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Online Forms - The PDF Form Creator for the Web Generation

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We are proud to introduce Online Forms. They're RightSignature documents supercharged -- similar to PDF forms, except hosted online and with all the elegance and functionality you've come to expect from RightSignature.

Here’s what you can do with Online Forms:
  • Embed a form in your website for visitors to fill out and sign without leaving your domain
  • Send your own email with a single signing link to many signers for easy bulk signing
  • View responses in a spreadsheet-style Data Table, and collect signed PDF documents
  • See statistics and reports about your signers and the data they entered in your form

How Online Forms Work

Create: Set up an Online Form in seconds. Upload a document, place text fields with our drag 'n' drop online form builder, and save.

Distribute: You can copy a bit of code to embed the Online Form on your website, or simply grab a link to paste in your email to 1 or 1000 signers.

Table View: When people fill out and sign your Online Form, signed documents are archived in your RightSignature dashboard, just like you’re used to. But there’s more: all of your Online Form responses are available in a spreadsheet-style Data Table, so you can see all the data your signers provided in one organized view. You can even download the data with one click.

Statistics: Informative color graphs give you real-time feedback on your Online Form’s performance. See how many times your Form was viewed, how many signers completed the Form, and where in the world they are located.

Ideal Uses for Online Forms

This is the ultimate pdf form creator to create fillable pdf forms online. Here are a few example uses to give you some ideas:
  1. Set up your company’s Employee Handbook Acknowledgement as an Online Form. Paste a link into an email to dozens (or hundreds) of employees, or embed the Form on your internal website. Monitor your Data Table to ensure employee compliance.
  2. Create an Online Form from your Partner Agreement annual renewal form. Paste a link into a mass email to your partner mailing list, and use the Data Table to see which partners have renewed.
  3. Have every new user sign a Terms and Conditions agreement when signing up on your website. Create an Online Form and use the embed code to post it on your site on the screen after creating a new account.
  4. Turn a Liability Waiver into an Online Form, and post it on your event website for participants to complete online. Check your Data Table before the event to ensure all participants completed the Online Form.
  5. Need W-9’s signed by all your vendors and independent contractors? Email them a link to an Online Form, or embed it in the vendor section of your website.

The Challenge

How are you going to use the power of Online Forms in your business? Try our new Online Forms in your RightSignature account now, or contact our friendly support team. They're excited to help you implement Online Forms.


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