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ScanSnap and RightSignature Complete the Paperless Office

By: Daryl Bernstein / Thursday, August 9, 2012

When we’ve written on this blog before about strategies to achieve a paperless office, we’ve focused one side of the equation: the paper you don’t have yet. Using RightSignature to get documents signed circumvents the evil "Print" command, eliminating paper generation at the source.

Keeping contracts and documents online accomplishes half of the battle for a paperless office –– replacing paper-based workflows slashes your office expenses and makes your documents more mobile, actionable, and secure. However, RightSignature online document signing doesn’t address the (other) two-ton elephant in the room: those hulking file cabinets in the corner holding all your old documents.

Introducing ScanSnap

That's where the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner comes in. We came across ScanSnap when we saw that it integrates with popular cloud storage services (and RightSignature add-on partners) Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. As we got to know our new friends at Fujitsu, we realized we shared a common vision for helping businesses run more efficiently by taming the paper monster.

So how can ScanSnap help your business? First and foremost, with ScanSnap you can scan a document from paper to the cloud in one step. ScanSnap also features world-class OCR character recognition, and will convert your scans directly to useful formats like Microsoft Word or PDF. Finally, ScanSnap scanners are extremely portable, with the smallest model about the size of a coffee Thermos and powered solely by your computer’s USB port.

ScanSnap & RightSignature

Say your dealer in Omaha sends you a paper form by snail mail, and you need to get it signed by the manufacturer in Dublin. Now you can use ScanSnap to scan it straight into Evernote, then use RightSignature (with Evernote integration enabled) to send it for signature. Paper be gone.

Mark Lewis, Director of Marketing for Fujitsu ScanSnap, says:
We're excited to have our customers putting ScanSnap and RightSignature to work to boost efficiency. ScanSnap converts paper into more accessible digital files, and RightSignature enables documents to be filled out and signed without ever involving paper. These are highly complementary solutions in the modern paperless office."


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