" or the term that will be most recognizable to your signers

Even better, you can now customize the text of the email sent to signers. Write your own introduction that fits your business process. You can incorporate the following merge tags into your custom email to insert data related to the document:

{{signer_name}} - Signer's full name
{{signer_first_name}} - Signer's first name
{{sender_name}} - Your name
{{document_subject}} - Custom document subject
{{document_message}} - Custom document message
{{document_filename}} - Filename of the uploaded document

To set up these two new Email Customization features, visit Account > Branding.


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