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RightSignature and Microsoft SkyDrive: Document Signatures in the Cloud

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SkyDrive, Microsoft’s new cloud-based solution for file storage and syncing, has landed. And RightSignature is proud to announce that our new integration with this next-generation online file system is featured as a SkyDrive recommended app.

SkyDrive allows users to automatically sync local files to a cloud backup. These files can be kept private for personal storage, made public for collaboration with other users, or kept up-to-date for one user across many devices. Backed by the power of Microsoft’s software armada, SkyDrive users can even use browser-based versions of Word and Excel to create and edit documents anytime, anywhere. And now, with the new RightSignature integration, users can send these documents for legally-binding electronic signature as well.

On the RightSignature Send a Document screen, you can access documents in your SkyDrive folders to select and send for signing! These can be documents you added to SkyDrive by syncing a local folder, as well as those you created in Microsoft’s new browser-based apps.

Microsoft has put all their chips on the table in support of cloud computing, and we’re impressed with this product. RightSignature welcomes SkyDrive and this new option for our users to be able to send and sign documents no matter where they’re stored.


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