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Pipedrive: RightSignature E-Signatures Shift Sales into High Gear

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pipedrive is CRM software designed to boost your sales process into warp speed. Whereas other CRM programs are often bloated and weighed down by unnecessary features with niche appeal, Pipedrive has pared down CRM to its essential elements and streamlined your entire workflow with artisanal detail for maximum usability and efficiency. A beautiful drag-and-drop UI makes it seamless for your team to progress a contact from lead to close.

RightSignature’s new integration brings your Pipedrive contacts into RightSignature, so you can easily send out contracts, new client forms, and other documents to your leads without having to copy and paste their contact info. Here’s how it works:

Login to RightSignature and go to our Pipedrive integration page, and follow the directions there to activate the integration. Then, when sending a document, begin typing your Pipedrive contact’s name into one of the recipient fields. RightSignature will automatically suggest your Pipedrive contacts, so you can select one with a click.

Timo Rein, CEO and Co-Founder of Pipedrive, says:
Pipedrive is a new kind of CRM built to help teams move prospects through the sales pipeline faster and more efficiently. RightSignature helps our users complete that all-important final step – getting the contract signed – in a simple and professional way. We’re excited to launch the Pipedrive - RightSignature integration."
Pipedrive shares RightSignature’s values for helping businesses succeed with elegantly designed, extremely usable software. We’re pleased to add Pipedrive to our family of innovative integration partners.


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