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RightSignature 3.0 is Here

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 24, 2012

RightSignature 3.0 is the next generation of online document signing. After months of top-secret development, today it's live in your RightSignature account.

There were way too many new features to include in one blog post, so here's a summary of the hottest features with links to more detailed descriptions:
  1. Online Forms: Embed Online Forms in your website, or grab links to email.
  2. Signature via Webcam: Sign on paper, take a webcam photo of the signature, and RightSignature places it in the document.
  3. Signature via Mobile: Fill out document on a PC, sign on a mobile device.
  4. iPhone Dashboard: Check document status, search, and sign, all in Mobile Safari on the iPhone.
  5. Email Customization: Edit the emails sent to document signers to fit your business processes.
  6. Integrations Directory: Browse RightSignature's growing list of contact and document integration add-ons.
  7. Place Form Fields and Signature Boxes via API: Parse text tags before sending documents through the RightSignature API.
  8. Salesforce AppExchange App: Send RightSignature documents from inside Salesforce and see documents related to Contacts and Opportunities.
  9. Email Bounce Notifications: Find out if a signer's email address is inactive.
  10. Replace PDF in a Template: Swap the underlying PDF in a Template without redoing the text fields and signature boxes.


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