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Solve360 – RightSignature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Monday, April 23, 2012

Solve360 calls itself “A Modern Cloud-Based Customer Relations Management (CRM) Solution that Doesn't Suck.” This company has personality.

The web application is positioned as a single solution to CRM, project management, and calendar workflow for small businesses. Solve360 boasts seamless coordination between these three services and a comfortable online work environment with inviting visuals. Users also enjoy a deep integration with Google Apps and an impressive list of other integrated software – of which RightSignature is proud to be the latest.

Solve360 is simple to use and deceptively powerful, with an emphasis rarely seen in CRM programs – focusing not only on contact management, but on the relationships as well. Within the Solve360 suite, all the data related to a client, lead, prospect, or supplier – transactions, correspondence, contact information, and shared files – is visible on one page in the Contacts section. Solve360's website describes it as “like a Facebook for your business, keeping everything related to a client on a single webpage.”

The contacts are automatically tied into the project management section. In “Project Blogs,” tasks are planned, organized, shared, scheduled, and coordinated between team members. A project lead, for example, can view all tasks related to a single project, then, with a click, view a single team member's personal tasks, deadlines, and correspondence.

Finally, the Activities section tracks events, deadlines, and milestones from both the Contacts and the Project Blogs windows. This gives the team a clear picture of the progress for each task and the project as a whole, and keeps everything moving briskly forward.

The end result is a radical shift in the type of correspondence tracked by the CRM – from low-value internal communication about your contacts to higher-value information about how your team members interact with each client.

Steve Ireland, founder of Solve360 by Norada, says:
With RightSignature and Solve360 hooked up, dynamic document generation and signing has become mainstream. Simple and effective, it will save heaps of time and provoke faster turnaround from clients. This will move the needle for any business currently emailing or faxing common business forms, agreements, or proposals. We're thrilled to be working with a quality partner like RightSignature and offering this extremely robust and time-saving feature to our clients.”
Using RightSignature with Solve360 takes this people-oriented CRM solution to another level. This integration auto-suggests your Solve360 contacts when you’re entering signers and cc’s on a document going out for signature. Start typing a party’s name, and RightSignature instantly searches your Solve360 contacts to display potential name and email matches.


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