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Document Automation with E-Signatures: DraftOnce Integrates with RightSignature

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, June 28, 2012

Even the best writers reuse material from time to time (see this entertaining montage of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s recycled lines). For businesses and law firms, writing documents and contracts from scratch is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Instead, maintaining a single master version of a document and revising it for each particular scenario — a process known as document automation — promises huge efficiencies.

DraftOnce is a document automation Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to tackle this exact problem. Beginning with a document you’ve already written, you tag sections of the text and DraftOnce automatically creates dynamic fields for those sections. Then, whenever you or a member of your team needs to prepare a new document, DraftOnce presents a simple “interview” to obtain the custom text to populate those dynamic fields.

Document Automation and Electronic Signatures

Now, with RightSignature integration, DraftOnce users can easily send a finished document to its intended recipient for a legally binding e-signature.

After completing a document in DraftOnce, users click a “Send with RightSignature” button to automatically send the document directly to the recipient. Each signer receives an email with directions to sign, just like a normal RightSignature document, and the signed copy is automatically returned to the sender’s RightSignature account.

Chris Martoglio, CEO of DraftOnce, says:
Integrating DraftOnce and RightSignature creates an exceptional paperless office combination for our clients, bringing together legal document assembly and electronic signatures in a seamless cloud solution."

DraftOnce Dynamic Fields vs. RightSignature Merge Fields

How are Draft Once dynamic fields different than RightSignature merge fields? RightSignature Reusable Templates can contain merge fields, which are designed for the addition of phrases and short text to a document before sending. Merge fields are placed on top of the underlying document, which does not change. Ideal uses for merge fields are data elements such as: Client Name, Order Number, Date of Delivery, and Contract Amount.

In contrast, DraftOnce inserts large blocks of text into the document, reflowing all subsequent text and updating section numbering, tables of contents, and page numbers. DraftOnce is ideal for creating new documents with large sections of dynamically generated text.

Using DraftOnce and RightSignature together, businesses with recurring custom document needs can boost efficiency and eliminate mistakes with powerful document automation. After all, even the best writers recycle material from time to time.


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