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Better Together: How PageLever uses RightSignature + Dropbox to Sign and Store Contracts

By: Unknown / Thursday, October 25, 2012

RightSignature’s ever-growing portfolio of integration add-ons empowers you to use your favorite online software together for even greater functionality. In our series Better Together, users share stories of how they’re putting add-ons to work.

Jeff Widman is the founder of PageLever, a company that provides Facebook analytics to heavy hitters such as YouTube, MTV, Intel, Mashable, and Salesforce, providing these industry-defining brands with new ways to drive more engagement with their Facebook fans. PageLever is used by 4 of the top 10 pages on Facebook.

PageLever uses RightSignature to send contracts to clients and employees. Fully utilizing the power of cloud software, the company also uses Dropbox to store and sync documents and Salesforce, Desk, and MailChimp for CRM, support, and mailing lists, respectively. With this cornucopia of cloud services, PageLever has contacts and documents in several different web applications. However, thanks to RightSignature’s integration add-ons, team members can access what they need from all these SaaS services effortlessly.

PageLever maintains sales leads in Salesforce, customer support contacts in Desk, and a complete user and prospect list in Mailchimp. Because he has activated the RightSignature add-ons for all of these services, whenever Jeff needs to send a sales contract or employee onboarding form for signature, he can simply start typing the recipient’s name – and RightSignature instantly searches all three databases and auto-suggests contacts. But Jeff’s favorite integration is with Dropbox: using this add-on, his executed RightSignature contracts are automatically backed up directly into his Dropbox cloud storage.

Jeff Widman of PageLever talks about how he uses RightSignature and the add-ons with his preferred online services:
We use RightSignature for client contracts as well as HR contracts. I make extensive use of the RightSignature reusable templates, so whenever we hire someone it's really fast to get them up to speed with a few template documents. And having my documents and contacts integrated across all my cloud software services—I’ve installed integrations with Desk, Dropbox, MailChimp, and Salesforce—is outrageously convenient.

In particular, I love the Dropbox integration. As soon as I’ve completed a contract, the finished copy is automatically filed in Dropbox. I don’t have to remember to save, sync, or anything; it just appears in the correct folder.”


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