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Quote Roller Integrates with RightSignature: Sales Proposals Delivered, Signed, and Sealed

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote Roller is a web application that gives you the ability to easily create proposals online. Creating an effective, professional sales proposal no longer needs to eat up valuable hours.

You build your online proposal from scratch with drag-and-drop building blocks, or choose from Quote Roller’s extensive list of pre-configured proposal templates. You save time and energy by storing and reusing information you frequently use in your proposals. Quote Roller’s in-proposal analytics give you the power to see exactly which sections of the proposal your clients are spending the most time on, so you can improve your offer and boost sales.

The new RightSignature integration makes getting custom proposals signed a seamless process. Simply create a proposal in Quote Roller, then choose to download it, email it, or send it for e-signature via RightSignature.

This integration allows businesses to combine Quote Roller's proposal software with the simplicity and elegance of RightSignature’s online document signing, to give clients the best proposal viewing and acceptance experience possible.


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