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HR Software Done Right: BambooHR & RightSignature Integration

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old-school HR software – also known as an HRMS or HRIS system in industry jargon – is painfully complicated, ugly, and boring. Thankfully, BambooHR is human resources software made human again.

An all-in-one online HR software system ideal for growth companies, BambooHR makes employee recordkeeping effortless. In a clean, simple interface, you can keep track of employees’ contact information, job details, compensation, vacation and sick time, benefits, training, and much more. BambooHR also provides powerful reports and colorful graphs so you can quickly review salary histories, benefits eligibility, and more from any computer, anywhere.


We are very excited to announce a new integration between BambooHR and RightSignature. This integration makes it easy to request signatures from employees and new hires on all your employment forms and automatically places the signed documents in the employee’s folder.

Inside BambooHR, you can check a particular employee record to see the status of signature requests, and you can quickly ensure that all your staff has signed a specific document (say, your NDA).

Employment Forms

Each time your company hires a new employee, a set of employment forms and documents needs to be filled out and signed. You can streamline your employee onboarding process by enabling new hires to complete documents like these online:
  • Employment Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • IRS Form W-4
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Handbook Acknowledgement

How the Integration Works

1. One Time Authorization: Authorize your RightSignature account to access your BambooHR account here, and authorize your BambooHR account to access your RightSignature account by emailing BambooHR support.

2. Set Up Templates: Next, set up your common documents as Reusable Templates in your RightSignature account. Then, you will be able to access these templates from within BambooHR.

This integration also includes powerful merge field functionality: When you create a Reusable Template, name each RightSignature merge field using a name from this list of BambooHR field names (the spelling and capitalization must match exactly). Then, when you select the Template, the integration will automatically populate all the merge fields in the document with employee information from BambooHR (e.g. name, address, etc.) before you send it for signature.

3. Send Documents for Signature: Inside BambooHR, you can send documents to a single employee directly from his/her profile page. Or, to send documents to multiple team members at one time, simply select the RightSignature tool, choose one or more documents, and type in the names of the employees who need to sign. BambooHR will also display real-time reports of the documents you’ve sent directly within the program, so you can see signing data and statuses for each employee and each document, and send signing reminder requests with a click of a button.

Pain Solved

Perhaps every year you need everyone in your company to sign the updated employee handbook. It has to go to twenty, thirty, maybe a hundred people, and half of them work remotely. Rather than printing and faxing every document—and then dealing with the nightmare of receiving everyone’s signed copies and importing the data manually to your management system—simply set up the Handbook Acknowledgement as a RightSignature Template and send it to your whole team from within BambooHR. Online signing is fast and simple, you’ll get the signed copies back automatically, and you can see at a glance who has signed and who has not (and nudge the laggards with a click).

RightSignature is a perfect fit for HR processes, replacing onerous forms and paperwork with nimble digital signature documents that are easy to distribute and track. Now, RightSignature partnered with BambooHR creates a painless solution to streamline HR for the modern, cloud-powered workplace.

Ben Peterson, BambooHR CEO and Co-Founder, says:
By integrating RightSignature into BambooHR, we've expanded our HR software to truly delight our current and future users. The feedback has already been amazing, and the RightSignature team has been a stellar integration partner, sharing our strong emphasis on user experience."
Help: For more details, check out the integration Q&A.


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