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Electronic Signature Software Reviews

By: Unknown / Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why are people so passionate about RightSignature electronic signature software?

The truest words are spoken by actual users. These are the people who have spent hours upon hours with RightSignature, whose stories illustrate the enormous benefit RightSignature online document signing has brought to their businesses. After you read them, try RightSignature for yourself.

RightSignature Electronic Signature Software Reviews

AppFog is a rapidly growing startup and this means we've got a LOT of legal documents to get signed by folks all over the world. RightSignature has been an absolutely invaluable tool for us to make sure these docs are signed quickly and painlessly – and that we don't lose documents in the paper shuffle during crunch times. I highly recommend RightSignature – it's a brilliant solution to a very difficult problem.”
Richard Kotulski
VP  Operations, AppFog, Inc.
Portland, OR

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RightSignature.com. Contracts, proposals, and other types of signed correspondence are all part of the work we have to do to grow our brand. RightSignature removes the chore of downloading, printing, signing, faxing, blah blah blah. We just upload, and RightSignature does all the legwork. It's like a digital legal assistant! Even attorneys have said that they think it's pretty cool to have a service like this.  This website has become part of our business workflow and we cannot be happier about the service!”  
Chris Tillett
Orlando, FL

RightSignature is perfect ... simple and intuitive. After you start using RightSignature, you'll never go back to the fax machine or overnight mail. It's an absolute necessity for sales agreements, NDA's, HR forms, anything that needs a signature.”
Dennis Strieter
Phoenix, AZ

Absolutely brilliant - and our customers love it too! RightSignature allows Apex to offer a very streamlined 'after hours' service by enabling our customers to electronically sign their car rental agreements prior to pickup.”
Ricki Shaw
Director, Apex Car Rentals
Christchurch, New Zealand

RightSignature is by far the easiest to use document signature tool for real estate agents. It has been such a success with our busy clients, we now promote that we have the tools available which helps reduce the number of face to face meetings required. Our clients love it!
Brad Officer
Jacksonville, FL

We simply love this product. It is such a nightmare to get clients to sign contracts that we often let it slip. Not only does RightSignature make signing contracts a breeze, but it also makes keeping track of them something you don't even have to think about.”
Casimir Loeber
Managing Director, Base-10 Design & Development Inc.
Vancouver, BC

The combination of affordability and usability makes RightSignature a must for our nonprofit organization. Before RightSignature, we were constantly chasing papers; now, every document is secure and only one click away!”
Rachel Mairose
Director, Secondhand Hounds
Edina, MN

RightSignature's features—from my saved signature to the auto-emailed PDF of the signed contract—make the process so simple. I sign most deals remotely from my neighborhood Starbucks, proving the convenience of the application. I think everyone should use RightSignature, as it makes the world's legal matters a bit easier.”
Jon Nordmark
Founder, eBags and CEO, UsingMiles
Denver, CO

RightSignature is my choice over Adobe's Echosign. A simply and easy-to-use interface along with actual instructions on how to create your digital template. When you hover over an item, a detailed explanation pops up. This is where Adobe's Echosign falls completely on it's face! As a new user to electronic document signing, I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to create a document with Echosign, and I couldn't get a legible signature at all ... RightSignature made signing the document with a mouse easy and my signature looked normal.”
Karol Peake
Peake of the Northwynds
Vancouver, WA

Signing up with RightSignature was one of the best things we ever did. Now it is so easy for our trainees to fill out our Online Enrollment Form and sign it as well. It is so easy to use that everyone using it for the first time is amazed. Bye bye to fax machines, printers and scanners ... welcome RightSignature.com.”
Alok Kumar
Training & Placement Director, Zarantech LLC
Waukee, IA


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