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DocuSign vs EchoSign vs RightSignature – User Reviews

By: Unknown / Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"I love RightSignature and I'm ready to sign up, but my boss asked me to compare RightSignature to the other signature services first."

We receive this type of inquiry frequently, so we thought it would be helpful to highlight why thousands of new users choose RightSignature every week instead of the older solutions. RightSignature leads the market through a passionate dedication to:
  • Beautiful, easy-to-use online signature software
  • Continuous innovation
  • Exceptional support
  • Unbeatable pricing
Save yourself some time – read these detailed reports from actual users who compared DocuSign vs Echosign vs RightSignature. Then sign up for a free trial of RightSignature to experience it yourself!

DocuSign vs RightSignature

At the end of a very frustrating demonstration of Docusign, I stumbled upon RightSignature. I was blown away by the product, the ease of use, the customer service, the price. RightSignature had every feature we needed and made the process simple. It was an easy choice.”
Jennifer Bell
Jonesboro, Arkansas

I have been using Docusign in our short sale real estate business. Bank after bank started saying that they would not take that version of e-signature upon submission of the short sale file. With RightSignature our sellers and agents actually sign with their mouse, leaving a more realistic impression and an actual signature. That combined with the ease of use, setting up other team users with their own login, and great customer service has increased our production by decreasing busy work. I have just cut our turn time down from weeks to days. I cannot say enough about RightSignature, make the switch.
Jason Baker
Hamilton, Montana

The RightSignature UI is intuitive and simple, something Docusign just isn't. I have no trouble figuring out how to make changes and set up fantastic features such as the Online Forms and Templates. RightSignature truly is unmatched when it comes to signing. My clients have found the RightSignature forms to be truly easy to navigate and their submissions are now mistake free, something that they were usually unable to accomplish with Docusign."
Rob Gomez
San Jose, California

EchoSign vs RightSignature

We started out using EchoSign but it didn’t have the flexibility we needed. Somebody introduced me to RightSignature, and the product was just so much easier to use, so much more flexible in terms of setting up the forms. I send out RightSignature packages maybe 20 times a week.”
San Francisco, California

We made the switch from Echosign to RightSignature because it offered us the ability to create and manage merge fields across a number of our client agreements more intuitively and with greater ease. RightSignature also offers greater user account flexibility and a more cost effective pricing model, thus making the decision to change an easy one in the end."
John Lombard
Melbourne, Australia

We used to have a different e-signature company we worked with, but they had a sort of dinosaur system. It wasn't accurate, and it allowed people to pass the things we needed them to fill out. We finally got rid of it and now use RightSignature for everything. So we've had experience with RightSignature as well as with other companies and we can honestly say that RightSignature is the best."
Lakewood, CO


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