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RightSignature iPhone App Updated

By: Unknown / Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The brand new, rebuilt-from-the-ground-up RightSignature iPhone app is now available in the iTunes App Store. This free app brings the full core functionality of RightSignature to the iOS mobile platform:

• Monitor and manage signature requests on your Dashboard
• Send Reusable Templates for signature
• Receive Push Notifications for real-time updates on all pending documents.

The new iPhone app works with your existing RightSignature account. If you don't have one yet, you can sign up for a free trial of RightSignature e-signature software.

And—just a reminder—your document recipients can still fill out and sign documents on their iPhones: no app or account necessary for signing.

Managing E-Signature Requests on iPhone

Once you've downloaded the new RightSignature iPhone app and logged into your RightSignature account, you’ll be able to choose between your Documents, Templates, and Settings. The screenshot above shows the Documents listing, where you browse and search your documents – both those that are executed and those still pending. You can also sort by document sent date or most recent activity.

Additionally, you can check each party’s signing status, review the audit log, and read the document on your phone in PDF format. For pending documents, you can send reminders or trash the document before signing if necessary.

Sending Templates from iPhone

Perhaps the biggest feature in our new app is the ability to send Reusable Templates for signature. You can browse through the Templates you've set up in your RightSignature account, and select one to send for signature.

The rest of the signing process works exactly the same as if you’d sent the Template from your computer’s web browser.

Sending Templates from your iPhone enables you to:

• Request a signature on an NDA on the way to a meeting
• Pre-fill and send an Estimate while you're still on site with a prospect
• Send an Employment Agreement to a new hire while you're waiting for a latte!

Document Signing Push Notifications

Also new – now you can enable Push Notifications to be instantly updated whenever there is a status change on one of your document requests. When a recipient views or signs one of your documents, you’ll receive an automatic notification directly on your iPhone home screen. No more refreshing your email waiting for that important signature! These updates come to you.

With the new RightSignature iPhone app, you have a new tool in our suite of mobile e-signature apps. Business accelerates when your important documents get signed and returned quickly. The easiest, fastest way to get documents signed now goes everywhere you do—in the office, on the road, or even on the beach.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template (NDA)

By: Unknown /

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a document signed by two or more parties in which they agree to keep certain information privileged or confidential. Non-Disclosure Agreements are common in many businesses and industries, but can often be bewildering for a first time writer or signer. To provide the best Non-Disclosure Agreement template for your needs, this article help will you:
  • Learn the 6 most important clauses to include in your NDA
  • Review a Non-Disclosure Agreement template to use in your own business
  • Discover how to easily and painlessly get your NDA form signed using RightSignature digital signature software
by Alex Wellerstein courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
The purpose of using a written, signed document is to help establish clear expectations and guidelines for confidential information as well as creating a legal record for the agreement. To this end, Non-Disclosure Agreements—also known as Confidentiality Agreements, Proprietary Information Agreements, or Secrecy Agreements—are often made between an employer and a new employee or independent contractor, or between two companies agreeing to partner on a project.

6 Important Clauses for your Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

The purpose of an NDA is to have a legally binding agreement on record that establishes certain information—often trade secrets or the nature of the partnership itself—as confidential, defines what that confidentiality entails, and states the consequences of breaking that confidentiality. The agreement must also state whether the NDA is unilateral (binding on one party) or mutual (binding on both parties). The following is an overview of the 6 most important clauses for any non-disclosure agreement:
  1. Definition of confidential information. This clause outlines which information must not be disclosed by the agreeing parties. 
  2. Permitted use of confidential information. If, for example, a company signed to an NDA to publish a book needs to contract a graphic designer to design the book's cover, this would be included in this clause.
  3. Duration of confidentiality. For how long is your agreement to remain confidential? A duration may be a set amount of time, such as 5 years, or conditional upon the completion of a product or event.
  4. Jurisdiction or court in which the Non-Disclosure Agreement is governed. In case of a breach of your NDA, the agreement should also specify which court will hold jurisdiction over any resultant legal action.
  5. Responsibilities from each party towards legal fees. If legal fees are required to enforce the NDA, this clause identifies which party would be responsible for those fees. For example, this may state that, in the event of an unpermitted disclosure of information, the disclosing party may be responsible for all legal fees that result.
  6. Provisions for confidentiality in case of subpoena or court notification. In some circumstances, such as under order of a subpoena, you may need to specify whether it is acceptable to disclose the confidential information specified in the NDA.

Getting Your Non-Disclosure Agreement Signed with Digital Signature Software

All signed paperwork comes with its own pitfalls—limited availability of the signing parties, rushed deadlines, expensive shipping, and the risk of losing an important document. To ensure that the limitations of paper don't impede the promise of a budding new relationship, businesses have turned to new technological solutions, such as digital signature software.

It's not surprising that Non-Disclosure Agreements are some of the most commonly sent documents using RightSignature digital signature software. RightSignature enables users to send their NDA template to each signer as easily as sending an email, either to sign all at once or in a specific sequence. Each recipient receives a link to the document, and is given step-by-step instructions on how to fill out all the required fields. They then sign the document with a hand-drawn, legally binding electronic signature, after which the finished document is automatically returned to the sender..

Users are able to get these documents signed online in minutes, avoiding the delays and expense of printing, shipping, and faxing. RightSignature digital signatures also offer even greater legal protection than paper documents, in compliance with the ESIGN Act and other laws worldwide, ensuring your NDA will hold up in court, if need be.

View a Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement Template 

Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Before setting out to write your own Non-Disclosure Agreement, try referencing some samples online to get a feel for the structure of the document and how these clauses work. To that end, we've provided our own sample Non-Disclosure Agreement Template using this demo of RightSignature Online Forms.

RightSignature also allows you to set up your Non-Disclosure Agreement as a Reusable Template, so you can send same document as many times as needed. And if, for example, your NDA is one of many employment forms you use for new hires, you can send any and all of your important documents together for lightning-fast signing online.

These Non-Disclosure Agreement template guidelines are designed to help your business put together an effective NDA and get it signed quickly and easily. Getting your NDA template in shape protects both you and your counterparties, and making the signature request process simple with RightSignature ensures you'll have an executed document in place for every important business relationship.

Disclaimer: This was not written by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. If you have any questions about the legality of your NDA, please consult your attorney.

Electronic Signature Software Reviews

By: Unknown /

Why are people so passionate about RightSignature electronic signature software?

The truest words are spoken by actual users. These are the people who have spent hours upon hours with RightSignature, whose stories illustrate the enormous benefit RightSignature online document signing has brought to their businesses. After you read them, try RightSignature for yourself.

RightSignature Electronic Signature Software Reviews

AppFog is a rapidly growing startup and this means we've got a LOT of legal documents to get signed by folks all over the world. RightSignature has been an absolutely invaluable tool for us to make sure these docs are signed quickly and painlessly – and that we don't lose documents in the paper shuffle during crunch times. I highly recommend RightSignature – it's a brilliant solution to a very difficult problem.”
Richard Kotulski
VP  Operations, AppFog, Inc.
Portland, OR

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RightSignature.com. Contracts, proposals, and other types of signed correspondence are all part of the work we have to do to grow our brand. RightSignature removes the chore of downloading, printing, signing, faxing, blah blah blah. We just upload, and RightSignature does all the legwork. It's like a digital legal assistant! Even attorneys have said that they think it's pretty cool to have a service like this.  This website has become part of our business workflow and we cannot be happier about the service!”  
Chris Tillett
Orlando, FL

RightSignature is perfect ... simple and intuitive. After you start using RightSignature, you'll never go back to the fax machine or overnight mail. It's an absolute necessity for sales agreements, NDA's, HR forms, anything that needs a signature.”
Dennis Strieter
Phoenix, AZ

Absolutely brilliant - and our customers love it too! RightSignature allows Apex to offer a very streamlined 'after hours' service by enabling our customers to electronically sign their car rental agreements prior to pickup.”
Ricki Shaw
Director, Apex Car Rentals
Christchurch, New Zealand

RightSignature is by far the easiest to use document signature tool for real estate agents. It has been such a success with our busy clients, we now promote that we have the tools available which helps reduce the number of face to face meetings required. Our clients love it!
Brad Officer
Jacksonville, FL

We simply love this product. It is such a nightmare to get clients to sign contracts that we often let it slip. Not only does RightSignature make signing contracts a breeze, but it also makes keeping track of them something you don't even have to think about.”
Casimir Loeber
Managing Director, Base-10 Design & Development Inc.
Vancouver, BC

The combination of affordability and usability makes RightSignature a must for our nonprofit organization. Before RightSignature, we were constantly chasing papers; now, every document is secure and only one click away!”
Rachel Mairose
Director, Secondhand Hounds
Edina, MN

RightSignature's features—from my saved signature to the auto-emailed PDF of the signed contract—make the process so simple. I sign most deals remotely from my neighborhood Starbucks, proving the convenience of the application. I think everyone should use RightSignature, as it makes the world's legal matters a bit easier.”
Jon Nordmark
Founder, eBags and CEO, UsingMiles
Denver, CO

RightSignature is my choice over Adobe's Echosign. A simply and easy-to-use interface along with actual instructions on how to create your digital template. When you hover over an item, a detailed explanation pops up. This is where Adobe's Echosign falls completely on it's face! As a new user to electronic document signing, I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to create a document with Echosign, and I couldn't get a legible signature at all ... RightSignature made signing the document with a mouse easy and my signature looked normal.”
Karol Peake
Peake of the Northwynds
Vancouver, WA

Signing up with RightSignature was one of the best things we ever did. Now it is so easy for our trainees to fill out our Online Enrollment Form and sign it as well. It is so easy to use that everyone using it for the first time is amazed. Bye bye to fax machines, printers and scanners ... welcome RightSignature.com.”
Alok Kumar
Training & Placement Director, Zarantech LLC
Waukee, IA


And if you're still not convinced, read reviews from users who compared Docusign vs Echosign vs RightSignature.

RightSignature Reusable Templates: Create Once, Send Forever

By: Unknown / Tuesday, February 12, 2013

RightSignature is dedicated to providing the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed. That’s why, instead of having to set up a new document each time you need a signature, you can create powerful Reusable Templates to save even more time. Reusable Templates are a core RightSignature feature, allowing you to build a document once and use it over and over.

With RightSignature Reusable Templates, you can …
  • Send your most frequently used documents for signature in seconds, from one screen—with no drag ‘n’ drop required. 
  • Set up your online sales contract, freelance contract, or employment form once, then select it in your Template library whenever you need to use it.
  • Customize a Template each time you send it by inserting custom text, using Merge Fields.
  • Export text and signing data to a CSV or spreadsheet for all the documents you’ve sent using a particular Template.

Creating a Reusable Template

On the Send a Document screen, under the “Choose a Document” section, select the “Templates” button. In the menu that opens, click the “New Template” button, as shown below.

When creating your Reusable Template, you specify roles for each signer and cc involved with the document. Rather than the names or titles of an individual contact, these are the generic roles for each party on your template. For example, if you are creating a Reusable Template for a Credit Application, the roles might be Applicant (signer), Credit Manager (signer), and Accounting Manager (cc). When sending that Template for signature later, you will have the opportunity to fill in these roles with the personal information (name and email) of your individual signers and cc’s.

Subject and Message
During Template setup, you will also have the opportunity to write a default Subject and Message which will be used in the email inviting your contact to sign the document. The default Subject and Message can later be customized individually each time you send the Template for signature.

Text Fields vs. Merge Fields
Next, you will be taken to the Document Overlay screen. This Overlay screen is similar to the regular Overlay process you go through to send any RightSignature document. You can place signature boxes, text fields, date fields, checkboxes, and initials boxes. Please note that if your document contains multiple roles, each field must be assigned to a particular role. On Templates, the primary difference is the ability to add Merge Fields as well.

Merge Fields are text fields that are filled out by you, the sender, before sending the document to your recipient. Merge Fields allow you to customize your document with the recipient’s name, business, or other details unique to your individual transaction, such as the service plan selected, price, or duration of the agreement.

Please note that, unlike normal text fields, Merge Fields must be named when they are placed on the document. This is critical because each time you send a Template, you will be prompted to provide the text you would like inserted into the Merge Fields right on the Send a Document screen, so the Merge Field name provides the context of which field refers to which information.

For advanced users, merge fields also include additional custom options. The Acceptable Values option creates a drop-down field, and the Default Values option enters default text to your merge field, which can later be edited.

After completing the document overlay on your new Template, save it. You can now select this template from your Templates menu on the Send a Document screen.

Sending a Reusable Template

On the Send a Document screen, click the Templates button, hover over your newly-created Template, and click the Select button. Note that you can also edit or delete templates from this menu.

If your Template has Merge Fields on it, you will then be prompted to fill in these fields before sending it off for signature. Note that filling in merge fields is optional—you can choose to leave them blank if appropriate.

Next, fill out the name and email address of the person or people to whom you will be sending the Template. You may also write a short document description and a message to the Template’s recipients. Finally, click Send.

Your Template’s recipient will receive an email with instructions to sign your Template, just as they would for any regular, single-use RightSignature document. And if your Template contains Merge Fields, when your recipient clicks the link to sign your Template in RightSignature, your Merge Field information will already appear in the document.

Then, after sending your Template off for signature, you can return to the Send a Document screen and select the same Template over again. Using Reusable Templates, you can send the same Template for signature as many times as you want!

More Tips and Tricks with Reusable Templates

The following are a few more hints and tips to get the most out of Reusable Templates:
  1. Merge Fields can be used flexibly to make a single Template fit many purposes. Instead of having several different contracts for different services, with minor variations between each, replace key words and phrases with Merge Fields. Just be sure to name your fields clearly enough that you will be able to remember them all!
  2. Export, search, and sort signing data from your Reusable Templates in a spreadsheet or database with the new Data Exporter feature.
  3. If you’ve set up the perfect Reusable Template, then find you need to change the wording on the original document, there is no need to worry. You can replace PDFs in your Reusable Templates.
  4. On Business and higher level accounts, multiple users on the RightSignature account can access a shared Template library. This makes it easy for the entire sales team to access the same Sales Contract Template, for example.
  5. Many RightSignature add-ons and integrations work well with RightSignature Templates. Using RightSignature’s integration with BambooHR, for example, RightSignature Templates for employee handbooks and other HR forms can be accessed and sent for signature from directly within BambooHR. BambooHR also integrates with RightSignature Merge Fields, allowing your employee’s information to be merged into your RightSignature Template automatically.
Reusable Templates are a RightSignature innovation and a powerful way to streamline your repetitive business processes. Setup your most frequently used documents as Reusable Templates—and send them for signature again and again and again.

DocuSign vs EchoSign vs RightSignature – User Reviews

By: Unknown /

"I love RightSignature and I'm ready to sign up, but my boss asked me to compare RightSignature to the other signature services first."

We receive this type of inquiry frequently, so we thought it would be helpful to highlight why thousands of new users choose RightSignature every week instead of the older solutions. RightSignature leads the market through a passionate dedication to:
  • Beautiful, easy-to-use online signature software
  • Continuous innovation
  • Exceptional support
  • Unbeatable pricing
Save yourself some time – read these detailed reports from actual users who compared DocuSign vs Echosign vs RightSignature. Then sign up for a free trial of RightSignature to experience it yourself!

DocuSign vs RightSignature

At the end of a very frustrating demonstration of Docusign, I stumbled upon RightSignature. I was blown away by the product, the ease of use, the customer service, the price. RightSignature had every feature we needed and made the process simple. It was an easy choice.”
Jennifer Bell
Jonesboro, Arkansas

I have been using Docusign in our short sale real estate business. Bank after bank started saying that they would not take that version of e-signature upon submission of the short sale file. With RightSignature our sellers and agents actually sign with their mouse, leaving a more realistic impression and an actual signature. That combined with the ease of use, setting up other team users with their own login, and great customer service has increased our production by decreasing busy work. I have just cut our turn time down from weeks to days. I cannot say enough about RightSignature, make the switch.
Jason Baker
Hamilton, Montana

The RightSignature UI is intuitive and simple, something Docusign just isn't. I have no trouble figuring out how to make changes and set up fantastic features such as the Online Forms and Templates. RightSignature truly is unmatched when it comes to signing. My clients have found the RightSignature forms to be truly easy to navigate and their submissions are now mistake free, something that they were usually unable to accomplish with Docusign."
Rob Gomez
San Jose, California

EchoSign vs RightSignature

We started out using EchoSign but it didn’t have the flexibility we needed. Somebody introduced me to RightSignature, and the product was just so much easier to use, so much more flexible in terms of setting up the forms. I send out RightSignature packages maybe 20 times a week.”
San Francisco, California

We made the switch from Echosign to RightSignature because it offered us the ability to create and manage merge fields across a number of our client agreements more intuitively and with greater ease. RightSignature also offers greater user account flexibility and a more cost effective pricing model, thus making the decision to change an easy one in the end."
John Lombard
Melbourne, Australia

We used to have a different e-signature company we worked with, but they had a sort of dinosaur system. It wasn't accurate, and it allowed people to pass the things we needed them to fill out. We finally got rid of it and now use RightSignature for everything. So we've had experience with RightSignature as well as with other companies and we can honestly say that RightSignature is the best."
Lakewood, CO


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get your documents filled out and signed online.
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