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Document Automation with E-Signatures: DraftOnce Integrates with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, June 28, 2012

Even the best writers reuse material from time to time (see this entertaining montage of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s recycled lines). For businesses and law firms, writing documents and contracts from scratch is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Instead, maintaining a single master version of a document and revising it for each particular scenario — a process known as document automation — promises huge efficiencies.

DraftOnce is a document automation Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to tackle this exact problem. Beginning with a document you’ve already written, you tag sections of the text and DraftOnce automatically creates dynamic fields for those sections. Then, whenever you or a member of your team needs to prepare a new document, DraftOnce presents a simple “interview” to obtain the custom text to populate those dynamic fields.

Document Automation and Electronic Signatures

Now, with RightSignature integration, DraftOnce users can easily send a finished document to its intended recipient for a legally binding e-signature.

After completing a document in DraftOnce, users click a “Send with RightSignature” button to automatically send the document directly to the recipient. Each signer receives an email with directions to sign, just like a normal RightSignature document, and the signed copy is automatically returned to the sender’s RightSignature account.

Chris Martoglio, CEO of DraftOnce, says:
Integrating DraftOnce and RightSignature creates an exceptional paperless office combination for our clients, bringing together legal document assembly and electronic signatures in a seamless cloud solution."

DraftOnce Dynamic Fields vs. RightSignature Merge Fields

How are Draft Once dynamic fields different than RightSignature merge fields? RightSignature Reusable Templates can contain merge fields, which are designed for the addition of phrases and short text to a document before sending. Merge fields are placed on top of the underlying document, which does not change. Ideal uses for merge fields are data elements such as: Client Name, Order Number, Date of Delivery, and Contract Amount.

In contrast, DraftOnce inserts large blocks of text into the document, reflowing all subsequent text and updating section numbering, tables of contents, and page numbers. DraftOnce is ideal for creating new documents with large sections of dynamically generated text.

Using DraftOnce and RightSignature together, businesses with recurring custom document needs can boost efficiency and eliminate mistakes with powerful document automation. After all, even the best writers recycle material from time to time.

The Right Way: 500 Startups is Rocket Fuel for the Tech Explosion

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our new series “The Right Way” profiles RightSignature power users, revealing their success secrets and the technology tools they use every day.

George Kellerman - 500 Startups
An accelerator and funding engine for early-stage companies, the hot 500 Startups is making waves in the tech world by “blowing up startups with design, data, and distribution.” Put simply, this firm is giving new companies the guidance and cash they need to grow fast. RightSignature's Steve Stormoen caught up with George Kellerman, Venture Partner & Fire Chief (yes, that’s his real title), to understand 500 Startups – past, present, and future.

What’s the story behind 500 Startups?

George Kellerman: Our founder, Dave McClure, spent 25 years in Silicon Valley. He worked at PayPal, he was an active angel investor, and there was a period of time when he ran the FacebookfbFund REV social incubator. He also managed the FF Angel seed-stage investment program for Founders Fund for about a year. Dave saw a better way to invest in startups to empower entrepreneurs more, so he decided to directly leverage what he learned as an angel investor. The end result was 500 Startups, which has a very different philosophy from traditional venture capitalists.

Most venture capitalists give out very large checks a couple times a year, but we prefer to give lots of little checks throughout. This lets us watch the companies we fund progress—and when we see a company get traction, we double down and up their funding. Because of our model and the scale of our involvement, we’ve been able to invest in over 300 companies in less than two years—just a ridiculous number.

What would you identify as the 3 main keys to your success?

GK: First and foremost, it’s about the network we’ve developed. We have a mentor network of 175 mentors, and now that we’ve invested in 300 companies we have a network of over 600 founders. This network allows us to give the best possible support to the companies we fund while staying cutting-edge in the tech business world. As we invest in more and more companies, we grow our network every day. This gives us access to lots of great people and great opportunities, and we’re able to leverage our network to find the best deals out there.

The second key to our success, I would say, would be our international focus. A traditional venture capitalist will only invest within 30 to 50 miles of their own office, but we are willing to get on a plane and go anywhere. We’ve made over 50 international investments, and we’ve got portfolio companies in Croatia, Italy, Brazil, India, Japan, China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and more.

Our third key to success would have to be the conferences and events we put on. They’re a great way to get our brand out there, but also to meet people and bring people together—leaders in emerging areas, who can then collaborate and create. So we do the SMASH Summit online marketing conference in New York, we do Warm Gun, a design conference in San Francisco, and we do Geeks on a Plane, where we take 40-50 investors and entrepreneurs to developing markets—we’ve been everywhere: Australia/New Zealand, South America, East Asia, this summer we’re going to Eastern Europe.

What would you say is the biggest risk you’ve taken?

GK: I’d say that our entire investment model is our biggest risk. Look, our investment model is not a proven model. We really are bucking the system. Traditional investors have not invested like this—300 companies in 2 years is just unprecedented. We don’t know yet if the long term returns from these investments will pay off. We’ve seen a number of early exits and we believe that our model is tracking, but we’re not entirely sure how it’s going to end up yet.

That said, our attitude is: we’re going for it. We believe in the model, we’re seeing early successes, we’re tracking in the right direction, so we’re doubling down. That early traction, that early success gives us the confidence that our risk is paying off, so we want to go further—expand our number of investments even further, engage in even more activities overseas, organize more caucuses and events.

Ok, last question. Name 5 tech tools that you can’t live without.

GK: Well, first would have to be RightSignature.

Good answer.

GK: (Laughs) No, really. With all the fundraising we’re doing right now, e-signatures are essential to getting it done. We started out using EchoSign but it didn’t have the flexibility we needed. Somebody introduced me to RightSignature, and the product was just so much easier to use, so much more flexible in terms of setting up the forms. I send out RightSignature packages maybe 20 times a week.

My second tool would be ToutApp. These guys are a 500 portfolio company and they’re really fantastic. It’s a tool for making email templates. For fundraising, there are a lot of steps I have to go through: first I send out the investor presentation, then the term sheet, a copy of the agreement, and an electronic signature page. It all has to be in that order. After they sign the contract, I send them a receipt, and once we’ve received the funds I send them a follow-up note. All of these emails go to a number of people on a regular basis. ToutApp allows me to create these powerful email templates and has great integration with Google Apps and Gmail.

Third, I would say, is Google Docs. I find the versatility of Google Docs to be amazing—it makes it very easy to share documents in real time. When we work with lawyers, for example, to keep track of 300 investments, we can have a spreadsheet open with everyone working on it making changes in real time and discussing it. I’ve stopped using Office and now use Google Docs exclusively.

Fourth is Adobe Acrobat Pro. I spend a lot of time with many, many PDF files. I often have to combine and edit PDFs, and that’s something you can’t do with your basic Acrobat Reader. I use this one a lot.

My fifth tool would be... you know, there really isn’t a fifth. These four tools probably account for about 90% of the work I do.

RightSignature and Microsoft SkyDrive: Document Signatures in the Cloud

By: Daryl Bernstein /

SkyDrive, Microsoft’s new cloud-based solution for file storage and syncing, has landed. And RightSignature is proud to announce that our new integration with this next-generation online file system is featured as a SkyDrive recommended app.

SkyDrive allows users to automatically sync local files to a cloud backup. These files can be kept private for personal storage, made public for collaboration with other users, or kept up-to-date for one user across many devices. Backed by the power of Microsoft’s software armada, SkyDrive users can even use browser-based versions of Word and Excel to create and edit documents anytime, anywhere. And now, with the new RightSignature integration, users can send these documents for legally-binding electronic signature as well.

On the RightSignature Send a Document screen, you can access documents in your SkyDrive folders to select and send for signing! These can be documents you added to SkyDrive by syncing a local folder, as well as those you created in Microsoft’s new browser-based apps.

Microsoft has put all their chips on the table in support of cloud computing, and we’re impressed with this product. RightSignature welcomes SkyDrive and this new option for our users to be able to send and sign documents no matter where they’re stored.

HR Software Done Right: BambooHR & RightSignature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old-school HR software – also known as an HRMS or HRIS system in industry jargon – is painfully complicated, ugly, and boring. Thankfully, BambooHR is human resources software made human again.

An all-in-one online HR software system ideal for growth companies, BambooHR makes employee recordkeeping effortless. In a clean, simple interface, you can keep track of employees’ contact information, job details, compensation, vacation and sick time, benefits, training, and much more. BambooHR also provides powerful reports and colorful graphs so you can quickly review salary histories, benefits eligibility, and more from any computer, anywhere.


We are very excited to announce a new integration between BambooHR and RightSignature. This integration makes it easy to request signatures from employees and new hires on all your employment forms and automatically places the signed documents in the employee’s folder.

Inside BambooHR, you can check a particular employee record to see the status of signature requests, and you can quickly ensure that all your staff has signed a specific document (say, your NDA).

Employment Forms

Each time your company hires a new employee, a set of employment forms and documents needs to be filled out and signed. You can streamline your employee onboarding process by enabling new hires to complete documents like these online:
  • Employment Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • IRS Form W-4
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Handbook Acknowledgement

How the Integration Works

1. One Time Authorization: Authorize your RightSignature account to access your BambooHR account here, and authorize your BambooHR account to access your RightSignature account by emailing BambooHR support.

2. Set Up Templates: Next, set up your common documents as Reusable Templates in your RightSignature account. Then, you will be able to access these templates from within BambooHR.

This integration also includes powerful merge field functionality: When you create a Reusable Template, name each RightSignature merge field using a name from this list of BambooHR field names (the spelling and capitalization must match exactly). Then, when you select the Template, the integration will automatically populate all the merge fields in the document with employee information from BambooHR (e.g. name, address, etc.) before you send it for signature.

3. Send Documents for Signature: Inside BambooHR, you can send documents to a single employee directly from his/her profile page. Or, to send documents to multiple team members at one time, simply select the RightSignature tool, choose one or more documents, and type in the names of the employees who need to sign. BambooHR will also display real-time reports of the documents you’ve sent directly within the program, so you can see signing data and statuses for each employee and each document, and send signing reminder requests with a click of a button.

Pain Solved

Perhaps every year you need everyone in your company to sign the updated employee handbook. It has to go to twenty, thirty, maybe a hundred people, and half of them work remotely. Rather than printing and faxing every document—and then dealing with the nightmare of receiving everyone’s signed copies and importing the data manually to your management system—simply set up the Handbook Acknowledgement as a RightSignature Template and send it to your whole team from within BambooHR. Online signing is fast and simple, you’ll get the signed copies back automatically, and you can see at a glance who has signed and who has not (and nudge the laggards with a click).

RightSignature is a perfect fit for HR processes, replacing onerous forms and paperwork with nimble digital signature documents that are easy to distribute and track. Now, RightSignature partnered with BambooHR creates a painless solution to streamline HR for the modern, cloud-powered workplace.

Ben Peterson, BambooHR CEO and Co-Founder, says:
By integrating RightSignature into BambooHR, we've expanded our HR software to truly delight our current and future users. The feedback has already been amazing, and the RightSignature team has been a stellar integration partner, sharing our strong emphasis on user experience."
Help: For more details, check out the integration Q&A.

DoesWhat Features RightSignature Q&A

By: Daryl Bernstein / Friday, June 15, 2012

DoesWhat publishes educational, and sometimes revealing, interviews with founders and CEO's of leading online software companies. You might be interested in their interviews with our integration partners Evernote and QuoteRoller, as well as RightSignature users oDesk and Getaround.

Check out the new DoesWhat post on RightSignature. Here are a few highlights from the Q&A:
Do you have any new features in the pipeline?
Our pace of innovation is one of our greatest strengths, and we are always adding cutting-edge features to our service. In addition, we continually refine the user experience to ensure the process of sending and signing documents is as elegant and intuitive as it can be on all browsers and devices. 
What are you most excited about at the moment?
After years of hard work, RightSignature has reached a point of ubiquity, with solo professionals, small businesses, and enterprises around the world using our service. Our next chapter is all about managing growth and scaling, which are exciting challenges that define truly great SaaS companies.

Huddle Integration with RightSignature: Collaboration in the Cloud

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Huddle aspires to help people collaborate intelligently and improve the way in which people work together. An intelligent collaboration platform for the enterprise, Huddle is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and hundreds of government organizations to store, discover, share, and work on content with others securely in the cloud. Committed to intelligent collaboration wherever its users go, Huddle enables people to be productive and work securely from any device, anywhere, at any time and with anyone — inside or outside of their companies’ firewalls.

And now, with RightSignature integration, Huddle documents can be signed and shared, within minutes. Inside RightSignature, users can select documents from Huddle directly on the RightSignature Send a Document screen. From there, sending the document for signature is as easy as sending an email.

The ability to sign documents online is a natural workflow feature for business-grade collaboration software like Huddle, and RightSignature is proud to provide an elegant, integrated e-signature service. We are pleased to team up with Huddle to help users get their jobs done faster, completely in the cloud.

Andy McLoughlin, founder and Executive Vice President of Strategy at Huddle, says:
Too often businesspeople are faced with operational obstacles to getting important work done. We are pleased to be partnering with RightSignature to remove a glaring obstacle to efficiency and productivity by offering Huddle users an integrated and effortless way to get documents signed online."

7 Ways to Sign Documents Online with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The number seven symbolizes luck and completion. There are seven days in the week, seven colors in the rainbow, and seven books in the Harry Potter series. Hindu texts teach of 7 chakras, and the Jewish sabbath occurs on the seventh day.

While they may not quite rise to the level of religious significance, there are 7 convenient ways to sign documents online with RightSignature.
  1. Sign by mouse. The first, and most popular, way to sign documents online with RightSignature is to click and drag with your mouse or laptop track pad. Just hold down the mouse button and drag your mouse or finger to draw a signature. RightSignature algorithms smooth and polish your signature, to make it look like you wrote it with a classic fountain pen.
  2. Sign by linked mobile device. For those who prefer a little more control over their signature appearance, there’s a “sign by mobile” button available when filling out a RightSignature document on your computer. With the document signing screen open on your computer, click the button to send a link to your mobile device, which will open up a signature pad. You can then sign with your finger on your mobile device’s touch screen, and your signature is placed into the document on your computer screen immediately.
  3. Sign with webcam. For those who absolutely need to get their signature right, or just like using cool technology, RightSignature offers the option to sign by webcam. Write your signature in black ink on a piece of paper, and take a picture of it using your computer’s webcam. RightSignature cleans up any distortions and puts the signature directly on the document. (This option must be enabled by the document sender.)
  4. Sign with keyboard. If your document doesn’t require a real drawn signature–or you’re sending your document to a person who doesn’t have a mouse, a mobile device, or a webcam–the Type-to-Sign option enables signers to choose a stylish cursive font and type their name to create a font signature. (This option must be enabled by the document sender.)
  5. Sign by fax. For signers still attached to their fax machines, RightSignature offers the ability to print a special signature page, sign with a pen, and fax directly to RightSignature. Our system then applies the signature directly to the electronic document.
  6. Sign on the go. For the ultimate in portability, RightSignature offers signing options for popular mobile devices. Users can access, fill out, and sign documents entirely from their iPad, iPhone, or Android devices.
  7. Sign in person. Like the portable signature device a FedEx driver totes around, RightSignature users can get signatures in person, too, using an iPad. With the RightSignature In-Person Signing app installed, users simply pull up a document and pass the iPad to the signer, who fills out the document and draws a signature.
So there you have it. Seven options for instantly signing documents with RightSignature. Which way is your favorite?

RightSignature - Clio Integration: Powering the Paperless Law Practice

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, June 7, 2012

Clio is an all-in-one software suite for managing law firms, specifically designed for small and solo practices. Clio offers its users cloud-connected task management, scheduling, calendars, and document collaboration with partners, staff, and clients – ensuring that the latest information is always accessible no matter which web browser or mobile device a user has available. Clio’s extensive feature list also includes document automation, a robust reporting feature, and straightforward time tracking, billing, and bill pay with professional looking invoices and trust accounting.

The RightSignature integration with Clio enables a paperless law practice. Attorneys can easily send any of these documents for legally-binding electronic signature, in compliance with the ESIGN Act and UETA:
  • Engagement letters
  • Retainer agreements
  • New client questionnaires
  • Affidavits
  • And many more

Integration Features

This integration syncs Clio contacts inside RightSignature, so you can choose from an auto-suggested Clio contact list when sending a document or Reusable Template from inside RightSignature. Also, you can access your Clio invoices and billing reports from within RightSignature, sending these documents out for signing with a single click.

How to Activate Integration

Simply go to your Account > Integrations page and follow the steps for Clio.

E-Signatures for Attorneys

With a marketing partnership with the American Bar Association and many attorneys and firms among our growing userbase, RightSignature is already a popular tool in the legal community. Clio’s full-featured online software suite is a perfect solution for any small firm or solo practice, and we're proud to extend the capabilities of Clio to include easy online document signing.

Jack Newton, CEO of Clio, adds:
We're pleased to integrate with RightSignature. Using Clio has helped many solo and small law firms establish paperless workflows, and RightSignature takes the paperless workflow a step further by allowing for legally binding digital signatures."


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your documents filled out and signed online.
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