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New Feature: Data Exporter

By: Unknown / Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have you ever needed to make a quick spreadsheet to review the data collected in your signed RightSignature documents? Or import that data into a database or another software system? Well, now you can do that, thanks to a new feature we’re calling Data Exporter.

Data Exporter?

Couldn’t you have called it something intimidating, like “Big Data Cloud Optimization”? Well, we could have, except that we believe in building simple, elegant, easy-to-understand features… and this one actually lets you export data collected in your documents. What exactly does that mean? Let’s break it down:

Which Data? This is the data that signers input into each field of your RightSignature documents. Fields include text fields, date fields, even check boxes. Data can be exported from Reusable Templates, Online Forms, and documents with tags attached.
Exporting Where? Exporting means taking the data from each signed document and compiling it together into one properly formatted CSV file. This file can then be easily transferred into a spreadsheet for easy sorting, searching, and record keeping, or into a database or other internal software system.

Exporting Data from a Reusable Template

Say, for example, you use RightSignature to get your employment forms signed online. These forms have many fields that can be time consuming to set up each time you need to onboard a new hire. RightSignature Reusable Templates instead allow you to create each employment form as a Template that you can reuse, sending the same document with the same fields to every new employee you hire. And with just a few more clicks, the new Data Exporter lets you extract that data to build an instant employee database, create a spreadsheet, or import it into other software (like BambooHR’s HR software for small business).

You’ll find Reusable Template Data Export in the Reporting section of your account, under the tab Data Exporter. Simply select the time frame, the Template you want to receive data from, and the columns of data you want to receive, then click “Export CSV.”

RightSignature will then compile the data you requested for you—just click “Download Export” to grab the file. Open the downloaded file in your spreadsheet software of choice to view, sort, and analyze all of your collected data in one easy file. Note that it’s wise when setting up your templates to name your fields using the “Component Reference Name” option, so the column titles of your exports are more easily understandable.

Exporting Data from Tagged Documents

To export data from your tagged documents, follow the process above, but select a tag from the Data Exporter screen instead of filtering by template. You will be able to choose any data columns from your tagged documents to export to a CSV file.

For users on Gold and Enterprise accounts using Document Packaging, tag your individual Reusable Templates, and you will be able to export data from signed document packages using the Data Exporter with filtering by tags.

Exporting Data from Online Forms

Exporting data is a core feature of Online Forms – which are designed for the distribution of a single document to multiple signers, either by embedding on your website or emailing a link. When you ready to extract all the data collected, navigate to Online Forms, select a Form, then click Responses.

We’re always thinking of new ways to make the best digital signature software even better for you and for your business. Have feature ideas or suggestions? Send us a note or post your idea on our idea forum.


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