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RightSignature Electronic Signature for Google Apps

By: Unknown / Monday, January 28, 2013

Our awesome integrations with Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail are among the most popular RightSignature add-ons, so we’re excited to announce even more Google goodness. Now, in addition to the current Google add-ons inside RightSignature, we have released a new RightSignature app for Google Apps that brings quick access to e-signatures inside your Google screens.

With the RightSignature app installed, sending your Google Docs for a legally binding signature with RightSignature is easier than ever. After the app is installed, click on the “More” link in your Google Drive navigation header bar, and RightSignature will be listed as a link in the menu at the top your screen.

Click the RightSignature link to open a RightSignature new document page, already logged into your RightSignature account – thanks to the magic of our Google Apps Single Sign-On (SSO). You’ll see a button to access your Google Documents listed within the “Choose a Document” options. From there, simply select and send a document like normal.

One-Time Setup

The RightSignature app is available to Google Apps administrators in the Google Apps Marketplace. Once your admin installs the RightSignature app for your company’s Google Apps environment, the app will be available for use by the whole team. This makes team-wide implementation of RightSignature practically effortless for the millions of businesses using Google’s cloud-based productivity tools.


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