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Around the Campfire: RightSignature Integration with 37Signals Messaging App

By: Daryl Bernstein / Wednesday, July 11, 2012

37Signals is a software powerhouse – the creator of beautiful, intelligently-designed project management app Basecamp and simple CRM Highrise (RightSignature add-ons are available for both). We're pleased to announce integration with another popular 37Signals product - team collaboration and messaging app Campfire.

Campfire provides instant messaging and real-time communication across your entire team. Beyond the scope of a basic IM client, Campfire makes communication between two or more people painless, and adds image sharing, instant transcripts, and one-click conference calls to the mix as well. Campfire runs on any computer in any web browser without additional software to install and offers an iPhone app as well for chatting on the go. The platform is designed from the ground up to help your business or team collaborate, with all the most important features exactly where you need them.

RightSignature imports your Campfire contacts and syncs them in your address book. After activating the integration, select any document or template in RightSignature and begin typing the name of one of your contacts in the Signer or CC field. RightSignature will automatically suggest matching contacts from your Campfire account, so you can simply choose your recipient and send your document for digital signature online.


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