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OfficeDrop - RightSignature Integration: Scanning Software Meets E-Signatures

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, May 24, 2012

For businesses trying desperately to go paperless that can’t seem to find any traction with their mountains of file cabinets, what’s the best way to kick the paper habit for good? OfficeDrop offers an impressive new approach: take your paper documents directly from the scanner to cloud-based synchronized storage.

What sets OfficeDrop apart from their cloud storage competitors is their scanning software. With OfficeDrop online cloud storage, users can scan a physical document with a scanner (or smartphone!) and place it directly in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.  Even more impressive is that OfficeDrop makes all the paper and digital files you upload into the cloud searchable, meaning you can find specific files based on text within the documents.

And now, RightSignature is teaming with OfficeDrop to offer seamless integration. With this feature, RightSignature users can access documents from an OfficeDrop account inside RightSignature to send out for signing.

Prasad Thammineni, OfficeDrop CEO, says:
We are excited that OfficeDrop users will be able to use RightSignature's award-winning document signature system with their OfficeDrop files. This is a great integration that will help users improve their efficiency, reduce their dependence on paper, and get business done!" 
Here’s how it works:
  • Login to your RightSignature account and visit Account > Integrations.
  • Activate the OfficeDrop integration.
  • Use OfficeDrop’s PC or Mac scanner software, or iPhone, iPad, or Android apps to scan documents into your OfficeDrop account.
  • On your RightSignature Send a Document screen, click the OfficeDrop button to select a document to send for signature.


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