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Urgent Lessons for Your Small Business, from an Expert Panel of Six-Year-Old Kids

By: Unknown / Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This is a guest post by Michael Hourigan of Shoeboxed, the cloud storage solution that turns your paper receipts into easy digital records. Learn more about the Shoeboxed add-on for RightSignature.

The AT&T commercials featuring precocious kindergartners are incredibly popular and adding catchphrases to our everyday conversation. Beyond the obvious adorableness of the kids themselves, the simple wisdom they inadvertently spout is a) undeniably true, and b) unexpectedly applicable to your business.

Lesson 1: Now is better than later

As any six-year-old can tell you, when you want to eat your grapes, you want to eat them now. And when you need someone to sign a critical business document, waiting is excruciating. The sooner the thing is signed, the sooner work can begin. And the sooner work begins, the sooner you get paid (cha-ching!).

Back in the day, getting a document signed was a 13-part process that always involved a fax machine, and sometimes involved a blood sacrifice. By the time you printed the document that needed to be signed, got Person A to sign it, faxed it to Person B, got Person B to sign it, and then went about the monumental task of making sure everybody got a copy of the dang thing, you might have aged significantly.

RightSignature enables you to obtain signatures—drum roll please—now. And by now, we mean the same day, sometimes the same hour. (Because after all, now is better than later.)

Lesson 2: Bigger is better than smaller

A second ad, linked above, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a big treehouse is better than a small treehouse. Not surprisingly, the same is true of cloud storage. Just like it’s impossible to fit a decent-sized flat screen TV inside of a tiny treehouse, it’s impossible to store all of your receipts, documents, and files in a cloud-based account with questionable capacity. Shoeboxed, however, turns this problem into child’s play.

Shoeboxed is a receipt scanning software app that stores all of your digital receipts in one place. Using Shoeboxed and RightSignature together, the six-year-old child's business advice offers a big fat solution for small businesses looking to e-sign and store their documents securely.

It’s so big, in fact, that in addition to integrating with Shoeboxed, RightSignature has made room in the treehouse for buddies like Freshbooks, Google Docs, and every file type imaginable. And RightSignature gets all fancy and backs up every single document in a secure archive, the equivalent of a Guggenheim-esque tree house addition.

Lesson 3: More reliable is better than less reliable

If football players are reliable, they get to play in the game, and if they’re not, they have to sit on the bench. In your business, the stakes are similar: if an app doesn’t work, it’s out.

Signing documents and scanning receipts is serious stuff, and you need services that are always available, on any device or platform, and can guarantee your account’s security. RightSignature enables document signing on PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids – you name it, and 256-bit SSL encryption and fully-redundant SSAE 16 Certified Data Centers provide bank-level security.

Lesson 4: Better is better than worse

Not to name names or anything, but there are other e-signature websites out there. The problem is, they don’t have big enough treehouses, their signing processes include as many (if not more!) steps than ye olde hard copy process, and their security is about as reliable as one of these six-year-olds around a box of forbidden doughnuts. If you're making your e-signature software comparison, don't get cute. Stick with RightSignature, because it's better. And better is, well, better than worse.

Lesson 5: Don’t bring your pet turkey to Thanksgiving

‘Nuf said.

So there you have it: everything you need to know to make your business succeed, and in digestible ideas, to boot. What’s the best advice—business or otherwise—that you've received from a 6 year old?

5 Ways RightSignature Powers Your Business Through the Holiday Crunch

By: Unknown / Friday, December 6, 2013

The holiday crunch means more customers, but also more hiring, more contracts, and more work for you. Many businesses rely on a busy holiday season to make the whole year profitable. So how will your company weather the busiest time of the year? Here are 5 ways RightSignature will help your business make the most of this holiday season.

photo by Michal Osmenda via Wikimedia Commons

1. Use RightSignature for hiring and employee onboarding

Whether you hire in-person or remotely, RightSignature lets you send and track your hiring documents and, most importantly, eliminates mistakes by ensuring every document is filled out correctly the first time. IRS forms like Form I-9 and W-4 are perfect for RightSignature. Employee handbooks are also a snap with RightSignature – avoid the burden of printing handbooks and let your employees read and sign on their computers or mobile devices.

No matter what size your company, RightSignature makes hiring seasonal help fast and paperless. Check out our article on employee onboarding and learn how electronic signature software can help you hire the hands you need to take advantage of the holidays.

2. Close sales deals before the end of the year

The end of the calendar year is also the end of the fiscal year for many businesses, so pending deals need to be closed in order to book revenue. Unfortunately, the holidays are possibly the worst time of the year to try to get contracts signed, with so many prospects traveling and out of the office.

If you’re in a rush to get your deals closed by December 31st, why not put yourself in control of your sales contracts with RightSignature? RightSignature electronic signature documents can be signed on any computer, phone, or tablet, so you can get your important deals closed before the new year.

3. Get 1099 Forms signed from all your vendors

At the end of the year, as tax season looms, you’ll need a signed 1099 Form from each vendor to whom your business has paid at least $600. That’s a lot of very important paperwork to mail or fax in a short time, and a lot of organizational work to track requests and make sure they all get signed and returned in time for tax day. By contrast, RightSignature monitors every document for you, sending you convenient notification emails every time a recipient opens or signs your 1099, and also sending your recipients reminder emails in case they procrastinate.

RightSignature can eliminate up to 90% of the time it takes to get your important documents signed, executing contracts that could take days or weeks to get signed in a matter of hours. With RightSignature, you can not only get more done, but do it in less time.

4. Use e-signatures to organize a painless company holiday party

Catering? DJ? Party venue? Each of these services involves a contract, invoice, and expense report. Manage your holiday party like a pro, and make it painless with RightSignature.

RightSignature is perfect both for making contracts with party vendors and for getting expenses approved within your company. If you don’t want unsettled expenses bogging you down in the new year, use e-signature software to get your documents signed and sealed in no time.

5. RightSignature gives the gift of efficiency to your signers, too

The holidays are about goodwill, cheer, and family time. But if you’re stuck working, trying to take advantage of holiday shopper traffic, you might miss out on the things that are most important. Fortunately, RightSignature doesn’t just make your life easier – it also makes life easier for the people signing your documents. You may like RightSignature because it gives you lightning-fast, inexpensive, and legally binding signatures for your important document, but don’t forget that the benefits cut both ways.

Your signers will love RightSignature because it makes life easier for them, too. Your clients, employees, and contractors won’t need to worry about printing, faxing, and returning a document, or fear losing your important contract amongst an avalanche of wrapping paper and candy canes. Want repeat business from your seasonal holiday-crunch contacts? Respect their time, and impress them with your savvy use of online document signing.

Web Design Contract Template

By: Unknown / Friday, November 22, 2013

A strong web design contract does more than just create an agreement between you and your client. Your contract gives you an opportunity to showcase your professionalism, set your client’s expectations, and build the foundation for a profitable working relationship. To do so, this article will help you with every step of crafting a top-notch web design contract—what terms it should include and how to get it signed online using RightSignature.

What clauses are critical in your web design contract? What’s the best way to appear confident and experienced to your clients? Read on for the answers to these questions, plus a free sample web design contract template.

Free Web Design Contract Template

 Sample Web Design Contract
Web Design Contract. Click for full template
Your web design contract is more than a legal document—it’s also a way for you to show off your business acumen and design chops. Use your aesthetic judiciously when crafting your contract—typography, layout, and well-organized content are a demonstration of your expertise and also make the agreement easy to read and sign. Then, use the right tool for the job. Your client expects you to be ahead of the technology curve, so don't slow them down with a paper contract. The template above is set up using RightSignature, so you can see how easy electronic signature software is to use, both for you and your clients.

Creating your web design contract from scratch may seem like a lot of work, but there is no harm in referencing and reusing what has worked for other designers. This free sample web design contract contains everything you need to get started with a comprehensive, professional contract. For professionals looking to build a personalized web design contract, here are 4 sections that should be included.

4 Key Sections for Your Web Design Contract

1. Scope of Work, Deliverables, and Schedule
Before you begin your work, you need to know what you’re working on. The Terms of Agreement section in your web design contract should include the scope of your work, as well as a thorough description of what your final deliverable product will be. Does your client want you to provide all the content for the website? Are you expected to build a web store and payment system? Each component should be described in detail.

Additionally, your terms of agreement will include milestones and schedules. For example, you may specify that you will show a mock-up within two weeks, and a working template or prototype within one month. Depending on the pace of the project, it may be wise to clarify that your client must provide approval or feedback within one week of receiving drafts.

from xkcd.com
2. Confidentiality and Original Works
While working on a web design job, you may be party to your client’s confidential information. Naturally, many employers will want to include a confidentiality clause, similar to a non-disclosure agreement, establishing the disclosure and protection of that information.

Additionally, a clause establishing the ownership of Original Works is standard. During the time period you are employed by your client, you may create other web design works which may or may not be influenced by the proprietary and confidential information disclosed to you by your client. An Original Works clause resolves who would gain ownership of such works.

3. Terms of Compensation
Here’s the big one: how are you getting paid? In the Terms of Compensation clause, you will list your standard rate of compensation, as well as when and how it will be delivered and accepted. However, this is far from the only item you need to iron out in this clause.

Next is the ownership of your content. Web design is creative labor, but you are designing for the specifications of your client. Who will own the intellectual property of your design, once your work is completed? Will you be able to list yourself as the author of the site and use the design sample in your own promotional materials? Be sure to spell these issues out in as much detail as possible.

Finally, you should detail in the Terms of Compensation clause who will be maintaining and updating the website you will design. If you are responsible for updates and maintenance, you should include your rates for such work. If not, you may negotiate with your client a period of training for the client’s staff to do such work, including your wages for such work.

4. Additional Terms
The final major clauses you will want to include in your web design contract will cover any additional terms that don’t fit into those above. This includes a stipulation for attribution in the event of changes to the website, a warranty against future major errors, an acknowledgement of your position as an independent contractor, and jurisdiction and choice of law, preferably in your state and county. Finally, your web design contract should include a clause confirming the primacy of this contract over any other verbal or written agreement you may have with your client regarding your work.

Use RightSignature to Get it Signed

Use RightSignature digital signature software to send agreements to your clients to sign online. RightSignature is fully brandable and will impress your clients from the start. They can sign documents on any computer or even on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, and executed agreements include a Signature Certificate with audit log for legal strength.

Sarah Parmenter, founder of You Know Who Design, says:
RightSignature is a truly stunning app. I use it as a business closing tool. With RightSignature, I can present a highly professional image and close deals with clients around the world."
In the competitive field of web design, you can use a solid contract to stand out from the crowd and protect your relationship with your client... and avoid the web design project from hell.

Disclaimer: This article was not written by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about the legality of your web design contract, please consult an attorney.

Power User Tip: Contact Searching from Your Address Book

By: Unknown / Monday, November 11, 2013

RightSignature's Contact Searching feature acts like a built-in address book, allowing you to easily send documents to previous signers or contacts from your email or CRM in just a few clicks. If you send documents repeatedly to the same recipients, or if you use one of our many cloud software integrations, this feature makes RightSignature even more efficient.

Contact Searching for Previous Signers

To enable RightSignature to automatically suggest the names and emails of people to whom you have previously sent documents, follow these simple steps.
  1. Login to RightSignature and click the Account link, then click the Settings tab.
  2. Scroll down to “Document Builder”. Find the “Contact Searching” setting and check the corresponding checkbox, so it says “Enabled”.
  3. That’s it! Now, whenever you send a document with RightSignature, for any signer or CC, begin typing that contact’s name. RightSignature will automatically suggest your previous signers in a drop-down menu below—simply click on that signer and RightSignature will auto-complete the name and contact information.

Contact Searching from another Cloud System

RightSignature also allows you to import contacts from other online software services, including Gmail, SalesForce, and dozens of others.

If you would like to import your contacts from another system, login to your account and scroll through our Integration Addons directory. Check the radio button next to “Contact” on the top menu bar to see integrations designed to allow RightSignature to search your contacts from the partner software system.

Follow the directions on-screen to activate your chosen integrations. Then simply follow step 3 above to easily send documents to your contacts.

The Habit Burger Fires Up Rapid Expansion, Fueled by RightSignature

By: Unknown / Friday, October 25, 2013

Our series “The Right Way” profiles RightSignature power users, revealing their success secrets and the technology tools they use every day.

Fast-growing hamburger chain The Habit Burger Grill is anything but fast food. Founded in the early 1970’s by brothers Brent and Bruce Reichard, The Habit makes high-quality burgers with attention to detail, as well as beach-inspired options like grilled albacore sandwiches and sweet potato fries. Now the inimitable scent and flavor of their signature charbroiled burgers could be coming to your town—The Habit is quickly expanding into new markets, and is using RightSignature to power the hiring push. RightSignature's Steve Stormoen sat down with Tanya Corners, Vice President of Human Resources at The Habit, to learn about the past, present, and future this impressive company.

First of all, can you tell me the story behind The Habit Burger?

Well, we’re a local favorite who’s gone and found success all across the Southwest. I've been with The Habit about a year and a half, and prior to me there wasn't a designated HR department— HR duties were spread across a number of other departments instead. Since I got here, we've been putting an HRIS system in, created an employee handbook, and started introducing different processes to make it easier to grow the company.

We added 16 stores the first year I've been with The Habit, and we’re going to open another 21 or 22 this year. This may seem like a lot considering where we were before, but with the processes we've been adding since then, including RightSignature, it makes it all possible. We’re a growing company, we’re bringing on new people, and expanding really quickly. It’s an exciting time to be with The Habit.

What has been the biggest challenge The Habit has faced?

Our challenge, and our goal, has been to transform ourselves from small company to a bigger company without having to add more infrastructure. That means a lot more than just the number of stores or the number of employees, but also the size and scope of our processes. So, for example, we were able to go completely paperless with our HRIS systems, and that’s been a huge help. RightSignature has also been part of our paperless efforts for rolling things out to our employees. So while this has been our biggest challenge, it’s a challenge we've easily been able to meet.

Could you tell us how you use RightSignature?

When I joined The Habit, I was tasked with rewriting the team member handbook. In order to roll it out to everyone, to make sure everyone had it, I put an electronic copy in our HRIS system. This was just an easier way to make sure everyone had access—instead of printing out 2000 handbooks, everyone had access electronically. We sent links out to our store managers, then the managers sat down with employees and got the employees to review and sign their employee handbooks acknowledgement form using RightSignature Online Forms.

The mixture of online and in-person has been the perfect solution—our managers can sit down and explain RightSignature so easily, and then everyone understands that they have this electronic access. Then RightSignature makes it easy to track who has signed and completed their handbook sign-off and who still needs to do so.

RightSignature really make the whole thing go. It’s easy both for our employees and from my end—the Online Forms feature lets us send one form with one link that multiple people could access, instead of having it assigned to each employee individually. The price point was great for us, too—it makes the entire process extremely cost-efficient.

You mentioned your HRIS system before. What other other tech tools do you use besides RightSignature?

We use UltiPro for our HRIS system and Ctuit for business intelligence and reporting. Right now, we’re also implementing SharePoint for our collaboration software. Obviously we needed RightSignature to supplement our UltiPro experience—we needed people to have access to UltiPro but they couldn’t sign off that they've seen something. UltiPro has been fantastic, though—it’s a great HR portal to let our employees log in, see their paycheck stubs, enroll in benefits, and put in vacation requests. We hire through UltiPro as well.

With The Habit growing so fast, where do you see the the company 5 years from now?

I think we’ll have a couple hundred stores. Along the way, though, we’ll continue to expand our efficiencies and processes, and take care of our people. We always hire people with a smiling face and a love for customer service. We've found a process to be able to hire the right people in every new location without some of the hassles of old systems. If the last year and a half is any indicator, I know we’re going to keep getting bigger and keep getting better at the same time.

RightSignature’s Reporting Features: Insightful Performance Metrics for your Business

By: Unknown / Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Before RightSignature—in the olden days of paper—businesses had little or no visibility into what happened between mailing documents for signature and having them returned signed. How many people received them but didn’t sign? Which team members were more successful at getting contracts signed? Today, RightSignature’s full-featured Reporting suite gives you comprehensive metrics on a critical part of your business—your signature request workflows.

To access RightSignature’s Reporting tools, login to your account and click the Reporting tab. Here, you can monitor the activity of your entire team in real-time, with informative charts and performance data. You can even export all the response data from your RightSignature documents into a spreadsheet for custom analysis. Let’s take a look inside:

Overview Report: How many documents do you send?

The Overview Report measures the number of documents sent out and signed in your RightSignature account. For accounts at Business level and higher, this data includes the volume of documents sent out by all of your team members.

Use the Overview Report to evaluate the aggregate activity level of your team, as well as each team member’s utilization of RightSignature. The line graph shows the total volume of sent and signed documents for your company for each of the last 12 months, while the bar graph shows the number of successfully signed documents for each team member in the last 30 days.

Efficiency Report: How many of your documents get signed?

Next, the Efficiency Report measures the percentage of your documents that get signed. The vertical bar chart show the percentage of sent documents that were viewed, expired, and signed in each of the last 6 months.

The horizontal bar chart shows the each team member’s efficiency ratio—what percentage of sent documents were successfully signed—over the last 3 months.

This can help you identify which members of your team are performing well, or poorly. Is your efficiency leader using custom email notifications, or making better use of RightSignature’s branding features? Ask that team member to teach the rest of your team his or her tricks, and see efficiency improve across your company.

Cycle Time Report: How quickly do your documents get signed?

The Cycle Time Report shows the average turnaround time between sending your documents for signature and receiving completed documents back. The line graph displays this data compiled across your whole team for each of the last 6 months, and a table reveals the median cycle time for each of your fastest team members.

The Cycle Time Report also shows how many of your documents get signed within certain benchmark speeds—under 5 minutes, under 30 minutes, under 1 hour, under 12 hours, and under 1 day. A spike in your fastest speeds can demonstrate that a new business process (for example, sending a document while still on the phone with your signer) is reducing cycle time.

Data Exporter: Export signing data to a spreadsheet

The Data Exporter feature gathers all the data users input into your RightSignature documents—text, dates, checkboxes, etc—and export it into a convenient spreadsheet document. You can then use that data to conduct custom analyses, produce business intelligence, populate a customer database, or import into another system.

Data Exporter can be used to report on all responses to a particular Reusable Template, or all One-Off Documents that share a common tag. Data Exporter is ideal for companies that want to get the most out of their document data. For more information about how to use the Data Exporter feature, check out our in-depth article.

Electronic Signature Solutions for Your Documents

By: Unknown / Monday, September 30, 2013

For every paper document problem, there is an electronic signature solution. We asked our users which documents they get signed with RightSignature, and the responses were overwhelming. We heard from users from dozens of industries, with stories about just as many different types of documents.

Over and over again, users reported doing business faster, smarter, and more efficiently with RightSignature’s award-winning electronic signature software. Read on to learn from the business owners themselves how e-signatures transformed their workflows and cured their paper woes.

Srinivas Thouta, CEO, TaxGeeks
Industry: Accounting
Document of Choice: IRS E-File Authorization
TaxGeeks is a professional tax and financial services company with clients in 35 states.

We use RightSignature to get signatures on IRS E-File Authorization documents. RightSignature lets our clients bypass the process of downloading the docs, manually signing, scanning and uploading them to our client portal. It makes authorization faster and lets us finish the tax filings quicker. Our clients love it, and they especially love iPhone signing!"
Rick Bye, Founder, Rick Bye Performance Driving Experience
Industry: Automotive
Document of Choice: Auto Loan Agreement, Liability Waiver Form
I manage the 'Press Fleet' for Porsche in Eastern Canada. We lend our cars to auto journalists… to evaluate for road tests. Our 'loan agreements' are a 3 page affair, much like a car rental agreement, and a liability waiver requiring signatures in several locations.

Before I found RightSignature, I would have to make out these forms in triplicate: 1 for the journalist, 1 for Porsche and 1 for me, then have them all signed when I delivered the car to the journalist. It was incredibly tedious, time consuming and bulky. RightSignature electronic signatures solved all of this. I fill in 1 form and send it to the journalist electronically... The journalists love RightSignature, and often ask me, "why doesn't everybody do it this way?"

JP Zanetta, Assistant Manager, Parklane Properties
Industry: Property Management
Document of Choice: Property Rental Agreement
Parklane is a long established Estate / Letting Agent in Leeds… We have been using RightSignature in our Student Lettings Branch and it has been an indispensable tool for those tenants who are abroad, located elsewhere in the country or who simply cannot make it to our office to sign the required documentation.

Not only has RightSignature saved postage costs and a great deal of time in sending documentation to tenants but, more importantly, it has improved the reliability of our remote sign-ups and decreased the number of failed agreements. Having the ability to get all necessary documentation quickly and easily signed has increased our occupancy levels and allowed us to avoid re-marketing properties outside of the ideal lettings season."

Jennifer Madigan, Owner & Founder, L2 Accent Reduction Centre
Industry: Professional Education Services
Document of Choice: Non-Disclosure Agreement
We are currently in a licensing stage where we need to get NDA's and other documents signed quickly and RightSignature has made my life so much easier. I no longer have to bother with scanning or faxing—the average turnaround has been 15 minutes whereas before it would take a couple of days. It is also much easier for the person receiving the document. I have told my network all about RightSignature!"

Chris Martel, Owner, Armor & Martel Photography
Industry: Photography
Document of Choice: Wedding Photography Contract, Photo Release Form
RightSignature provides me with a reliable, efficient way of sending and receiving agreements from our clients. I just log in, upload my document, and send it – within minutes, my clients can review their contracts, and sign them online. The interface is easy to use, and integrates with online tools like Dropbox and Google Docs. Our clients love the idea that they don't have to wait for the documents in the mail. I highly recommend RightSignature."

Barnabas Nagy, Founder & UX Expert, Furlong Design
Industry: Web Development & Design
Document of Choice: Web Design Contract

We started to use RightSignature approximately a year ago and helped our business a lot. Previously we didn't use contracts at all. Now that we send contracts through RightSignature our clients take us more seriously, and the contracts they sign bind them legally. We have less hassle and more time to do what we are good at.

RightSignature is professional and easy to use coupled with beautiful design. We’ve used RightSignature to sign business deals worth tens of thousands!"

ShareFile + RightSignature: Secure File Sharing and E-Signatures for Business

By: Unknown / Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ShareFile is the business and enterprise solution for secure online file storage and sharing. Backed by the strength and reliability of Citrix, ShareFile offers customized products for companies in each of over 30 industries for managing files too large or confidential to send by email.

With the new, comprehensive RightSignature + ShareFile integration, you can send your ShareFile documents—NDAs, contracts, authorizations, releases, you name it—for legally binding electronic signatures in under a minute.

With the integration activated, you can request signatures from inside your RightSignature account or your ShareFile account for maximum flexibility:
  • In RightSignature, you can access documents and contacts from your ShareFile account. On the Send a Document screen, under Choose a Document, click the ShareFile button and select your document stored in ShareFile. Then, under People Involved, begin typing the name of a signer, and RightSignature will auto-suggest any contacts in your ShareFile address book.
  • In ShareFile, access any file, hover over the options menu (button with a down-arrow icon), then click “Get Signature”. This opens a tab containing the RightSignature Send a Document screen with your document pre-loaded, so you can send it for signature with a few clicks. You can also check the signing status of any signature requests initiated in ShareFile, and after signing is complete an executed copy of the document is automatically placed in your ShareFile folder.
Cat Allday, Sr. Director, Product Management, Citrix, says:
ShareFile is trusted by professionals in dozens of industries to securely share files that are too large or confidential to send by email. With our integration with RightSignature, we’re empowering our users to obtain legally-binding e-signatures on their most important documents. Our services are a natural fit helping businesses of every size strengthen security, improve productivity, and provide a better client experience.

How to Activate the RightSignature + Sharefile integration:

You activate this two-way integration from both your RightSignature and ShareFile accounts.
  1. Inside RightSignature: Login to your RightSignature account, visit your Account > Integrations page, click on the ShareFile box, and follow the easy instructions to authorize access to your ShareFile account.
  2. Inside ShareFile: Login to your ShareFile account, click Apps, then Other Apps, and follow the easy instructions to authorize access to your RightSignature account.

New RightSignature Action Button in Gmail Inbox

By: Unknown / Tuesday, September 3, 2013

If you use RightSignature with a Gmail or Google Apps inbox, you may have noticed something new. This new feature lets parties (both your signers and you) take action on RightSignature documents directly from the inbox – without even opening the email!

We worked with Google to create a powerful RightSignature Action Button – to make RightSignature emails stand out in your recipient’s inbox and help you get documents signed even faster. This e-signature innovation utilizes Google’s new Action Buttons technology, originally intended to enable Gmail users to accept a calendar invitation or check-in for a flight from the inbox.

To use the new Action Buttons, first enable our Branded HTML Emails feature in your account settings, then send documents to any recipients with email addresses powered by Gmail.

RightSignature sends email requests to your signers as normal, but with a special indication to Google to display the Action Button to Gmail users. In the subject line of your recipient’s Gmail inbox, they’ll see a new button that says “Review Document”. They can click that button to go directly to RightSignature to review and sign your document, without opening the email.

RightSignature is built to empower you to get the highest possible percentage of your documents signed and enable signers to complete documents quickly and intuitively. The new RightSignature Action Button for Gmail makes your signature request emails stand out in crowded inboxes and speeds signers’ access to the signing page, leading to a better completion rate for all your important documents. We’ve made the fastest way to get documents signed online even more efficient.

Combined with our recent Branded HTML Emails feature and the new RightSignature + Zenbox integration, RightSignature is building a seamless transition between the email inbox and the e-signature experience.

The Right Way: MakerBot Democratizes 3D Printing, Uses RightSignature to Hire Fast

By: Unknown / Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our series “The Right Way” profiles RightSignature power users, revealing their success secrets and the technology tools they use every day.

Imagine having a device sitting on your desk that you can use to make anything. That device is a MakerBot. MakerBot has blown open the 3D printing industry with their line of affordable, desktop-friendly 3D printers, and a full ecosystem of products and services to match.

But while the present is an exciting time for MakerBot, their future is even brighter—the company has undertaken a mission to install a desktop 3D printer into every home, office, and school. And to help accomplish this mission, they’ve recently merged with 3D printing partner Stratasys. RightSignature’s Steve Stormoen caught up with MakerBot’s Jenifer Howard, director of PR, and Jaclyn Mack, director of HR, to learn how MakerBot is leading the 3D printing renaissance.

What’s the story behind MakerBot?

Jenifer Howard: MakerBot is leading the next industrial revolution through 3D printing. MakerBot is four-
and-a-half years old and was founded in 2009. MakerBot recently completed a merger with fellow 3D printing manufacturer Stratasys and we’re excited about the future.

3D printing may be new to some, but the technology has been around for about 25 years. MakerBot was the first company to bring the technology to an affordable and accessible level on the desktop. There is a lot of the buzz and excitement around 3D printing right now that stems from the fact that more people are becoming familiar with the technology and learning about its possibilities.

MakerBot’s 4th generation printer, the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer, has been a huge success, and it really highlights the importance of our entire MakerBot 3D printing Ecosystem that includes our 3D desktop printers, the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner, Thingiverse, MakerWare software, the MakerBot Store and strategic partnerships with top brands. We realized early on that the applications of 3D printing can apply to engineers and architects, but also to many others. The communities around them don’t just want to design and print objects, they also want to share them, download them, and iterate them.

Thingiverse is a big part of the 3D printing community. Before we even made our first 3D printer, we launched Thingiverse, a community website that today has more than 100,000 downloadable designs. With Thingiverse, you don’t have to be a designer to be part of this new frontier—if you need to make something, Thingiverse lets you download it and print it out.

What would you say is MakerBot’s biggest success, and how did you get there?

JH: MakerBot’s biggest success, really, is what our customers have been able to do with their MakerBots. It’s very gratifying to build a machine that helps other people build things. Every day we hear about incredible new products and prototypes that our MakerBot owners are making. One project we are particularly proud of is the Robohand Project.

“Robohand” is a mechanical hand that was a collaboration between two guys that live 10,000 miles apart. A South African man, Richard Van As, lost four fingers in a woodworking accident, and he began a personal quest to find inexpensive prosthetic or mechanical fingers. He quickly learned that prosthetic fingers would cost him about $10,000 per finger. His mission to create cost-effective replacement fingers led him to collaborate with prop designer Ivan Owen of Seattle, and the two, after much trial and error, decided to put their designs to the test using 3D printing. Within two weeks of each receiving their MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printers, they had a fully working prototype of a mechanical hand. Two not only made fully working replacement fingers for Van As, but also discovered that their creation could help thousands of other adults and children with amputations, injury, illness and birth defects to the hand. They uploaded their design to Thingiverse.com and obtained the assistance of one of MakerBot’s designers to create a derivative of their original design. The two designs have been downloaded more than 27,000 times in just six months.

The Robohand Project is just one amazing story about how MakerBot has been changing people’s lives for the better. Instead of a $50,000 prosthetic, you can print the Robohand for a few dollars. The Robohand user can grasp things, shake hands, catch a ball, hold a pen, draw—it’s just remarkable.

The medical possibilities of MakerBot are just beginning to be explored. Our favorite thing to do every day is look at Thingiverse and see what exciting new objects people are uploading.

Can you tell us a bit about how RightSignature contributes to these successes?

Jaclyn Mack: We started using RightSignature in the HR department a few months ago and we’ve seen an immediate impact. I use RightSignature to get signatures on all our important documents, and it’s improved the turnaround time significantly. It’s fast, it’s easy, I know when people receive it, I know when people look at it, I can start poking them more to sign when I need it signed.

I use RightSignature for HR paperwork, ranging from I-9 documents to W-4s and everything in between. The turnaround is so quick that it helps me get things done that would normally take a week or more if I had to go out to our different locations—instead, I get a document signed in 1-3 days, max. I made a Reusable Template out of our employee handbook, too, and now every new employee signs it with RightSignature.

Employee onboarding is easier, HR is easier, legal obligations are easier, life is easier. Actually, RightSignature turned out to be so effective that it’s jumped departments, and now our business development team uses it too.

3D Printing is clearly in an exciting moment right now. Where do you see MakerBot and the state of the industry in 5 years?

JH: We’re pretty excited about the future. The story of 3D printing is a story about growth, opportunity and innovation. We see the future of MakerBot as fulfilling the promise to put desktop 3D printers in every school and every office and every home. Just recently, the minister of education in the UK announced that they’re adopting 3D printing into their school’s curriculum and schools will have 3D printers. That’s pretty exciting to see the technology being adopted at the school level.

3D printing today is where personal computers were 30 years ago. Look at how our society has changed now that generations raised with a personal computer in the home are entering the workforce. If you want to create engineers, architects, industrial designers of tomorrow, you have to give them the skills today to change the world, and that includes desktop 3D printers.

Bre Pettis, MakerBot’s CEO, has always been a tinkerer, creating new projects and ideas. Pettis noted, if he had a MakerBot when he was a kid, the world would be different place.

Liability Waiver Form Template

By: Unknown / Friday, August 16, 2013

A liability waiver form, also known as a liability release form, is a document signed by a participant in an event or activity that releases the individuals or businesses in charge of or hosting the event from legal liability. In the case of accident or injury, a signed liability waiver can protect against lawsuits and other legal action. The liability release form can act as proof in court that the signing party voluntarily agreed to assume responsibility and was made aware of the potential of any risk.

However, the requirements for a liability waiver form, as well as the form’s enforceability, vary from state to state and country to country. This leads many businesses to choose an external tool, such as RightSignature electronic signature software, to obtain legally-binding e-signatures on their liability release forms. RightSignature can help you get important documents like liability waiver forms signed and returned online, quickly and easily, with a compliant electronic signature.

When do you need to use a liability waiver? What key clauses should you include in any liability form? Read on for the answers to these questions, plus a free sample liability waiver template.

When Do I Need a Liability Waiver Form?

Free Liability Waiver Form Template, Powered by RightSignature
Businesses and organizations from dozens of industries use liability waiver forms and trust online electronic signature software to get these important documents signed. For example, a charity organization may ask their volunteers to sign a waiver of liability before starting work on building a house, or an outdoor entertainment park might require a signed liability form from anyone planning to use a motorbike course.

In each of these scenarios, electronic signatures can provide an instant alternative to get documents signed online in minutes, from signers anywhere in the world. See how skydiving equipment rental company Wicked Wingsuits relies on RightSignature for important waivers of liability.

Waivers of liability are also sometimes used by smaller organizations who may have limited insurance coverage. If any of these scenarios sound like your use case, you may want to use a sample liability release form to protect against the unpredictable.

4 Key Clauses for Your Liability Release Form

For the best protection, be sure to include these key clauses in your liability waiver forms:
  • Awareness of Risk. The signer must confirm that they are aware of potential risks involved with your activity, including but not limited to those you have listed.
  • Release of Liability. The signer must also agree to assume their own responsibility for this risk, and promise not to hold your business or any other related parties responsible, even in the event of negligence.
  • Applies to Spouse and Family. A good liability waiver also states that it is applicable not just to the signer, but also to the spouse and family of the signer, in case another party gains control of the signer’s legal affairs.
  • Legally Binding Signature. Obtaining signatures using RightSignature gives your waiver of liability the highest court admissibility and defensibility, with detailed audit logs, identity authentication, biometric signatures, and other electronic proof of signing.

Free Sample Liability Waiver Form Template

Wicked Wingsuits uses RightSignature
for Liability Release Forms
A liability waiver is an important legal document, and for the best protection you should consult a lawyer to liability waiver form template, hosted with RightSignature, shows how you can use electronic signature software to get your waivers of liability signed online.
create a waiver customized to your business. However, many resources are available online, with liability waiver form templates available to download and compare. This liability waiver form template, hosted with RightSignature, shows how you can use electronic signature software to get your waivers of liability signed online.

To use our sample liability waiver template, you can click the link above and select the “PDF Download” button to download the file, or sign up for a free trial of RightSignature to set up your liability release form for easy online signing.

With RightSignature, you can save time and money, getting your liability release forms and other important documents signed online in minutes without the cost of printing, shipping, or faxing. You can set up your liability form as a Reusable Template for fast sending, or as an Online Form to embed in your website. And as soon as your signer completes a liability waiver form in RightSignature, the signed document is automatically returned to you and stored in your secure cloud archive, ensuring you never lose an important document again.

A well crafted liability waiver can protect you and your company from a worst-case scenario, allowing you to concentrate on your business and your success. Using RightSignature to handle these important documents can help you become more efficient and provide a more professional experience for your signers.

Zenbox + RightSignature: Document Statuses and Links Inside Your Gmail

By: Unknown / Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zenbox is a free app for Google Chrome that turns your Gmail inbox into a productivity powerhouse. With Zenbox installed, you can open any email and Zenbox will pull in information from dozens of websites and services directly into your Gmail sidebar. Use Zenbox to create contact notes, quickly view your previous correspondence, or get instant customer information from Salesforce, Shopify, Mailchimp, and many other online software platforms – all in your Gmail webpage.

The new RightSignature + Zenbox integration brings all your important signed documents into Gmail as well. View your pending and completed RightSignature documents for any signer right from your Gmail inbox, or send reminder emails with just a couple clicks. Zenbox always stays up-to-date with the latest information from RightSignature, allowing you to check the status of your important documents and access them for reference without ever leaving Gmail.

Here’s how to get started:
  1. Install the free Zenbox app for Google Chrome
  2. Login to your Gmail inbox and open any email. In the right-hand Zenbox panel, click on the Zenbox button, then click “Configure Zenbox” and select RightSignature in the left-hand menu. 
  3. Follow the instructions on-screen to authorize Zenbox to access your RightSignature data.
  4. Now, whenever you open an email from a contact to whom you've sent a RightSignature document, you’ll see a RightSignature button in your Zenbox panel. Click to view your document history with that contact, open sent and pending documents, and send reminder emails!
Sean Grove, CEO of Zenbox, says:
RightSignature is the fastest, easiest way to sign documents online, and an indispensable integration partner for Zenbox. Zenbox is committed to building the most productive inbox imaginable, and we're excited to partner with an app equally committed to boosting productivity and creating a more efficient workflow."

The Right Way: Adform Powers Advertising across Europe Using RightSignature

By: Unknown / Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our series “The Right Way” profiles RightSignature power users, revealing their success secrets and the technology tools they use every day.

Adform is disrupting internet advertising and reshaping it into something new. Adform combines ad planning, buying, optimization, and reporting into a single service, so you can simply and easily craft the best ads for your highest-value markets and get instant feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

The results have been astonishing. In just over 10 years, Adform has grown from a single office in Copenhagen, Denmark, to become the largest company of their kind in Europe. Today, they are a powerhouse, with over 200 employees in 12 countries, and still growing.

To support this growth, Adform trusts the best technology tools to streamline and optimize operations. To standardize client services across an entire continent, Adform uses RightSignature digital signature software to collect legally binding e-signatures and seal the deal on sales contracts. In fact, RightSignature has proven so popular within Adform that their HR department uses it for employee onboarding paperwork as well.

Vilias Fokas, Finance Controller of Adform, explains how RightSignature saves time and money, every day:
To manage our offices in 12 different countries, we use a single, centralized financial support system which prepares all of our contracts from a unified template. RightSignature is a daily necessity for getting these contracts prepared and signed.

When we’re ready to seal an agreement, RightSignature allows us to seamlessly send a contract for signing. When we log in to RightSignature, all we have to do is select our files and users from other SaaS integrations—no need to manually upload files or enter the name and email of the signer. Once the files are signed, they automatically appear in our cloud services signed and ready to archive.

Before RightSignature, we used to use post/courier services, which are expensive, or even worse—we would even have our employees travel to the client to collect the signature. Now RightSignature is used in the majority of the cases, and we are happy with the quick turnaround time.

We use RightSignature on a daily basis to reduce our administration work and turnaround of contract signing. I can’t envision our daily activities without them.

New Feature: Branded HTML Emails

By: Unknown / Monday, June 24, 2013

If you've been using RightSignature's Custom Logo Branding and other branding options to customize your signers' RightSignature experience, we have good news for you. We've just unveiled a new feature to let you customize RightSignature all the way to your signer’s email inbox with new Branded HTML Emails.

With the new Branded HTML Emails feature enabled, every time you send a document for signature, your recipients will receive an elegantly-designed HTML email prompting them to sign. Best of all, the email has your company’s logo proudly displayed on top.

RightSignature Branded HTML Emails

Like Custom Logo Branding, Branded HTML Emails is a special feature on Business plans and higher that helps your company present a consistent, professional appearance. The attractive HTML email includes your company’s logo in the header, providing brand recognition and comfort, and a large button directing recipients to sign the document increases completion rates.

To enable Branded HTML Emails on your RightSignature account (Business plan or higher), just follow these simple steps:
  1. Login to RightSignature and click Account, then click the Branding tab.
  2. Next to “Branded HTML Emails”, check the checkbox to enable this new feature!
  3. If you haven’t already, go ahead and utilize our other branding features. On this same page, you can upload your company’s logo, add your company’s name as a prefix to all your RightSignature emails, and add a custom email greeting and signature.

RightSignature custom branding

Branded HTML Emails are the latest feature RightSignature has released to give you full control over the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed online. Try Custom Logo Branding for yourself, or contact us for a live demo of RightSignature today!

Using Bidsketch + RightSignature Together, featuring Aria

By: Unknown / Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RightSignature’s ever-growing portfolio of integration add-ons empowers you to use your favorite online software together for even greater functionality. In our series Better Together, we deliver stories from our users on how to put these add-ons to work.

How does a growing ad agency with a flair for social campaigns improve its business operations? For Aria, online tools like RightSignature and Bidsketch provide a competitive advantage.

In a post appearing today on Bidsketch, Aria CEO Ryan Thompson explains how his company uses the integration between RightSignature digital signature software and Bidsketch proposal software to generate proposals and obtain e-signatures. The integration links these two powerful online apps to automatically send any Bidsketch proposal for legally-binding electronic signature using RightSignature. To Thompson, the integration has “transformed” Aria’s business.

...Just in the last 2 months, I can think of 3 times when I was literally about to turn off my mobile device on the airplane and I saw the proposal come through signed, and so I countersigned with my finger on my mobile device. Instantly, all those documents went automatically to my producer in Dallas to get things underway.

By the time I landed I already saw invoices out, I already saw planning documents going through the agency... We've probably saved hundreds of hours in just the few months we've used the RightSignature + Bidsketch integration..."
For more information, see the full article on Bidsketch's blog, or sign up for free trials of RightSignature and Bidsketch to see these tools in action.

Best Electronic Signature Software – How RightSignature Leads

By: Unknown / Tuesday, June 4, 2013

RightSignature provides the best electronic signature software on the market, according to users, professional reviews, and media. Why does RightSignature generate so much buzz?

As e-signature software becomes an essential productivity tool for businesses of all sizes, our relentless commitment to design and usability, careful feature development, and cutting-edge innovation make RightSignature the e-signature technology leader.

Top 5 Features of the Best Electronic Signature Service

1. Simple Sending: Usability means our electronic signature app makes sense the first time you try it. RightSignature is built to help you send documents for signature in seconds ... it’s as easy as sending an email. Try it for yourself for free!

2. Intuitive Signing: Your document signers – whether clients, employees, or partners – need to be able to sign your document correctly on the first try. RightSignature’s exclusive navigational tools, including our RightStep™ instruction bar and NaviGuide™ pointer flag, walk your signers through your document step-by-step, automatically.

3. Hand-Drawn E-Signatures: RightSignature captures an authentic hand-drawn e-signature, producing a document that looks like it was signed with pen-and-paper. No mouse? No problem. RightSignature’s 7 Ways to Sign ensure that your recipients can sign using a mouse, trackpad, iPhone, Android, webcam ... any computer or device they have available.

4. Reusable Templates: RightSignature Reusable Templates save you time by allowing you to set up a document once and then send it again and again, customizing it each time by inserting text with our powerful Merge Fields.

5. Embed in Your Website: Our popular Online Forms PDF Form Creator empowers you to embed a RightSignature document so visitors can fill it out and sign it right in your website.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Signature App for You

To be certain RightSignature is the best electronic signature service for your business, take advantage of the free trial and experience it for yourself. If you have questions about how to upload documents, setup Reusable Templates, or create Online Forms, our friendly customer support team is happy to help you.

While you try our online software, consider the following ways that choosing the best electronic signature solution can benefit your business.
  • Improve Your Professionalism. RightSignature’s elegant interface makes your business look more professional to your customers, and custom logo branding enables you to project your company’s image throughout the document signing process.
  • Legal Defensibility. Hand-drawn, biometric e-signatures, comprehensive audit logs, and bank-level security ensure your digital contracts are court-admissible and legally binding.
  • Ease of Implementation. Use RightSignature directly from your favorite web browser. RightSignature requires no software to install, making it possible to implement across businesses of every size in a few minutes.
  • Affordability. For growing businesses, one of the criteria for the best electronic signature app is value. RightSignature is aggressively priced, with value-packed monthly plans and discounted annual plans.
  • Save Time & Money. At the end of the day, the reason you’re considering an electronic signature solution to your paper document problem is to boost your efficiency and cut the unnecessary costs of printing, shipping, and faxing. The best electronic signature app is the one that helps you achieve this mission quickly and easily.
To read third-party opinions, check out these electronic signature software reviews from major media sources.

To see the best electronic signature solution in action, sign up for a free trial of RightSignature now!

Multi-User Accounts: RightSignature for Teams

By: Unknown / Tuesday, May 21, 2013

RightSignature Business and Enterprise plans include access for multiple users on a single account. Who from your team needs a RightSignature login? What extra benefits can you expect when your whole team uses RightSignature together? Let’s take a detailed look at the collaborative side of RightSignature with Multi-User Accounts.

Who on Your Team Needs RightSignature?

Anyone on your team who sends documents to clients, partners, or other employees will be more productive with a RightSignature login. In many companies, RightSignature logins are issued to team members in sales, legal, business development, vendor management, legal, and human resources.

Each RightSignature user profile, identified by a unique email address and password, verifies the identity of the sender and ensures that only authorized parties send documents for signature on behalf of your company.

Multi-user accounts bring all RightSignature users on your team together under one roof – administrators can monitor signature activity and access user document archives for greater visibility, and all users can share Reusable Templates and Online Forms for increased efficiency.

Extra Features on Multi-User Accounts

Here are a few things you can do with two or more RightSignature users working together on a multi-user account:

Share Reusable Templates and Online Forms

Do all your salespeople need to send the same sales contract template for signature? Do you want your entire organization to be able use the same approved NDA template, photo release form template, or permission slip template? With a RightSignature multi-user account, you can setup these important documents once and share them with your entire team.

Reusable Templates and Online Forms created by any member of your team can be viewed, sent, and edited by any other member of your team. To access your shared Templates, go to Send a Document, then click the Templates button in the Choose a Document section. Every Template created by one of your team members will appear in the menu.

To access shared Online Forms, simply click Online Forms from the RightSignature dashboard. Your team members’ Forms will appear alongside your own.

Administrative Privileges

Users designated as account administrators can set account permissions, add and remove users, view documents sent and signed by all users, export data, see team performance graphs and reports, and more.

Administrators may also create and send documents like any other RightSignature user. However, some businesses prefer to give the administrator role to a team member focusing only on the administrative tasks.

Combined Reporting and Analytics

All RightSignature accounts come with our powerful reporting suite, where you can review data such as your document volume, cycle time, and efficiency – all at-a-glance, illustrated with beautiful charts and graphs. Multi-user accounts take this feature a step further by collecting and comparing statistics from your entire team.

Administrators can quickly check the performance of the whole team to see who gets the highest percentage of documents signed and whose documents are returned the fastest.  Managers can use these statistics to identify top performers and transfer their best practices to the rest of the team.

Another crucial reporting feature for teams is our Data Exporter, which exports the text, dates, and other signer input from each document or Template sent by your team. The exported data can be opened in your favorite spreadsheet program or input to a database or other system for complete data management. For more information, read the Data Exporter feature announcement.

How to Add Users to Your Account

  1. Navigate to the User Management section in your Account Settings.
  2. Enter the name and email address for each new user.
  3. Use the Edit (gear) icon next to each user to view that user’s documents, promote the user to Administrator status, or remove the user.

Save Money with Multi-User Accounts

The RightSignature Business plan includes up to 5 document senders at no additional cost. So you can add 5 members of your team to your RightSignature Business account at a fraction of the cost of 5 Personal accounts—and at substantially less cost than older solutions in the market too. If you need more senders on your account, no problem: contact us and we'll help you upgrade your account.

Your business works best when it works as a team, and value-packed multi-user accounts with RightSignature help make that happen.

Create a Fillable PDF Form for Free

By: Unknown / Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anyone who's tried to create a fillable PDF form knows it's time for a simple, affordable alternative. PDF forms are the standard method for businesses and government agencies to create professional documents that accept user input such as text, radio buttons, and more. Also known as fillable PDFs, PDF forms are enormously popular in part because they can be viewed and completed on nearly any type of computer or mobile device. Unfortunately, as freely accessible as the PDF format is for viewing, up until now if you needed a fillable PDF form creator you had to purchase expensive installed software such as Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The advent of online software, however, has drastically shifted many old software standards for the better. For every crucial tool your business needs—from sales management to word processing—there is now a online app that forgoes the substantial up-front investment and a difficult installation of old-school, desktop software. For businesses looking to create fillable PDF forms, RightSignature is that revolutionary app.

Fillable PDF Form Creator — Using RightSignature Step by Step

Step 1
First, sign up for your free RightSignature account, and navigate to Create Online Form. Select and upload the document from your computer. RightSignature accepts all major file formats including Microsoft Word and standard (non-fillable) PDFs.

Step 2
Place your form fields onto your new fillable PDF form. You can place text fields, checkboxes, signature fields and more, simply by clicking and dragging them from the tools menu and onto your document.

Step 3
Share your form! Once your fillable PDF form is created, you have 2 simple options to share your form. First, you can generate a code to embed the form directly in your website. This is useful if your form needs to be publicly available, or if you may not know beforehand who needs to complete your form. Alternatively, if you prefer to communicate by email, you can generate a web link to your new Online Form and send it to one or many recipients.

Once you’ve shared your brand new Online Form, your recipient can access it and fill out all the fields you’ve designated. RightSignature’s exclusive NaviGuide tool leads your recipient to each required field, ensuring that every item is completed correctly on the first try. The recipient can even sign the document online with a hand-drawn, legally binding electronic signature. Finally, the recipient returns the completed form back to you with a single click.

Compared to the old model of buying expensive software to create a fillable PDF form, then attaching it to an email which might get lost or hacked, the RightSignature solution is faster, cheaper, easier, and more secure. Watch this video to see how it works, or try it yourself.

 RightSignature is the best, easiest, and cheapest way to create a fillable PDF form on the web today. Try a free trial of RightSignature and create your own PDF Form in minutes!

The Right Way: Holden Moss is the CPA of the Future, Powered by Electronic Signatures

By: Unknown / Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our series “The Right Way” profiles RightSignature power users, revealing their success secrets and the technology tools they use every day.

Going above and beyond the scope of a traditional CPA firm, Holden Moss offers accounting, consulting, and coaching services to small businesses of every size and profile. This creative approach to helping clients succeed has proven to be an effective model: with 6 offices across North Carolina and clients around the globe, Holden Moss may be the CPA of the future.

Holden Moss melds the strength of tradition with new and innovative ideas and technology—the futuristic antique clock at their headquarters symbolizes this mission. RightSignature’s Steve Stormoen caught up with Steve Moss, Partner at Holden Moss, to learn what makes their business tick.

Tell us about Holden Moss. How is your approach to being a CPA unique?

Years ago, we realized that our business clients needed and wanted more than just to have a tax return or a financial statement thrown at them—they wanted help running their businesses. If a client simply wants tax and account prep we can do that, but we can also go further, and help them grow and expand with our consulting and coaching-type services.

What we’re doing is fairly unique in the accounting world for a firm our size. Larger firms offer these services to publicly held companies, or a big private company getting ready for IPO. This level of service offered to local, mom-and-pop businesses is quite unusual. It’s a lot of fun to have someone walk into your office and beam at a win or a success that they’ve come through with.

You have a story on your website about your historic antique clock, updated with a shiny new microprocessor. Why is the clock important to you?

Back in 1999, we were renovating an old brick building for our office. It was my job to go find an unusual architectural element to make the building stand out. We decided on an antique clock—the type that used to hang outside of banks and other financial institutions. So we went ahead and bought this old clock over eBay. It was a real adventure to get the thing crated so it could be shipped here, never mind hanging it and getting it zoned, but we got it done.

One day, about a year later, the old movements in the clock caught on fire, and some of the fine components melted down. Good thing we were very adequately insured. We got new movements for the clock from the original manufacturer, except the new parts included a microprocessor, gps, special glass, the works. It’s still an antique, but now it keeps perfect time and it always looks good.

We recently moved to a new building and everyone knew the clock was coming with us. It’s something old with something very new and cool on the inside, and we like having that as a symbol for our business.

How does RightSignature help Holden Moss succeed?

As CPAs, we handle many, many documents that require signatures. We do a lot of business all over the US, and we even have a growing number of international clients. We needed a way to be able to send documents, get them digitally signed, and returned to us in a way that would be really easy and quick.

The big thing that compelled us to go ahead and get electronic signature software, though, were the disclosure consent laws. Both the IRS and many state laws require that we obtain written consent from our clients before we do certain things, like send a copy of their tax returns to a third party. If you can imagine thousands of these disclosures, and having to use mail, fax, or email, then chase down the signature for each one? Ah! It’d be maddening!

I researched many of your competitors and felt very confident that RightSignature was the way to go. Today was a pretty typical day, and I used RightSignature to send 7 or 8 documents—a consent form, an engagement contract, some financial statements. RightSignature handles sequential signing, multiple signers, everything we need it to do. It’s a great product, just a great product.

The whole team uses it, too. It’s been very easy to implement. One of my coworkers came in this morning and said we should have a competition to see who can use RightSignature the most. She says she once used it 121 times in a day, though, so that might be cheating.

As an accounting firm ahead of the tech curve, which other online tools do you use?

We use a great project management software called Action Method. It splits things up into action items so you can delegate really simply—any time you think of something that needs to get done, you can quickly hop in and assign it to a project or groups.

Another tool we use frequently with clients is a billing program called Bill.com, which allows someone who doesn’t want to be tethered inside an office to scan, fax, or upload an invoice for electronic approval and payment. It respects our process of approval from the initial clerk to the Executive Director, too, and protects us well with smart internal controls.

Next is Fathom, a nifty reporting and analysis software which we use together with our favorite accounting software, Xero. We love Xero, it’s like the alligator getting ready to bite QuickBooks. Fathom, though, is too, too cool. Fathom makes it easy to drill down and ask, what’s my break-even point on sales? If I increase this month how much will be my profit? You can print out reports or play out these sorts of scenarios right on screen, and it integrates directly with Xero. We use those two with our consulting clients, but also our own monitoring.

What’s the greatest challenge you faced with Holden Moss, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest problem both in my business and in consulting with other businesses is there’s no shortage of great ideas. The challenge is always in executing those ideas. Without good execution, you’re just spinning your wheels.

One strategy we use is to implement a daily huddle. Once a day, we gather the team together for a 10-minute meeting. We go around the room and each person shares some piece of good news, what’s going on, what they’re working on. Next round, each person gives a key performance indicator for the day. Our bookkeeper may say, I’m going to reconcile 2 bank accounts today. Sales may say, I’m finally gonna chase down this one prospect and make 20 cold calls. It’s a way to quantify our success for the day. For the last circle around the room, each person tells if they’re stuck in what they’re trying to do, and how. This makes everyone accountable, and gives you a chance to deal with group dependencies right there.

We make sure to take the little bit of time to do a huddle every single day. It really helps focus everyone on their day’s work, and reminds everyone of the overall strategy.


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your documents filled out and signed online.
Try it now!


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