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Signature via Mobile

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To capture the most accurate electronic signature, the next best thing to using a stylus on an old-school graphics tablet is using a finger on a touchscreen. And the massive adoption of iPhones and iPads means many of your signers have a touchscreen device sitting on their desks.

Our new, patent-pending Signature via Mobile feature utilizes a touchscreen mobile device in conjunction with a computer to complete a signing event. Your signers review the document and fill in text fields on a desktop or laptop computer. If they choose the Signature via Mobile option, a signature preview box appears with a message indicating that an email has been sent to their mobile device. They click the email on their iPhone or iPad, and a signature pad appears. They sign using a finger on the mobile touchscreen and click Apply, and the signature is immediately displayed on the computer screen.

Signature via Mobile takes advantage of the best features of both computers and mobile devices. Computers, with larger screens and keyboards, are ideal for reading document terms and typing in form field text. Mobile devices, with capacitive touchscreens, are perfect for capturing the subtle movement of a finger drawing a signature. RightSignature enables your signers to use both for the most efficient and comfortable document completion and signing experience.

The Signature via Mobile feature is available to all your signers starting today.


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