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Batchbook & RightSignature: CRM with eSignatures for Small Business Superiority

By: Daryl Bernstein / Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Batchbook is a social CRM suite for a connected workplace. Batchbook recently relaunched with a brand new, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up product stuffed with new features, and RightSignature is happy to be on board.

Cloud-based and now sporting a slick, real-time interface, Batchbook tracks every conversation and communication you have with your business contacts to follow promising leads more easily and close deals more quickly. The icing on the cake is Batchbook’s social integrations, which display your contacts' most recent blog posts and tweets directly within their Batchbook contact profiles.

With RightSignature integration, Batchbook and RightSignature users can move straight from the sale to the signed paperwork with the power of instant, legally binding electronic signatures. Here’s how it works: After installing the integration by following the directions on our integrations page, simply log into RightSignature and send a document or template for signature. Begin typing the name of one of your Batchbook contacts in the Signer or CC boxes, and RightSignature will find and automatically suggest your Batchbook contacts to select for sending.

Pamela O’Hara, Batchbook President, says:
RightSignature is simple yet powerful, giving our users the ability to get documents signed online, create templates for standard contracts, and keep a secure archive of executed agreements. It’s an invaluable service for businesses looking to streamline the new customer onboarding process, and Batchbook and RightSignature make perfect integration partners.”
Batchbook was one of our first and favorite integration partners, sharing our passion for making tools to help businesses work better – Batchbook even co-founded the Small Business Web, a coalition of software tools for small businesses. Our integration with the new Batchbook empowers small business superiority.


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