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Permission Slip Template

By: Unknown / Monday, January 14, 2013

Permission slips are documents a parent or guardian must sign for their child to give their permission for an activity such as a field trip or day care function. They are also an unexpected but popular document for RightSignature users.

Permission slip forms present a unique problem as paper documents: usually, these slips travel to and from the adult signer via their child, who is likely to lose the precious piece of paper. Some parents work nights and odd hours, or have another reason for not being available to sign a piece of paper in a timely manner. Or if the child is crafty and slightly unscrupulous, as was this author as a young lad, they might even attempt to forge their parent’s signature.

These problems can be easily solved with digital signature software, however. Using RightSignature, a teacher, daycare provider, or other activity leader can send a permission slip for field trips directly to the signing parents or guardians online. That adult can then sign the document using any computer, tablet, or smartphone, and return the signed copy immediately to the document sender. Read on for a permission slip example, and learn how RightSignature can help you send the best permission slips around.

Most Important Clauses to Include

  • Description of Activity and Permission. The first part of a permission slip form is a description of the activity and the type of permission needed, as well as the name of the attendee receiving this permission.
  • Waiver of Liability. Next, a waiver of liability section is necessary, as it releases the specified adult from any legal liability in the event of a lawsuit. It is for this reason that it can become important to ensure that the signature on a permission slip is fully legally binding, such as those provided by RightSignature. To learn more about on how RightSignature is used to send waivers of liability in a slightly more extreme situation, see our interview with Wicked Wingsuits founder Simon Repton.
  • Medical Treatment Release. Finally, a permission slip for field trips often includes a section for medical release. In case of emergency, this form allows the child to receive medical treatment under the guidance of the adult to whom the permission slip specifies.

Electronically Sign a Permission Slip Sample Template

Permission Slip Template using RightSignature

To build your own permission slip template, try borrowing relevant clauses from a variety of publicly available templates. Be sure to include the sections above, as necessary. For inspiration, you may want to reference the permission slip examples hosted by Education World, the Education department at Cal State Northridge, and the American Forum for Global Education.

Once you’ve finalized your permission slip template, create a Reusable Template in RightSignature. Then, you’ll be able to send the same document as many times as needed. Your recipients will receive a link in their email to open your permission slip, where they will be guided step-by-step with instructions to ensure they fill out and sign the form correctly. Once they do, it is automatically returned to you.

Another option, however, is to use RightSignature to create an Online Form, such as this permission slip template, out of your permission slip. With an Online Form, you only need to create the document once: after that, you simply email the link to each adult who needs to sign the document, or embed the form on a website.

However you choose to create your permission slip, RightSignature electronic signatures are the perfect tool to help you build the perfect permission slip form. Try it for free today at http://rightsignature.com.

Disclaimer: This was not written by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about the legality of your permission slip, please consult your attorney.


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