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Digital Signature Software Reviews – RightSignature in the News

By: Unknown / Friday, March 29, 2013

The cloud software revolution has arrived. Businesses around the world are increasingly turning to RightSignature digital signature software as a faster, more efficient way to obtain signatures on important documents. A search for the best digital signature software turns up a variety of options, some that are proven and trustworthy and others that are not. Review the media for digital signature software reviews, however, and RightSignature emerges as a consensus favorite.

Whether it’s praise for RightSignature’s unbeatable design and ease of use, unmatched legal defensibility, or innovative mobile apps, RightSignature shines in review after review. Check out this series of digital signature software reviews from articles across the internet, then sign up for a free trial of RightSignature.

Praise for RightSignature Digital Signature Software

RightSignature is a powerful web and mobile app that makes it simple, seamless, and secure to execute legal documents online."
Fox Business
"Spending Less Cash on Going Green"
Having worked in user experience for many years, RightSignature ranks above the competition in terms of user-interface. The dashboard is clean and intuitive and document build is a well-thought-out drag’n’drop affair. Once the document is ready, clients are emailed the document you need signed and presented with a clever mouse pen tool. Once they sign it on the screen and hit the ok button, the document is locked and archived. It’s a neat, practical process that functions exactly as you expect it would."
"RightSignature: An Outrighteous Product Review"
With RightSignature you can upload contracts and have them signed in a faster, cheaper, and more secure way than paper documents."
American Bar Association GPSolo
"Widgets and Apps"
Squarely ahead of competitors in terms of functionality and ease of use. Embed forms on the Web complete with digital signature functionality. The creation of online forms is simple and straightforward. Users upload a document, place text fields as desired, and save it. RightSignature works its magic behind the scenes to generate code that can be embedded on the user’s website or a link that can be emailed to signers."
"RightSignature Might Let Me Finally Toss Out My Scanner"
The RightSignature user interface is elegant. It has a flow that makes it simple to complete the signing of documents through the automation of tasks such as adding initials to each page, a requirement of most contracts. A flag follows the user, similar to a tab on a printed contract that shows you where to sign. The flag follows the user as he completes signing the document. Photo authentication is included so the person signing the document may be identified." 
"RightSignature: Sign Away...With Your Mouse"
RightSignature ... has authentication and security technology that make the digital signatures binding and legally enforceable.
Virtual Law Practice
"Online Document Signing for Your Virtual Law Practice"
One thing that put me off with getting contracts signed for smaller projects is the time required to send the contract to the client, wait for them to sign it before finally receiving it back. That was until I discovered RightSignature, which takes out all the hassle. You simply upload your contract to RightSignature, send an e-mail to the client with a link to the document, and they then digitally sign the contract. The final document contains signatures from all parties with a unique reference number and is legally binding. RightSignature have a 30 day trial so give them a go!"
The Web Design Blog
"Essential Tips to Ensure You Get Paid For Your Work"
RightSignature allows you to authorize multi-million dollar transactions from your computer.
Business Insider
"How to Buy and Sell Shares of Private Companies"
Many business documents have gone digital, but signatures on contracts are still a sticking point. Digital signatures are perfectly acceptable – it's just a matter of making it work. Take that step with RightSignature and Google Docs. No pesky printouts required."
AOL Small Business
"4 Google Apps That Can Make Your Smartphone Smarter"
I think the size of the iPad is no accident and its parallels to a standard piece of paper make it a compelling device for document management. I’d expect people to consider using RightSignature on the iPad even more than on the iPhone because of this." 
Tablet Legal
"Lawyers: Use an iPad to Close the Deal"
RightSignature provides a way to obtain a legally enforceable digital signature on a document without your client having to own a scanner or having to go to the trouble of printing it, signing it and emailing or uploading it back to you. You can try RightSignature for free to see how it might work in your practice. The process is simple for your clients to execute and may actually be faster than requiring them to upload a traditional, scanned-in signature on a document." 
North Carolina Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division
"Website of Interest: RightSignature"
RightSignature allows your clients to sign your estimates and invoices in seconds - removing the pain and hassle of waiting for a client to physically sign and mail back. What’s especially nice about RightSignature is they allow your clients to sign in a human recognizable form: the handwritten signature. By simply waving their mouse or putting their finger on their iPhone, they can sign their name the old-fashioned way. Slick."
"FreshBooks gets signature approval"

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