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iPad Mini Electronic Signature: Signing on the Go

By: Unknown / Thursday, October 18, 2012

Apple is announcing the new iPad Mini tablet, and the internet is, predictably, already drooling. At the smaller form factor, Apple hopes to make its gorgeous tablet more portable for ebook reading and web browsing on the go. However, the new iPad is more than just an entertainment device—with the proper apps, your iPad Mini can be an essential tool for your business and productivity.

Mashable recently named RightSignature their #1 business app for the iPad, and it’s not hard to see why. Electronic signatures are changing the way many people do business by bringing the familiar experience of a hand-signed legal document to the digital age—and make for a perfect fit with the iPad’s luxurious touch screen. With iPad Mini electronic signatures, you can truly go anywhere and still be able to do your job, signing and sending important documents and contracts instantly.

Sign on iPad Mini: Business Apps Make it Easy

Among business and productivity apps, electronic signatures have become a must-have, and the new iPad is the perfect platform for e-signing documents. Here are some of the awesome ways you can start signing on your iPad or iPad Mini right away.

  • Send documents for signature. Relax and take a deep breath: you’re no longer at the mercy of your fax machine! With iPad Mini electronic signatures powered by RightSignature, you can send your important contracts and documents to any client anywhere in the world, instantly and effortlessly.
  • Sign documents in person. With RightSignature’s iPad Mini app, you can prepare a document on your iPad and hand it over to the signer to sign right in front of you. Perfect for trade shows, medical forms, and HR employee onboarding.
  • Sign documents remotely. When you receive a RightSignature document to sign on the iPad in your email, clicking the link will bring you to a web browser with RightSignature’s renowned signing software, where you’ll be able to fill in text, check checkboxes, and sign documents on the touch screen with a legally binding electronic signature.
  • Track the progress of your sent documents. Logging into the RightSignature dashboard gives you access to the status of all your pending and completed documents. Download completed contracts, view statistics on your document turnover time, and send reminders to slacking signers with ease.

We’re rightly geeked up for the iPad Mini—promising a smaller form factor and Apple’s sleek retina display. Which iPhone Mini business apps are you most looking forward to using?


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